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12/18/2020 c55 j
ahhh i cant believe im done with this story ;(( i loved it so much!
10/22/2020 c55 Mimsd123
Loved this whole story from the first one to the end of this one! Thank you for it.
9/10/2020 c56 linarjacob
OMG I’ve been waiting for the update, so I hope the update will come out soon!
9/10/2020 c56 drfmagic
Does that mean you are going to be posting all these old stories on here?
9/5/2020 c55 Guest
Loved this story, Thankyou
9/1/2020 c55 loveall2526
You should make a story about their early years. Like when they were in high school
7/23/2020 c55 imnotcoolyet
I love this story and all the details.
8/9/2019 c55 DBrig1984
Loved this chapter! Is it the end?
6/20/2019 c55 Ohana12
Thank you, this story was amazing from start to finish and will always be one of my favorites. Taylor is the best big sister in the world, and also I love how she suggested date night because it was so reminiscent of About Last Night and her trying to get her moms together lol.
6/19/2019 c55 gator2076
Love this story. Thanks
6/17/2019 c55 alamoSAuRuS99
awe soft hour open for Taylor, responsible kid as always. It's truly nice to see Britt and San growing old together with their lovely children.
6/17/2019 c55 rg521
Wow! That’s a lot of kids. The twins seem like trouble already. How old are Brittany and Santana now?
6/17/2019 c55 mcmaverick1
Daaaaaaamn 5 kids?!

Santana is the real MVP
6/17/2019 c55 Gleefreak15
God I love this freaking story. Taylor is such a good big sister. I loved seeing Sky as a big sister and Parker is adorable she's just like Sky Sky. Thank you for this update I loved it.
6/17/2019 c55 Jordan Springs
Thanks for writing this wonderful story and giving them a happy ending. I look forward to reading your next story. You are amazingly talented!
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