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2/22 c22 1Overlords Wren and Sky
This story is REALLY GOOD! Good job! (And if there is a sequal...)
2/10 c11 andrewpine
Are you talking about Beyond the forge? you know the story you have just left hanging forever?
2/3 c19 Guest
I really like this story but i hate how you have made bella a badass supernatural creature but still managed to make her as pathetic as canon bella
12/8/2020 c26 Guest
Awe I'm so sad I wanted to see how the relationship with Bella's new sibling and cousin would go and if Leah and Bella have a cub of their own. This was my favorite story so far!
12/8/2020 c19 Guest
This is the best Renee that I've have read! I didn't agree with the way the books made her out to be or the movie!
12/8/2020 c15 Guest
I like Valen so much!
11/15/2020 c1 adsfdf
10/15/2020 c4 6Kurojistou
That’s really inspiring that you created a version of a character who isn’t easy to write. I have the same trouble myself.
10/15/2020 c3 Kurojistou
Love the description for the room
10/15/2020 c1 Kurojistou
I’ve always loved Leah and felt she was unjustly done in the canon bill shit story
9/17/2020 c1 4Beautiful-Tyrant77
Hi, I was wondering what your Ao3 account us called. I'm trying to read more of your stories but I can't find them.
7/15/2020 c4 Yaplu2pseudo
I like that the truck has a name like my car, my Betsy (RIP).
7/13/2020 c11 Amber Eyed Dragon
so I know this story is already completed and everything, but the spiteful asshole in me really wants Bella and Leah to make lots of copies of the diary and spread it all over the reservation...
5/20/2020 c26 FortressofProcrastination
This is probably the best leah/bella story out there! I meannnn, the chemistry is just sooo cute! They’re both so adorably and disgustingly cute! But yeah, I love how much Bella was coddled and surrounded by momma bears <3 and also that plottwist in the end that Athenodora is her Aunt is just so awesome, bow she got an extra set of family that will pretty much kept her spoiled for the rest of her life lol

Thankyou so much for writing this story, I really love it! (Plus, It’s kinda refreshing to read a good story that’s already completed lmao) I’ll be waiting to read your next awesome works <3
4/7/2020 c20 andrewpine
Things would be so much nicer if both Carlisle and fairy boy lost their tongues.
Why not use her magic to make her smell repulsive to James?
She could have done that instead of running away like that idiot wanted her to.
But then she does need to be taught a lesson.
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