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7/21/2017 c4 RoseBloodmane
In case you was wondering Blood magic is a lost magic in my story. Also being a God Wolf Slayer of Blood makes Rose immortal, but not impossible to beat in my story. Also blood Magic allows her to control the blood inside a persons body. Meaning she can control someones complete movements. She can also make the body explode in a gory burst of bloody rain. She also has and esp power of Telepathy and Telekinesis. (Levitation, Mind Reading, Mind Speaking, and possible more) Most of her Esp powers do not need any movement to be able to use. All she has to do is look at you with her eyes or sense you with her eyes close for it to work.

She is a SSS Class mage in my story, but you can fix Rose Lucianna Bloodmane however you seem fit for yours. She is far stronger then a Wizard Saint and she can eve go hand to hand with Acnologia at the age of seven.

You can see most her fights in my story, but she is a bloody mage when necessary and not afraid to slaughter people to take them down. Anyways just thought I'd let you know that she has the ability to control the blood flow in someones body including making the body explode and whatever else she feels like doing.

Although even with all that she still looks like an innocent little girl of seven years old. Oh and she carries two beast swords that is formed from the Blood Beast. An ancient creature from long ago. If you are curious what the blood beast looks like and want to read up on what it looks like then feel free to read "The God Wolf Slayer of Blood Chapter 1: The Journey Starts" If you do not count the prologue it be the first actual chapter.
7/21/2017 c2 RoseBloodmane
Nice story so fat. Interesting story. I'm like Yuri pairings because there rare. Most importantly Lucy X Oc, Lucy X Lisanna, or Lucy X Wendy.

I more go for the Lucy X Wendy one because there isn't very many stories and something unique is nice to read for once.

My Oc is kind of OP so you might now like it, but the characters info is below or you can see the info on the AN's of my story on Wattpad. God Wolf Slayer of Blood, Blazing Phoenix, The Blood and Chaos Queen, and Lucy, Demon Queen. My name on that sight is LegendaryAyote.

OC 1:

Name: Rose Lucianna Bloodmane (God Wolf Slayer of Blood)

Age: 7 Years old (At the start of my story)

Place Guild Mark: Pelvis near the private part/Inner thigh near the private part/Between the Breasts (Your choice, but for the most part her guild mark is in Intimate places.) Reason why is because most other places has already been done before and I'd rather not copy another persons guild mark. Technically it is the pelvis just above her private in my story, but I added more places for you to choice through if you use the character.

Guild Mark color: Black with Blood Red Outline

Magic: God Wolf Slaying of Blood, Blood Magic

ESP: Telepathy and Telekinesis (Reading Minds, Levitation, and speaking through the mind.) You can add more if you like or want.

Hair Color: Blood Red

Hair Length: Down to Knees Long

Eye Color: Heterochromia Sky Blue and Gold

Clothes: Black pants, Red Tank top, Black Boots, Red Socks, and Black Wolf Fur coat down to ankles. Does not wear underwear because it's to uncomfortable to her, but you don't have to show that at all.

For background and other things feel free to read my story God Wolf Slayer of Blood on Wattpad I already gave you my name on there, but again it's LegendaryAyote. The first one gives some detail the other two after are prologues one of her mothers background and the other about her background.

Quite a sad background I do say so myself. For Blazing Phoenix the appearance is almost the same as the on in God Wolf Slayer of Blood. The appearance of the other is in the An of The Blood and Chaos Queen and Lucy Demon Queen.
10/16/2016 c24 Maiden Warrior
Sorry for this late review! College classes can keep one busy for weeks!
Anyways, I love the chapter! Lisanna is working very hard, but I hope she doesn't over due it! Magical exhaustion is a serious medical attention!
Jerta! You go man! I am rooting for you!
Hope to see more!
5/16/2016 c23 YaoiYuriFan
I think I'm going to love what June has in store for Fairy Tail! I going to laugh my ass off later on! (laughs)
So it was Lucy's daddy from the last chapter...I thought he died somewhere...
Laxus and Bell blow up an entire forest! AWESOME!
Can't wait for more!
5/15/2016 c23 Maiden Warrior
Well hit me a feather and knock me over! I forgot about Lucy's Dad until just now!
June is going to spy on Fairy Tail's S-Class Trials! Somebody's god or goddess help those poor fools...Zane is such a gentleman; I created him to be a perfect butler for anyone!
Wendy and Phoenix! (wipes away tears) Sweet girls and they can be such great friends!
Can't wait to see Lisanna's training!
Hope to see more!
5/15/2016 c2 Galaxypanda920
you keep spelling with wrong (but that is ok) , and i think you should work on transiton, a little bit more, but this is a wonderful fanfiction
3/26/2016 c22 Serafinity
It's a good story! Continue on, and I want to see what happens during the S-class trials for Fairy Tail! Will Grimoire Heart and Acnologia attack?
3/25/2016 c22 YaoiYuriFan
Now things are starting to be intense! (laughs)
Friends before romance, Laxus! It will hurt less if you guys decide to break up in the distant future!
This is getting good! I don't care if this was short!
Can't wait for more!
3/25/2016 c3 AnimeLoverNK
finaly in one of the stories natsu get beaten up by lucy shes not weak its about time someone didi that
3/24/2016 c22 madcat27
I was originally a nalu shipper but in this story I agree that laxus and lucy would go much better, I think that it would be cool if one of the fairy tail girls were chosen for the s class trials maybe lissana? I don't know but please update soon, I know it's hard when there is a lot of stuff going on but please update really soon
3/24/2016 c22 Maiden Warrior
This is a quick chapter and I love it! This is pretty good despite being it so short!
Laxus! Go get her, buy! You and Lucy can be a wonderful couple!
Did I read this right or did Lucy' mom came back from the dead and is sending a message to her?! (freaks out) What is going on here?!
Hope to see more!

P.S.- I saw the picture of Jasmine Lionheart and she is perfect! She is exactly how I pictured her!
3/22/2016 c21 Jazmin-Senpai
Another AWESOME chapter!
3/22/2016 c21 YaoiYuriFan
Yes! A new chapter! I laughed at the beginning because of Jerte!
This is getting exciting! We might actually see Laxus finally get a girlfriend! Go for it, you dog!
Jerte...(serious face) Take care of Lisanna because her friends will come after you if you hurt her feelings...
I can't wait for more!
3/22/2016 c21 Maiden Warrior
Poor Laxus...Don't worry, the girl of your dreams is there for you!
Naughty Bell! I created you too sadistic! (giggles)
Lisanna is going to be so powerful! Get ready world, here comes a TRUE WOMAN!
I love this chapter!
Hope to see more!

P.S.- I do not have an instagram, but I wouldlove to see it on your DeviantArt! I want to be surprise!
3/20/2016 c19 YaoiYuriFan
(rolls on the floor laughing)
This is awesome! I couldn't stop reading after I found this little treasure!
I love the characters people created here! Amazing job!
This is really interesting! Can't wait for more!
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