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for Lady Madonna

5/8/2016 c1 Guest
This story is very well done and enjoyable
1/11/2015 c1 7NoilyPrat

Love the story, where Mary is haunted by all of her lies, and worried about the deal she did - and that was BEFORE her precious boy clued her in on the ghost.

So now she's got this HUGE burden to deal with, and no sleep on top of everything. I like the way she held it together, going step by step to figure out what was going on.
hehehe.. "river of salt" - of course little Dean would never remember that associated with a ghost. (similar to Dean keeping Sammy in the dark growing up) Innocence is best. :D
Poor John, with his fears of being left ... Mary had a LOT of comfort to give to assure him. So glad Denise never called to find out if everything was OK! (THAT would really put a tailspin on John!)
But somehow... the best, sinister part - "Keep it up, lovebirds," he smirked, lascivious. "You've got another baby to make. MINE."
Timing's right for Sammy to show up ;)

But OH! After EVERYTHING Mary did to keep Gracie from her son, only to have the demon take the other one! MINE!

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