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1/9 c3 AvidReader2425
Thanks for the chapter
1/9 c2 AvidReader2425
Thanks for another interesting chapter
1/9 c1 AvidReader2425
Definitely an enjoyable start to the story, thanks
12/4/2020 c18 K
I wish you a grand future, and wish that you write your book, if you keep your name the same I might just have to read it. Take care and good luck.
12/1/2020 c18 Matsu
Please update soon I look forward to reading more
11/27/2020 c11 DainBramagedMoFo
It's okay. The chapters aren't very different from Mon Girls source product. Nothing new here.
11/16/2020 c18 ChaosOmega98
Please don’t stop updating this even if it is only in your free time as I believe only you can write this story and look up to seeing a new chapter written by you
11/10/2020 c18 AnimeGoji91
That ok you did great job for your story and also kick ass too!?
11/10/2020 c18 Nahilius Ocran Viet Artur
I wish you luck and hope to read your published works. Just remember about us when you make it big.
11/9/2020 c18 LordMentat
Shame it is over but best of luck on your books!
11/9/2020 c18 1CosmicBeing
Son of a...
11/8/2020 c4 TouchMe-San
Really liking it so far, just confused on the part where he's suddenly an outlaw on the run? If we can get clarification on this matter it'd be appreciated
11/5/2020 c17 Slacker99
Can anyone read Chapter 18? I'm still getting the following error a day latter:
Message Type 1
Chapter not found. Please check to see you are not using an outdated url.
New chapter/story can take up to 15 minutes to show up.
11/7/2020 c18 38Innortal
Thank you for the great reading materials. I hope your novel takes off.
11/5/2020 c17 Guest
For some reason I am not seeing chapter 18 is this just me or is it a more common problem?
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