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for Rise, Son Of Rome

11/1/2021 c19 Astramilitarum01
Honestly this whole story is more drama and subplot than anything else, it's not bad but it lacks a clear vision what it wants to be.
10/29/2021 c20 Danny Williams
Great story with plenty of action, sex and suspense.
Naruto has a dream of being emperor or all.
Story needs several updates.
7/29/2021 c1 ectio
Aww you took a break in the middle of the fight scene

Well, hope you can update this soon, and I look forward to reading your other stories! Thanks
7/28/2021 c12 ectio
Just finished this chapter, and I gotta say, amazing fic. I’ve loved pretty much everything so far and you’ve done an amazing job at making me interested in the story (if that makes any sense at all). I notice that there’s only 20 chapters and the fic hasn’t been updated in awhile, so I’m dreading the end, but at the same time powering through these chapters because they’re so good. Thanks for the fic!
6/1/2021 c20 LordHatredX
thats to bad good story

! ! !
4/5/2021 c6 212Ookami12
Before I continue reading this. I just have to say that I'm not in agreement with Naruto referring to Ino and Hinata as tools. I know that he has a different mindset from Canon, but him calling them that is not something I in particular like.

It wont kill the fic for me, I was just saying is all.
4/2/2021 c20 1gabelou1991
Une très bonne histoire.
4/1/2021 c10 gabelou1991
J'aurais aimé que duse a son père que c'est grâce a naruto.

Et comment tsunade a pu accepter que sakura soit son apprenti? Impossible.
2/23/2021 c19 midnightscar17
Please update soon
2/23/2021 c16 midnightscar17
Why the hell would you want hinta as a true lover. Id prefer temari over hinata
11/19/2020 c14 ThePruld
Jesus Christ, another fic ruined by Hinata's toxic presence. I can't go on reading this, sorry.
11/14/2020 c10 4AadenHelan
Wow hinata did a good job huh after all those training, if she doesn't train at all, i'm pretty sure she will be the same in this chapter. useless.

and don't make a tired excuse, she's tired not blood loss, all she do in this chapter is being like someone who never fight, if i was Naruto in this chapter i will throw her away.

you never fight do you?
11/14/2020 c5 AadenHelan
You focusing physical aspects and giving up chakra in the world of chakra and people spitting fire everyday? what are you trying to make a Saitama? do you really think a Roman soldiers historically accurate or fiction can fight against people spitting fire and making round tornado and can enchanting their body with Chakra and running like a car? why don't you make Konoha civilians start french revolution against the shinobi when you're at it?
11/11/2020 c5 amateurficaddict
lost me when naruto decided to give up chakra based warfare. makes the story unrealistic. I agree with Scott. ceasar would use everything at his disposal.
11/11/2020 c5 20Scott the Wanderer
Again the disparaging of Jutsu is stupid. Caesar would be all over it like white on rice. He would also adapt his fighting style to match the era. A traditional Roman Legion is fine against other soldier, but Rock Lee or Tenten would straight up murder them by the hundreds. Caesar would not even attempt to take traditional Roman Legionnaires against chakra empowered ninja as it would be a waste of resources. He would create his own chakra armies and he'd encourage team and collaborative jutsu as well as traditional martial might.

The idea of Roman Naruto is interesting, and could be well done, but to be done credibly Naruto would not abandon what he knows works. He'd be making it better.
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