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for A Chaotic Song For The Force

8/18/2022 c2 Ancalagon464
i want to read more of this, anakin as joffrey could be so good
8/5/2018 c2 26creativo
Shmi la buena madre convertida en Cersei laa loca que gran cambio
10/6/2017 c2 15Artemis Goldborough
I've only ever seen one other fanfic with an idea some what like this, with Obi Wan as Viserys and Anakin as Joffery, but I never could find that fic again. I like this concept a lot. Wish you'd continue this. It's not just the fact that it's a rare idea. Your take on this concept short though it is, is fun too. Thank you for posting this.
9/29/2017 c2 2novelreader
Wow Padme being Sansa might be interesting...
9/29/2017 c1 novelreader
LOL! XD Ahsoka is Daenerys and poor Obi-Wan xD... Now I shall forver look at Viserys as a stupid idiotic dark version of Obi-Wan. Ahsoka and Dany somehow fits though...
12/22/2015 c1 KennyGant7865
That last part about the PRIMITIVE HORSE LORD almost i mean ALMOST made me want to laugh
7/3/2015 c2 Guest
Anakin as Joffrey? Vader welcome home

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