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for Draconian Fate Works - Volume 1

11/18 c9 Midnight1123
11/17 c2 TwinstarDragon
I’m sorry everyone but it has to be done…

Shirou after hearing kiba swordsbirth crying

ShirouDon’t worry swordsbirth papa UBW (Unlimited bladework) will be back to visit you soon”
10/26 c17 haruto456
where is next chapter ?
10/20 c1 Shinigami200
Why do some fanfic writers say things like “root dame” or “dame the root” as if the root is some sort of god and not just a metaphysical plain of existence. Not only is it wrong in these context but it just diesbt sound right
9/5 c17 2pokemonrox7
I've read the whole story so far and I find it very entertaining and engaging. Shirou in DxD is a fun concept to explore, and you delivered something I definitely don't regret reading all the way through.

The pacing, the humour, and the character interactions are all on point and ensured that I read until the most recent chapter. I definitely consider this a brilliant DxDxFate fic, and I look forward to seeing where it goes.

A couple of personal complaints that I have is that I wasn't really interested in the original characters that you've decided to include. They weren't poorly written but they did feel a little situational. Still, that's all me, nothing to do with how you write, don't worry.

Another thing I wish to address is the relationship that you tried to have established between Shirou and the Sitri Peerage. In canon, all but a few of the Sitri Peerage were little more than fodder, and trying to pair them up with Shirou just feels like you're trying to force a relationship that simply isn't impactful enough for me to root for it. I personally can not recall a single detail about Shirou's supposed love interests from their names alone. It's completely up to you how you approach this though, I don't mean to take that away from you. I just feel like someone like Shirou would probably be more suited for someone a bit higher up the totem pole.

Also, I feel like the final bosses of each arc were kind of like damage sponges. The battles just seemed to drag on.

But these are just minor gripes over the core of a very entertaining story. I definitely don't regret my time here, and it's certainly high up on the list of my personal favourite crossovers.

I hope that you keep writing this amazing story, I'll be looking forward to every future chapter!
8/15 c5 1kykkoman4
oh shit it's the marker
8/2 c6 Guest
He does know Arthur kills people right? He does know people kill using swords right?
8/4 c2 2Noreen I-shi
So far so normal, normal plot with the same ending except that involved Shirou, nothing particular, just canon plot in the end
7/29 c6 Haurliel
It seems there are inconsistencies in time. Namely, Mitelt being able to remember a whole Excalibur when she's like 100-200 yo. Even though Excalibur should have been broken near the time Arthur died which should be more than 200 years as the time of Knights ended when Guns were used en masse(I don't remember when exactly but it should be safe to say 300-500 years or so). Ofc I don't follow that Series as much as Fate so I might get some things wrong here, I don't even know/remember what some of the main cast look like. Btw I didn't comment this last chapter but can't Shirou just knock the string back in his bow THEN project his 'arrows' rather than project the arrow then knock it back? Saves some time and prob could have taken someone like Creed and Lyle by surprise imo.
7/11 c7 loliwuzhere7120
why is shirou speaking in such a cringe way
7/11 c2 loliwuzhere7120
I don't think the incantation is needed for a nameless sword and the incantation is wrong anyways. Besides shirou can already shoot nameless swords like Gilgamesh can
7/3 c7 Guest
Rider Medusa. It is funny the Shiro still can't forget her looks.
6/19 c7 Guest
Interesting Xenovia doesn't join Rias
6/9 c1 Guest
I've read a few chapters, and this "Shirou" I'd incredibly also struggles WAY too much against enemies he should be beating easily. You had him fight a dead apostle with an undead army and shadow powers, then had him struggle against RAYNARE a few chapters later? Like what?
6/1 c17 Guest
I can’t wait to see the confrontation between him and Shirou.
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