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for Draconian Fate Works - Volume 1

6/26 c7 Sonic2610
Nokia XD
6/23 c5 Sonic2610
I wonder if Saber would go to the DXD world with Shirou
6/7 c9 ExploerTM
Nerfing for the sake of plot continues, worse, its now for the sake of comedy as well. Just a paragraph ago Shirou murdered few mages without even looking and now he stuck in a battle all of a sudden and doesn't even attempt to use lethal force for whatever the fuck reason despite murdering people. Just a paragraph ago, yeah.

Also villains escaping against impossible odds for the sake of keeping close to canon is such overused cliche its really annoying at this point. I taking back my words about divergence. Literally zero tension, you know if in canon villain doesnt die in this arc he will get away no matter what. Also Shirou literally first time he fought FA said he need to find counter to teleportation, yet here we are.

Yeah, ok, I'll just say thats strike 3 or I'll stuck here rambling all day.
6/5 c7 ExploerTM
Now this fic starts truly shine. Divergence, OCs (Lyle is perfect for Shirou as both ally and nemesis), characterisations, oh my!

My second strike still stands though, no way in hell guy who went toe to toe with one of the leaders of Grigory didn't just shred few no name Fallen Angels and some random crazy ass priest maniac. Ok, ok, Freed was retroactively buffed to be on a level of OCs, but point about Angels still stands.

Lets see where this is going. Also weird that Shirou doesnt solve his girls problem by just saying that he is taken.
6/4 c15 23Tama Saga
Welcome back!
6/3 c2 ExploerTM
Shirou feels nerfed for the sole reason of plot convenience. This is not the guy who fought Servants and lived to tell the tale let alone all his other achievements

That's strike 2
6/2 c1 ExploerTM
De-age for no reason

Thats strike 1
5/30 c1 Magika Wizard
Well I just started reading this and I must say, enjoying it so far I'm gonna keep reading for like the next couple of days; anyway stay safe and I hope you keep writing so I have more stuff to read. :)
5/27 c1 SG
Que bueno que volviste.
Extrañaba tu fic
5/27 c10 LordAnimeMangaGame
Grandpa mountain
5/26 c15 13Yorae Rasante
I recently got a message about this chapter, and did not recognize the story. Reading from the start... still nothing. So, probably it is because of another story?

Either way, I am enjoying this, a lot.

Can't wait for two things:

when Shirou finds his counterpart in this world
(at first I thought it was that dude that is friends with the Pope, but on second thought it is more likely he is the one taking place as this world's version of a "Second Magus Killer" and this Shirou is living with his birth family. Thanks to FGO my thoughts go to him being a descendant of Masamune, before playing it it would be... Muramasa. I make no comments).

and when he summons a Servant. At first I expected him to try it right as soon as he noticed Gaia had a much weaker reaction there, but it makes sense he would not go for it right away. But since you already gave hints of there being a version of a Holy Grail War to come...
(but with your usual twists I doubt you would give him the same Saber again, though... or my thought of Lancer Altria, since technically she is a grown up version of Shirou's old Saber, since Saber was a time-traveler from a moment just before she ordered her sword to be returned and died and Lancer Altria is a version where she already gave the order but it was disobeyed and she could not pass on, being able to age again instead - but the memories are still kinda with her...)

And now I kinda want to try my hand at a Fate/Stay Night story myself just so I can try that last idea... But I have no idea what else I can do and that is kinda not enough for a whle story for me...
5/25 c15 4attismorte00
5/23 c15 The Rupture
Well look who returned from the grave.
5/20 c15 ToastedCookies
Attempts to consume Shirou’s dreams

Gets overwhelmed and fucking explodes
5/19 c15 DALucifer13
when cao cao mentioned bringing shirou in via being controlled, i can imagine the trouble trying to tailor a mind control spell for someone as fucked up as shirou to have a reality marble, his brain just works different.
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