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for Shepard's Saga: Endgame

9/16/2019 c27 Blank525
Please update!
6/17/2019 c27 4osnapitzbex
I love this saga. I've spent the last week binge-reading the first 2 and this so far. I really hope you're planning on updating this, you have talent friend and I'd love to see more of your Shepley and crew. There aren't enough stories for these 2 and finding yours has made me really happy so I'm hoping to see some more of this!
11/8/2018 c24 Femshep5124
I love the story... and I think they should go to the colony or stay on the Citadel. If they were to go the sanctuary I think that someone would be badly injured or die there and Geena and Yanis would be traumatized seeing what’s happening there
11/5/2018 c24 7DRWPJT
Yay, all caught up! This has been great fun and I look forward to future updates. As for the vote... I go with NOT sanctuary! If it was just the adult family I'd let you do what you want, but pretty please don't make Geena and Yanis have to go through that. I don't think Ash and Alex could cope either. They already have plenty of motivation with Miranda and Ori being there and if you REALLY want to up the ante I believe Samantha still has a father floating around who would logically be on that planet.

I know Alex likes to perform miracles but she's not a god and I think if you took the whole Williams family to Sanctuary the odds are at least one person is going to have to die, it's just been too long without catastrophe. Anyway great job as always.
11/5/2018 c23 DRWPJT
Blasphemy! Betrayed by their own daughter! Two super spectre parents to choose from and she declares Blasto as the coolest spectre ever *sigh*. Still, I suppose it beats having to choose between them.

Speaking of parents, does Geena have a name/title for Ash and Alex yet? She obviously still remembers her birth mother and calls her mommy, but has just as clearly embraced her new family, calling Ruth Grandma and everyone else Aunt, but I can't remember her ever addressing Alex and Ash (unless I've just forgotten).

By the way I know you're much further ahead than me but I feel the need to point out I already had a rough outline for parts of ME3, so certain things I've read that are kinda similar to what I had planned are complete coincidence. I believe we already discussed the great minds thinks alike quote :)
11/5/2018 c21 DRWPJT
Yeah, your crew definitely needed a little down time, they're charging through these missions non-stop. Can't quite work out a time frame for how long this story's been going 'inworld' but it doesn't feel like long, couple of months maybe? I know you're definitely using quicker travel times than mine. But then I intend to drag things out because I'm evil like that and want Little Nicky to be a little older by the time things happen :)

Still enjoying this, and another addition to the second generation of family. Think Abby and Cas are going to have to start adopting soon because even on Spectre salry there's only so many kids Alex and Ash can look after :) Then again they both come from large families with lots of siblings so I guess they're used to it. Wonder how Geena will take her new sister. Excitement? Or jealousy at no longer being the sole attention?
11/4/2018 c15 DRWPJT
Xen, crazy or indoctrinated? A question that will never be answered. An exceedingly quick solution to the Geth-Quarian conflict.
11/4/2018 c11 DRWPJT
I did wonder earlier if you were going to lean towards a Sam/Liara pairing. Seems the family are planning on giving matters a helping nudge.
11/4/2018 c10 DRWPJT
Well... Shit. I'd forgotten about her brother. Epic cliffhanger.
11/4/2018 c9 DRWPJT
I'll be honest, for a moment with the way you'd written this I thought there wasn't going to be a thresher maw involved at all. And of course, Alex always has to come up with some crazy miracle, you just can't let them die can you :)

I was always sad that the only way to save Mordin was to doom the krogan, and even then it was only possible with one very select set of circumstances and dialogue choices.
11/4/2018 c8 DRWPJT
Interesting reasoning for Allers placement on the Normandy. I like it, makes sense. Doubt it will be long before Alex has her completely on side and Udina loses his mole though.
11/4/2018 c6 DRWPJT
:) "I'm a Spectre, I don't need permission" and 'EDI had studied human facial expressions. She was delighted to be able to use one.' were my favourites in this chapter, but it was highly enjoyable all round. Great job.
11/4/2018 c2 DRWPJT
Well that answers the one question. Very good so far.
11/4/2018 c1 DRWPJT
Ah so no prison time for your Shep, I'm guessing she played the Spectre diplomatic immunity card? Or are you going with nobody saw her in the Bahak system despite stopping to rescue an entire ship of batarians :)

Like the fact the whole Williams clan were so automatically behind adopting a batarian into their family. Alex & Geena were always cute together, although the fact you have Ruth babysitting on Reaper day is making me question whether Geena will be back on the Normandy or trapped on Earth. Guess I'll find out soon enough.
10/14/2018 c23 MandoJedi23
OMG so excited to see this story get updated. Love how the anticipation is building for the end. I’m a little nervous to see what happens with the Williams gang living on the Citadel. Really hope they don’t end up at Sanctuary...
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