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for The Past Is in the Past

1/13/2015 c2 Guest
Oh my god you do such a great job portraying the characters! :D it's angsty yet comforting love it!
1/13/2015 c1 Guest
Please continue this!
1/13/2015 c1 3Waldengarver
So far, I am liking this this very much. I love stories that explore the relationship between Anna and Elsa after the Thaw and reflect on their emotions. And, of course, I look forward to the Elsanna to come. Good start.
1/13/2015 c1 6DaniCZJ
This chapter sure took me through different range of emotions, from teary-eyed to warm happy!
You do a wonderful job at portraying the sisters and what it must have been like for them after the great thaw. I really look forward to reading more of this story! Keep up the great work!
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