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12/28/2015 c8 198Insert a Catchy Penname Here
This chapter really broke my heart, but Soren's relaxed attitude toward the entire thing was enough to make it almost...Light. Like it was all a day in the life, and the fact I could put myself in his shoes really helped immerse me into the brutal life of District 6.
12/28/2015 c7 Insert a Catchy Penname Here
Chance, this poor baby T_T. My heart breaks for him/her. (I'm really not sure on the gender, as it's a unisex name.)
12/28/2015 c6 Insert a Catchy Penname Here
This really hurts me in a deep, haunting kind of way. Adia is a lot like Octavian, and the fact the families were massacred links into why District 3 detests the Capitol oh-so-much.
12/28/2015 c5 Insert a Catchy Penname Here
Vesper is certainly my favorite. I have a feeling either he'll be part of the bloodbath, or he'll be one of the last standing ones. His thoughts echo his characterization oh so well, and the fact you progress the story along with the characters is brilliant.
12/28/2015 c4 Insert a Catchy Penname Here
Kale kind of reminds of Katniss, if Katniss had been manipulated earlier and her sister had been killed. He's a very rough and damaged character, but he's very smart and snarky; he almost reminds me of Neer. An excellent character, and a very excellent chapter once again!
12/28/2015 c3 Insert a Catchy Penname Here
I had a feeling that some of the murderers' children would come into play at this point, and you delivered quite well! I was actually hoping that one could be one of the one's who killed Octavian's wife, daughter and unborn baby; perhaps that will come into play later. I mean, I'm obviously still reading so I don't know, but still. Just thoughts from the review section. :P

Also, it did occur to me all of their names have to do with the Roman Empire/myths in some way. Excellent subtly and very, very clever.
12/28/2015 c2 Insert a Catchy Penname Here
This is just so, so good. I cannot even begin to express how absolutely amazing this is.
12/28/2015 c1 Insert a Catchy Penname Here
This is absolutely breathtaking. It gives an intensely humane perspective on the Capitol's experience with the rebellion, of the warshed and how much the people who created the Hunger Games endured. I applaud you deeply; I can tell this is going to be an amazing story.
12/28/2015 c53 1FoalyWinsForever

Okay. Well. I know all of this is considerably my fault given what I put in the tribute form, but... asdfghjkl;. Vesper bb when will you do something other than cry and murder and murder-cry. Not that I blame him; it's a perfectly reasonable response given the situation. I too would probably murder-cry in the Hunger Games.

During the part with Tesla and Reese trying to convince him to do what they wanted, I kept expecting him to get a buffer overflow error and just kinda sit down on the floor for a while.

Man, this is getting *intense*. I've never seen a Hunger Games with internal conflicts ratcheted up this high. Tesla is the most convincingly cracked tribute I've read, to the point that reading her POV is actually-for-real distressing. And Tesper was almost cute once upon a time, remember that? I remember that. Those were good times.

Kale and Del in the same room. Oh boy. Oh good. Except not good, because I love both of them, and now they're probably gonna fight to the death, sigh. I don't have a lot of hope that Sam will make them play nice.
12/26/2015 c53 1Dictator Mags
Uggggghhhhhhhh, I still feel increasingly bad for Vesper each time we see him. I really do feel a lot of sympathy for him; just how awful all those people in his life were. I really liked seeing the glimmer of good stuff for him that has happened too. I wanted to shoo Tesla away and tell her to take a deep breath when Vesper and Reese were comforting each other. I was a little surprised she didn't off Reese, but she's still pretty logical; quite unhinged, but she's still very intelligent. That fight with Del was pretty awesome to read, and I'm glad that he did end up escaping, though I feel like I'm going to regret it completely. I guess we'll see next chapter. XD But, anyways, Sam is still amazing to me (I have bias for days). NOOOOO SAM AND KALE, FIND SOME FOOD AND BOND PLEASE! Oh dear... they've found the wounded Del... and Kale's furious... and Sam's so happy?! Uggghhhh, this is not going to end well... I can tell.

Great chapter as per usual! Once again, I hope you had a magnificent Christmas! :D
12/26/2015 c53 4The Writress of Many Fandoms
12/24/2015 c52 10Cairn Destop
Magnus Chase:

1 - bulges jutting out just above just above my head - Duplicate phrase, eliminate one "just above."

Are we about to see self-sacrifice from the acknowledged coward of the group? Has the monster of the maze brought a note of nobility, or is it surrender?

Tullia O'Doyle:

It takes a different POV to do it, but the cannon has sounded and another tribute dies. A lover loses the one she wanted, too late to let him ever know what he meant to her.

Reese Durnham:

This segment is a bit of backstory that explains the emotional why of two tributes and emphasizes the turmoil in another. A lover's triangle is eternal, and always ends bad. The question is for how many.

Andromeda Eriae:

1 - to make sure are orders - Think this a typo, should be our orders

Maneuvers and plans are made. Codes are used and the tributes gather. The question is how many and on which side? Even more important, will our self-styled killer ever do the deed or will she continue talking a good game?
12/23/2015 c52 1Dictator Mags
Ugh. Yeah, finals were a pain. Hope you did well!

Magnus's POV was... heart-shattering. His story about his family was sad with them all being cowards. Then, he decided to sacrifice himself... holy crap... Tully's POV intermingles with his, so I'll keep it here as well. Ugh, this was so heart-breaking to read. I feel like she's going to completely lose it soon. She seems shattered.

Reese's POV was even more devastating... just hearing about the origins of her father's abuse and then what Vesper's gone through... I somewhat hope Tesla warms up to Reese a bit, but I feel like before too long, she's going to snap and either Reese or Vesper will kill her. Hopefully, this HG group's story will end on a somewhat happy note (I mean, at least two have to die, but maybe Tesla accepts that she cares for Vesper and Reese & Tesla come to an understanding?).

I love Andromeda so much. I don't think Arc is going to be killing anyone anytime soon, but whatever floats her boat (and, I mean, he just might. Anything could happen). If she runs into Del again, I feel like she won't be able to bring herself to kill him because of the brother comparisons she's made. But HOLY CRAP WHAT IS THIS? THE ONES AND REESE FOUND DEL? AND THAT'S THE CLIFFHANGER?

So, I feel like Tully will be dead by the final 8. Then... Tesla might be dead by then too. I'm completely torn on whether or not Del will die next chapter. I feel like he won't, but who knows? The Minotaur will claim another victim, I'm certain of that. I'm really hoping I'm wrong, but I have a bad feeling if the Minotaur encounters Sam and Kale, one of them will die. The only person I'm certain will reach the final 8 right now is Riri... maybe Andromeda. Otherwise, I don't think anyone is certain to make it from the looks of it

Amazing chapter! I'm really anxious to see what happens next. And I hope you have a great Christmas, Ice!
12/23/2015 c52 Baenerys
Yay you are back :3 . I have missed this kind of quality writing :') .

Wow a lot of shit happened in this chapter . Each pov does not even have a sentence of filler :o .

You know I never liked Magnus . He was just too ... whiny and traumatised for my taste :p . I mean if I was in this arena I would complain 10 times more than him but I am not in it so I am going to be a judgemental bitch :D . He is the type of tribute that makes me skim read their povs because the majority of it is going to be "oh my god im going to die help pls ." But yeah ... He absolutely redeemed himself in my eyes during this chapter . Even from the beginning I can feel some kind of oddity (normal Magnus is never this calm!) in his pov which made me much more interested then usual when reading his povs ( Oh and his 'family tradition' thing humored me XD ). And then the Minotaur gave its first roar... I went from " Aw I am glad Magnus is so at peace now " to " Oh em gee what the fuck? Run you bitches RUNNNN" . THE MINOTAUR IS FUCKING TERRIFYING . Never in my life I would imagine a product of beastiality being so scary XD . See this is how mutts are supposed to be like . The sheer panic and terror dawning upon a tribute in the presence of a mutt was always made clear in the 74th HG . You pulled this off really well :] . This is one of the stuff I really like in your games . The mutts are a threat . From the lion to the Minotaur . In most SYOTs they are downgraded to fodders and fillery action bits :I . My goodness even the likes of Riri freaked out ... Quite a powerful scene tbh :0 . Gahh the chase omggg , it almost gave me a heart attack . It made me feel even more excited then watching chase scenes in movies xD .

ERHMAGERD . This part! Magnus finally became brave ... and then got eaten . Does a Minotaur eat human? I mean it is still a cow XD . But I can't see a Minotaur eating grass so I guess it does huh . It's interesting to see Adia not trying to be a hero for once . Even Adia cowers against a force like that o.o . So much for her protecting the ally speech eh ? Before this chapter if the Minotaur attacked the rebel alliance I would have bet on Adia to sacrifice herself . Pleasantly surprised to say the least when Magnus took charge . Gah it is heartbreaking . I am going to be honest and say I am not invested at all to the rebel alliance other than Riri .The only time I am interested in them is when they were in the period of time where bitch fights happened like wild fire. So that means I am also not invested in the romance between Tully and Magnus ... But still ... this part made me ache for them . I mean Tully sacrificed her innocence for Magnus and for Magnus to be taken away from her so brutally is just aghhh I LOVE YOUR STORY ! Rest in peace Magnus . You were a brave man in the end and that is what counts :) .

Surprisingly the Tespreese ( you know what I tried ) part of the story is the most exciting pov in this chapter to me . I thought Vesper would be a pawn that would be manipulated by the two chess player to turn on each other but I guess this is not the case . Reese is still too pure hearted to do that even after Riley's mental assault on her . Man seeing Tesla and Reese's first verbal battle was intense . In a way Tesla would be more terrifying than a Minotaur could ever be . Reese trying to help Vesper while Tesla tries to wrench control back was beautiful . No physical violence ... Just spoken words but Tesla has the ability to spit out so much malice that it may actually hurt more than any physical attack . Holy shit ... You know the thought that Vesper was raped actually came to my mind a few times and I always brushed it off because .. you know guys don't really get raped often :I . Gosh district 1 is really fucked up . The second verbal battle ... Tesla is giving me the chills . She is way too awesome . Once I think you can't add anymore layers to her you just said fuck you and made her so 3 dimensional . OH AND THE PIG EATING KITTENS THING WAS EW . You made me think of poor old mittens when I am eating bacon :( . I love their alliance . Vesper being the mortal human , Tesla being the devil in his left ear and Reese being the angel in the right ear . With Reese in the equation , Tesla feels so much more devilish . Even in front of Vesper ! She aint hiding behind any facade now is she .

So Andromena does have a heart after all ... Man I am afraid you would kill her before she even gets anyone else :o . And now Del is at the hands of Tesla ... Well this would be fun . Expecting Reese to try to convince Tesper to spare Del and the mental fight to see whose control over Vesper is more dominant begins.

GREAT CHAPTER ! Dont feel pressured to update quickly btw . If you have more important matters to tend to irl then do them first :) .
12/22/2015 c52 GRYFF
since it didn't review right..

my eight predictions are as follows: (in no particular order)
• —
— •
— • •
— • — —
— • — •
• • • •
• —
— •
— • — •

• — •
• •
• — •
• •
• • • —

• • •
• — — •

• — •
— • —
• —
• — • •

• • •
• —
— —

• • —
• — • •
• — • •
— • — —
• —
— • •
• •
• —
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