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3/2/2020 c58 4Cosmic Corsair
Wow, Ice, great to see you back! Man I thought you'd left us forever! Such is the folly of being a writer. Life happens, you lose motivation, you keep putting off deadlines and after awhile you really think you're over it and four years later this weird craving festers and reels you back in. It's a really funny, bizarre thing.

Welcome back, and I hope to read more of this awesome story. Another thing, "History Still Repeats Itself"! How did that story escape my knowledge? I need to check that out. It's so incredibly powerful to me that you've developed such a dedicated audience that's willing to continue your work where you left off. Man, that's something else!

I can't wait to see how you resolve this story. After all that time away, you've gotta be teeming with new ideas! Thank you for returning to finish this tale!
2/28/2020 c58 FoalyWinsForever
WHAT A SENDOFF. Sad to see Vesper go, but couldn't have asked for more to resolve his arc. Cheers to the memory of my endlessly unfortunate boy. I always appreciated how you wrote him in a way that was empathetic without romanticizing anything.

SO. Honestly, I can't give this half the review it deserves because I have to run in like two minutes, but the point is, wow. This is one of those moments where when you compare it to how all the characters were at the beginning of the story it's like "what, omg, how tf did we get here", but then it actually makes perfect sense how we got here; the characters' emotional trajectories flow so naturally.

Man, you might make me turn notifications back on and actually start using this site again... *shakes fist at sky*
2/26/2020 c57 A M4D TE4-P4RTY
Yeah, it's me again. I finally finished rereading the whole story so far, so I can now leave a review on the new chapter (I wouldn't let myself read it before, until I was all caught up again)! Couldn't leave the review on the last chapter, because I already left a review (who knew you can't seem to post anonymous reviews any more?!) so I had to review the previous chapter instead.

Aside from for the obvious reason that I was so happy for an update (and to find out what happened between Vesper and Tesla!), I really enjoyed this chapter. Hate to say it, but Sam was right boys; should have waited to see Tesla die - now she's fierce and mad and determined (with a flamethrower, among other weapons!) and she's probably coming after you! I love the dynamic that new, fierce Tesla will bring to the story and I love her character development. Looks like she's going to be a force to be reckoned with!
And I love the fact Vesper managed to reclaim his own agency, even if it was right at the end and he died for it. The moment when he refused to kill for Tesla again, despite how angry he was with her, was so powerful and I think it was a great (if very sad) ending for Vesper. After all the shit he's been through and how powerless he's been, finally he managed to free himself and be in control of his own decisions!

Then of course I'm also excited for the next chapter! What will Kale/Sam/Del do now their plan has failed? Who's Tesla going to find first in her bid to end the Games and will she be able to go through with killing them? What happens with the fight between Riri and Andromeda? And of course the minotaur (Kale/Sam/Del don't even know it's around yet, do they?)!

Looking forward to another update & thanks again, Ice, for coming back to this story! I think I can safely say it means so much to all us fans and we love HRI, so we're super happy and grateful for all the work you have put in/will put into it and your dedication to finishing it! Thank you! 3
2/23/2020 c58 A M4D TE4-P4RTY
Oh my goodness, I can't believe you're back! I'm so happy we get to finish reading this story because it's honestly one of my favourite things on FF ever :)
That said, I can't read the new chapter yet because I'm going to go back and read the rest of the story first - don't want to have forgotten any details!

And don't be sorry at all! Life happens & you need to do what's best for you and prioritise you're own wellbeing etc! I'm just happy you're ok and really glad you're back - welcome back and I'm excited to get to read the end of the story!
2/22/2020 c58 1Reign of Winter
Starting off with a bang I see! This was a great chapter, it really reminded me how I fell in love with your story and writing! I thought it was a fantastic way of wrapping up Tesla and Vesper’s story, giving some closure to that cliff hanger, and foreshadowing a new story arc for Tesla. I really enjoyed the flashback sequence, it demonstrated a moment of absolute vulnerability for Tesla, it really made her feel human and it was interesting to sympathise with her for a change.

It seems that either Tesla is coming to her senses, or that she’s about to snap completely, with her becoming so aware of all the grime, dirt and dangerous flammable material (I remember wondering how she hadn’t gone to the effort to clean that off back in the day) on her body and making her freak out. Now that she’s got that flame thrower, the machete, and a palpable rage fuelling her, she’s going to be even more of a force to be reckoned with!

Can’t wait to see more, and again, welcome back!
2/22/2020 c58 1Dictator Mags
So we finally find out why Vesper's face showed up instead of Tesla's. Damn, this chapter was short, but intense. I'm ecstatic to see this story back and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Welcome back, Ice! I (and many others, I'm sure) missed you!
2/22/2020 c58 1jayrob89
Welcome back indeed! I’m pretty sure everyone will agree that this is already worth the wait. I can feel my blood pumping with anticipation-Tesla is a force to be reckoned with.
2/22/2020 c58 10TheAmazingJAJ
in this house we STAN jayrob89
2/22/2020 c58 imembarrassedofmyfanfiction

okay, first of all, HI. I’m we’re all okay, reese’s creator. i changed my name a while back and then completely abandoned this site lol. i, like you, haven’t written a fic or submitted a tribute in years, and i have certainly created better characters and stories since then.

but on a whim, i checked my old email this morning, and... WHOA.

just for perspective, this story was being written while i was in middle school. i used to check my email every day to see if you’d updated. I’M GOING TO COLLEGE NEXT YEAR. THIS IS INSANE.

thank you, ice. seriously. i know how hard it is to come back after such a long time, but you’re DOING IT, you incredible author, you. i’ll be reading and reviewing, for old times’ sake :)
2/21/2020 c58 Wolves Again
Sorry my finger slipped! .’ Anyways I also wanted to say that this story is one of my all time favorites if not THE all time favorite (it’s the all time favorite). You’ve taken Tesla, a girl who most wouldn’t expect to make it passed the bloodbath and turned her into pretty much the main antagonist, which makes me greatly fear for her chances of surviving to the end. While her death would of course be deserved she’s still one of my favorite characters and that’s in large part due to how you handled her. I can’t say that I’m even remotely proud of what Tesla has done but you’ve made her shift from a hesitant puppet master to a cold blooded killer made so much sense that it seems almost inevitable. As much as I hate what Tesper devolved into, though it was cursed to turn out that way from the start. Though I must admit I did definitely ship Tesper hardcore in the beginning, I even ship them now if there was an alternate universe where neither of them entered the games and met each other by chance. While this last interaction between them both surprised me and broke my heart I am glad that Vesper had his moment to get back at his abuser and proved himself better than what she tried to turn him into. It also breaks my heart to see what Tesla has turned into, I mean how her personality and point of view had changed. From being completely guilt wracked and sympathetic towards Vesper to having contempt for him and being willing to cut down anyone in her way. I’m thinking that a lot of that is just a defense/coping mechanism for dealing with the arena but... just thinking of how those names and any others she’d take down would end up haunting her if she were lucky enough to win. It also makes me wonder how her family is taking her transformation and such. I don’t think she’d return to the same family picture she’d be hoping to return to. My point is her development has been nothing but a joy to watch (albeit sometimes uncomfortable) and that is completely to do with you and your writing. Either way I loved this chapter and I love that this story is back and running. It honestly made my week to not only hear from you over pm and then to see the story update notification, you know you have an amazing story when seeing an update makes your heart skip a beat or two.

This story made me fall head over heels in love with the hunger games all over again as well as the SYOT community as a whole. This is really one of the best stories out there and I’m so happy it will get the ending it deserves. It’s been well worth the wait. So happy to see that you’ve cone back Ice. You really are one of the best authors this community and site has to offer. I look forward to seeing where this ride takes us next. :)
2/21/2020 c58 Wolves the Author
Welcome back Ice!
Man it’s awesome to say that- Er type it... geez it almost feels weird to drop a review on this story; but in like the most awesome way! This may sound silly but I’m also very honored that Tesla’s perspective was the first one back! I’m glad to see that your writing style is as good as its ever been! Now granted I’m not sure if this was a polished draft from a few years passed or not. But either way the writing style didn’t disappoint at all!

Also this
2/21/2020 c58 10david12341
Yes Tesla, it has been years :P

Okay, but WHAT. YoU'RE bACk? I was just working on writing here, at 1 AM, when I get a notification on my phone for a story update, I checked it, set my phone down, and then literally leapt up in my chair and scrambled for my phone again. I'm honestly in shock. I had thought for so long this story would never be complete, and now that you're back I'm really just at a loss for words. This story is what really cemented my interest in fanfiction and SYOTs and has always held a special place in my heart as my favorite story here, even if it were never going to be finished, and even if Arc is nowhere near the standard that I have for my characters nowadays. Seriously, I'm going to have to drop everything and reread this entire story again front to back because I'm so giddy that this is actually happening, I'm half-expecting to find out I passed out halfway through writing and this is all a fever dream lol. I'm struggling to put together anything resembling a coherent review because honestly, this is just so shocking and amazing.

Everything about this story, the Roman undertones, the characterization, the format, the way you juggle the alternative points of view, and the writing style that you use has all inspired me and the way that I write so much (I've even been planning my next SYOT to be a sort of spiritual successor to this that tackles the 1st Hunger Games in an even more overtly Roman sort of way). Arc is one of my worse characters I've submitted lol, yet the arc (ha) that he got, and the way you developed him, is very possibly the greatest anyone has ever done with a character of mine. Seriously, holy shit. More Samantha, and Tesla, and all of these other wonderful characters that I've missed for so long.

An aside, but you missed out on this story winning an award within the SYOT community here on the site (there's a pretty sizable form for SYOTs called SYOT Alliance), where you won "best old story" even without this story being finished all the way through. I think that just goes to show how I'm not the only person on this site who's been influenced by this story in many ways. I really can't put into words how glad I am that you're back. I'm going to be absolutely glued to my notifications waiting for the next update for this story.

Wow, seriously, just wow. I'm still in disbelief and am so glad that I happened to be up and noticed this update. I'm going to cut myself now because I feel like I'm going in circles and just mindlessly rambling because it's late and I'm tired and now I'm also shook and just so incredibly surprised by this. I sincerely hope that all is well in your life, and again, cannot express how glad I am to see you back!
2/21/2020 c58 2AaronIris34
Hey, I’m glad you’re back. That notification was one of the best surprises I’ve gotten in a while. I’ve loved this story and am thrilled to see it keep going. It’s interesting to see Tesla snap a little more. Her reservations about what she has to do is slowly falling apart and it will be interesting to see if she can keep it up. Even though she is a villain and even though I normally root for different character types, I could see her or the girl from 2 winning. Part of me always imagined the first winner was a little vicious and from Districts 1 or 2. It could set the stage for the Careers later on. Well I’m about to reread this story because there is a lot to catch up on. I’m glad you’re back.
1/11/2020 c12 Arielle
So Reese's father cut her over and over? Or whipped her?
1/11/2020 c11 Arielle
Stanley and Candi are pretty funny together.
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