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for Kindling Hope

7/16/2017 c6 6Aquarica
OOOOHhhhhh, interesting chapter
4/28/2015 c6 4Spad3z
I love this story! Can't wait for an update!
3/20/2015 c6 Lunette Athella
Another perfect story in this fandom. And I'd love to request much more romance between our beloved pair there. Oh ofcourse fast updates too!
3/18/2015 c6 Angel-Rei-chan1
Awesome chapter !
It's not much of a progress for the plot itself but really helps relate to the characters ... and I found the thought of killua making out with some random pretty boy kinda funny ...
2/20/2015 c5 5Taiga Flipsvilla
I like this so much, i'mma complete fangirl XD
2/19/2015 c5 8Sweet Love081
AHAHAHAHA! Killua was jealous! AHAHAHA! I'm sorry for laughing like a total idiot.

Love the story you should really continue it. It's really nice. I wonder if they'll meet that girl again...
2/17/2015 c4 Sweet Love081
ooh... dirty thoughts...huehuehue...
Either way this was nice so please continue it soon! I love it!
2/19/2015 c5 Angel-Rei-chan1
Thanks for the fast update .
I really liked it ( and jealous killua) but I am a bit unsure about the OC ... I don't want gon x oc ...
can't wait for the next chapter and worried killua.
2/16/2015 c4 Angel-Rei-chan1
Thanks for the update .
I totally love killua's thoughs 3 " maybe if Killua took of his shirr gon would follow suit ..."
my theory: it's a strip clib or there is a nen user there ( maybe evn hisoka ? )
Can't wait for the next chapter,
2/16/2015 c4 Letty-Chan19
I wanna ask.. Is this GonKiru..? Or KiruGon..?
1/28/2015 c3 Sweet Love081
please continue this cute fanfic it is so nice and i want to read more of it.
1/25/2015 c3 Karin-Natsumi
Great story! Can't wait for more!

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