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6/1/2019 c9 James Birdsong
Thank you for writing this.
1/17/2015 c9 5EbonyGreen
Aww, that was so sad. The world of Oz is just not complete without Elphaba, it feels empty. And what will happen with Liir? Wonderful story! I surely will see the crossover! :D
1/17/2015 c9 24TrebledWriter
Oh woah. No Liir!

Great story! And btw it's 645 not 465. For future reference.
1/17/2015 c8 TrebledWriter
Oh dang! PLOT TWIST!
1/17/2015 c7 TrebledWriter
Uh-oh Elphieeeee! She is dangerous though. She is a Witch.
1/17/2015 c6 TrebledWriter
Dun dun dunnnnnnnn! No Good Deed!
1/17/2015 c9 1UndefeatedAura
And the journey ends with a tragic crash...

Well done mate!

Haha, I really like the way you write artistically... I like the "stranded at the sea" lines. Can I use this line? I'm going to send an email to my best friend...

Me, worthwhile being? Thank you, I'm flattered :)
1/17/2015 c9 22aphleser
Get thee behind me, o wretched tears! I don't need you to tell me I'm sad, I already know.
Wow, that was awe-inspiring! I'm so happy that you enjoy my reviews, because you whole-heatedly deserve them, not that they're much of an incentive.
It's very true, actually; once Elphaba is killed, Oz becomes a kind of empty, non-expressive land that actually inhabits many who miss her. Even Brrr in the later stories admits that he didn't like Dorothy, and thought to quickly in regards to Elphaba, especially after forming a close relationship with Rain and Liir.
Wonderful, absolutely astonishing. I'm sorry, you're just going to get a lost of positive adjectives with me; well-written, cleverly plotted, excellent progression of plot, brilliant concept to begin with, and you've followed it through faithfully to the end, which, I must say, is beautiful.
Well done, très bien, da iawn, and I await Bones eagerly.
1/17/2015 c8 aphleser
That is a very striking, game-changing line, isn't it? It was wonderful anyway.
I know you're not just sadistic to Elphaba, since Gregory Maguire seems to exhibit it too, and I did make her suffer three days of miscarriage in my fic, although she survived (as did the baby).
Elphaba is just too exhausted, isn't she? She's tired and bitter and unable to possess those damn shoes!
Is this the chapter with the subtlety? Because I did mention in an earlier review that Elphaba fails at almost everything, and you specifically express that she 'tried and failed to remove the shoes'. Or maybe that Elphaba wants to take the shoes from someone Glinda has magicked them onto, and - as the scene in the book where she first tries to ride the broom - magic does like to mess around.
I've probably missed it, it's very early where I am (half past 10).
1/17/2015 c8 5EbonyGreen
Little dorothy came for forgiveness? I hope that Elphie can calm down...not that I like dorothy, I hate her. but maybe she can help Elphaba?
1/16/2015 c7 22aphleser
Wow, the description of the wall and Fiyero's name upon the bricks is so striking and astonishing, and it really does hammer home how much she loved Fiyero.
Liir is right to suspect Elphaba's power, and is also right to fear her. The woman has an army of flying monkeys, for Christ sakes, don't cross her.
I feel really quite sad for Elphaba when I read that she grins 'cruelly' at Liir, because we've seen her at her best, and now we are exposed to her at her worst. It's quite disconcerting.
I'm waiting for that supposed subtlety with the shoes...
1/16/2015 c6 aphleser
Oh, my poor hurting Elphaba... You do exhibit a sort of sadism when writing about her, don't you?
I love the contrasting line of 'cackling and crying,' because that means she had utterly descended into madness, and is completely beyond any help.
The forboding arrival of her would-be murdurers isn't exactly helping the situation either.
I really like that you explore Elphaba's failures; in the book, everything she attempts at, she doesn't succeed. She doesn't overthrow the Wizard. Morrible dies before she can kill her. She didn't keep Fiyero safe. She has no idea if Liir is hers or not. She doesn't save her sister. She doesn't save Doctor Dillamond. It's all of these things that build up and eventually drag her into admitting her wickedness. But we understand how she got that way, don't we?
1/16/2015 c7 5EbonyGreen
Oh man, I don't even want to know how terrifying she must have looked...
1/16/2015 c6 EbonyGreen
This is so sad...I feel so sorry for her.
1/16/2015 c5 EbonyGreen
Poor Elphie, She really needs someone. Can someone please send Olaf to Elphaba for a warm hug?
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