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6/1/2019 c12 James Birdsong
Cool chapters
6/22/2015 c12 5EbonyGreen
Aww poor Elphie... Nessie, please be a little nicer to Elphie, she deserves it.
6/21/2015 c12 22aphleser
Hello again!
I love that you've explored the sisterly dynamic, and it's complexities. Too many authors simply reduce it to Nessa being spoilt and not caring for Elphaba, or making her the enemy. But I think, and clearly so do you, that their relationship is far too intense and complex to simplify like that. Elphaba shrinks back in growth and also in time, back home, where she caters to Nessa's every whim, and she's clearly embarrassed by Nessa's zealous faith. I like that you included a line about how Nessa's faith now rivalled that of Frex, and I feel like that is what embarrasses Elphaba; this blind belief and refusal to see any other viewpoint. As strong as Elphaba's personal beliefs are, she recognises fault in them, and adapts and grows, whereas Nessa stays stunted, almost.
Keep going, this was wonderful, amazing writing, no matter about the tense.
6/21/2015 c12 Doglover645
Poor Elphie! She deserves better! Nanny, can you put little Miss Bossy in her place please? ...I hate seeing Nessa like this...

Update soon!
6/8/2015 c12 24TrebledWriter
Oh no! Whyyyyyyyyy? Sads. I'm sads.

Well, I shall wait until stuff comes back.
3/21/2015 c11 J
Great chapter!
3/19/2015 c11 TrebledWriter
That was a really good one! I liked the inclusion of Nessa and Nanny!

Update soon!
3/18/2015 c11 5EbonyGreen
Oh my oz, you updated! SO HAPPY right now! :D
And yes, it was definitely worth waiting for it.
You really describe everything VERY good. Also, it would be funny to see Nessa rolling her wheelchair over Elphaba. Not that I like that Elphaba get hurt, but just imagine it, hehehe.
As always, VERRRY GOOD! Can't wait for more!
3/18/2015 c11 22aphleser
An update! Hallelujah on high!
I jest, I jest. But it has been some time.
But utterly worth the wait! This chapter was dripping with impressive techniques and devices. I loved pretty much everything, but especially the imagery of Nessa rolling her chair over Elphaba. That sums up their relationship fairly accurately. And Nessa's comment on not feeling adequately cared for in her sister's hands. That was rude, and considering she devotes her life early on to your care, Nessa, you could be a touch more grateful. I just get very indignant in Elphaba's behalf, sorry. But I loved the description of Nanny; she is just that, a watcher and a waiter, who sees far more than others expect.
Keep going, cupcake, this was really wonderful!
2/9/2015 c10 24TrebledWriter
I'm happy for tht adorable Fiyeraba moment!
2/9/2015 c9 TrebledWriter
I liked that cute moment at the end! Love this!
2/9/2015 c10 5EbonyGreen
AWWWWW They have to be together...THEY JUST HAVE!
Haha sorry, hardcore Fiyeraba shipper you know?
2/9/2015 c10 3ParallelDimension75
I literally just read both Teeth and Bones just before writing this. I love the story; it's awesome to finally find a good story that is actually well-written.

In general, this story is the epitome of good fan fiction. Rarely, there are run-on sentences and typos, or blurry, imprecise moments. But really, at ht's just me being OCD.

Don't be afraid to go dark! Be Wicked with your characters; that's what makes the story awesome.

Really looking forward to chapter 11! Keep writing!
2/9/2015 c10 1UndefeatedAura
Ahwwwww... This is romantic..
I'm waiting for this scene :)

Well done mate...

Haha... It's a li'l bit awkward for them...
2/9/2015 c10 22aphleser
Very pleased, thank you, I needed some Fiyeraba.
That was so sensational (in the sense of the senses). Wow, try saying that five times fast.
But you perfectly captured how it feels to have a crush, there's that lightheaded feeling and a strange buoyancy in the chest, and that cheesy grin you can't help.
Elphaba's not immune to love.
I love the way Fiyero thinks there, and him calling her 'his emerald princess.' How poetic and romantic!
The 'joint' theme is really intriguing, since this is the first time Elphaba and Fiyero 'join' hands, hearts and minds.
Keep going, my pretty!
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