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for What's Hell

3/22/2015 c23 Guest
3/22/2015 c22 Guest
3/21/2015 c21 SabinXTobi
Awesome chapter
3/21/2015 c18 Shari
I'm catching up, I really like your story and the twist with Edward and Bella(not being mates). A sequel will be great! Thank you, I'm going to keep reading and finish the rest of the chapters.
1/28/2015 c13 Alessandra Fell
Like the new chap thanks
1/28/2015 c7 Shari
This is really good, it's different and I always like reading about new characters. Thank you.
1/26/2015 c12 Alessandra Fell
I love update soon
1/18/2015 c6 Renesmee4Jacob
Your spelling mistakes are soooo funny, had me laughing hard, love ur story

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