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for The Blood of a Time Lord

12/2/2018 c5 Guest
12/11/2017 c5 2gwencarson126
11/3/2017 c5 Anthfurnee
I look forward to what might happen to the doctor if the guardians might drive him crazy and/or what Rocket might do being alone on the TARDIS. So, please continue with this story because I have found it very funny with the lords bickering with each other.
10/2/2016 c5 Soron66
pls continue! I just gotten extremely into the story!. GotG and DW are the perfect crossover thing in my opinion, and yours is the only one worth it's weight!. Also, I love that you brought the tv show Merlin into the story as well!
3/8/2016 c5 8Luc16
Oh so intriguing! I love how Gaius and Merlin can see through the psychic paper! I also love how Peter's using his real nameexcited to see what happens next!
9/20/2015 c4 3OrangeRangerAlex96
So cool that you're adding Merlin! I hope you update soon!
8/3/2015 c1 10I'msorrymylove
When the Doctor was sending the ship to the repair room, this is what I thought of. 'Like a good neighbor the Doctor is there.'
6/19/2015 c4 5JubilationLee0831
Amazing I love it!
6/8/2015 c4 37Mlle. Phoenix Fox
So far this is worth a story follow. Keep going!
6/7/2015 c4 8Luc16
Yay! I was so happy to see you updated! :) I love the surprise and introduction of a new character! I love Peter's reaction too! When he said he missed Earth it melted my heart. Well done! Can't wait for more :)
6/7/2015 c4 Cleyton.carlos
Oh, I definitely love The Doctor, he is so... Cool ... And definitely Rose is my second favorite Traveler (only loses to Amy, but that's another story).

This Crossover was very good, And I expect a larger chapter next time!

Until next time!

PS: the sound of the TARDIS is amazing, who can not like it?

6/7/2015 c4 1Ladnik
Oh my gosh! This was the best surprise ever! Thank you so much and keep up the excellent writing!
5/10/2015 c3 8Luc16
Yes! I love this! I am a horrible roommate for not reading this earlier but I love it! You've captured the characters perfectly and I can hear each of their voices! Well done! I cannot wait to see what happens next and why the Daleks are after them :) Oh and I love that Rose and the Doctor can understand Groot :3
5/3/2015 c3 Cleyton.carlos
Ok, I'm definitely going to follow it! Is... Brilliant!
Update soon!
4/12/2015 c3 8Golden Bearded Dragon
I'm not a huge Doctor Who fan, but I really love this story. There were a few times in the 3rd chapter that you went to first person, but you still have great grammar. :D Please keep it up!
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