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for Unto The Breach

12/29/2020 c11 ocomhdhain1
i hope you eventually get back to this, it's been amazing so far!
12/13/2020 c1 3Animago
Eu adorei, sabia que seria bom.
10/26/2020 c11 5johnnylee619
The common good on-going fanfic cycle goes as follows...

*Finds a good fanfic*

*Reads all of the chapters*

*Checks when was the last update*

10/6/2020 c1 2Watermelon Bush
This is such an amazing story! I LOVE IT SO MUCH PLEASE UPDATE MORE. please put more Itachi in it and maybe slightly less of the other jinchuriki since people aren't as familiar with them as with Naruto.
8/25/2020 c11 HardlyFlaccid
I just found this story and really dig it! I hope you come back and finish it one day!
8/25/2020 c1 Elizabeth loines
Please update
7/27/2020 c11 4drmona lord
I don't know if you plan to continue this fic but I hope you do because it is very well written
7/18/2020 c7 SteadfastWhiplash
You focus so much on people as purely good or evil that it's a tad irritating. There are plenty of gray characters too you know. None of them are as black and white as you're making them out to be.
5/13/2020 c11 icecatfire
LOVED it! I can't wait to see what happens next. I love how ALL the Jinchuuriki/Jinchuriki and Biju/Bijuu are working together and that you're showing each one's story/progress. :D
5/8/2020 c5 icecatfire
Good so far. :D
3/21/2020 c11 ForestShadeau
Thanks for the hard work love the story _
3/15/2020 c11 4Le055Li0n
Really enjoying this
3/8/2020 c11 LiZ
So happy to see you updae
2/25/2020 c1 Guest
This is really good.
2/14/2020 c11 2Aeoin
This was such a delight to read. You write leagues above most fanfiction writers here. I read this fic in one sitting for most of the night, gripped by the scenes you painted.

The story was compelling and gripping. The writing flowed smoothly. Perhaps the only critique I really have are the lack of transitions between scenes (I’m reading on mobile and there seems to be no delineation in between them).

Another thing of note is the sub-plot where Naruto invites the heads of the clans to a meal. It seemed to veer off-course, leaving the reader hanging as to its true purpose. For what reason did Naruto invite the clan heads? Even Kurotsuchi and Roshi? I thought he was going down to business at the end of the meal, asking them for an alliance or even announcing something of import bit no? It was just a meal for seemingly no reason. I get that an alliance should already be in the subtext, but Naruto seemed to just be showboating for the heck of it. If he was just demonstrating his political prowess, then it’s a bit too early for that isn’t it? He’s not in the running for Hokage, at least not any time soon.

I can only hope to one day reach this level of thought put into my stories. I hope you continue writing and even finish this little gem because it would be such a waste otherwise.
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