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for Naruto: The Game of Life

5/18 c26 3Blindguy95
This has been a really fun read! I cannot wait for more!
5/14 c26 Shadobladez
Great chapter and liking how you took a different approach with the skills and combat styles, looking forward to the next chapter, cheers!
5/11 c26 DBZx Skyfall
need to get on the Tenten quest that seems to have been forgotten!
5/11 c26 BADEYES518
Hey is this fanfic discontinued. I really like this fanfic. If you haven't abandoned it, please update. Thank you.
5/11 c24 4Verdauga
5/11 c19 Verdauga
5/9 c26 jimmy.oz
Well I am caught up now so just have to wait for more. At least with this they should train more seriously. Wont lie though feel like with gaming abilities he should already be stronger than even Neji but it is whatever. keep up the good work and looking forward to more.
5/9 c22 jimmy.oz
I think while i would be doing D rank missions i would make as many shadow clones as i could to learn as much as i can on everything especially if he does it early enough before work so his chakra can be replenished.
5/9 c21 jimmy.oz
Not sure how going to the library counts as a reward since he is allowed to go there now and can do that without it but its whatever.
5/9 c20 jimmy.oz
Would have thought he would have added the points to dex instead of str since it stated that it would be better for them to be the same in order for it things to be better. Sucks im almost caught up lol. keep up the good work.
5/9 c17 jimmy.oz
Surprise he didn't keep him as a party member but then again sharing exp would suck with such a high level person. It would have worked well though for him since the third hokage could learn a lot just by using the observe on his ninja being able to see perks and flaws. Also if they were likely to betray the leaf as well.
5/9 c15 jimmy.oz
Kind of sucks about him only being able to learn from scrolls three times a day but then again he should be able to learn just from reading them as well with enough int and wis.
5/9 c12 jimmy.oz
Wonder if Iruka mentioned the library to the hokage yet. There are tons of things he could learn from there even if he doesn't use the system to do it that way so he can probably up his wis and int that way. keep up the good work.
5/9 c8 jimmy.oz
Would think he wouldn't be eating as much ramen anymore since he is trying to get rid of the malnourished part of that flaw. Also he forgot to ask about the rock clones being so different.
5/9 c4 jimmy.oz
Surprised he didn't mention not being able to go the library to the hokage yet.
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