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22h c20 thegrison
Good story but the 3 picks were silly. The armor was pointless vs the armor he has. The spear was silly. It took 3 seconds to expand? That is 2.5 seconds too long in battles. On top of a full 30 seconds to collapse down? That makes it bad for ninjas. It being weaker than normal spears is understandable but just another bad point to it. The sword was a joke. He has 3 blades already and 1 has a bunch of cool things to it. Why pick another sword? I would not pick any of those and told the gamer abilty those are pointless and not picked one. If i had to i pick 1 then i get the sword to sell to Tenten's store.
1/13 c24 gamervittal246
Nice keep going.
1/12 c24 Ospite-sere91
english is not my native language and i am using google translate. I reread the story and it is beautiful but I wanted some clarification on two points. The first point is in chapter 6 the mission "The Clan of Swirling Tides" what happened to it? was it completed or not? if so when? The second point is at the end of chapter 21 when Asuma says the Sandaime wants to see Naruto at nine, what was this for? Was it something important or not?
Finally, is there a chance that Naruto will unlock his mother's chakra chains?
1/12 c3 Kensei Uzumaki
Fuck. I think I should let go of my hatred and try to read through this story.
1/12 c3 Kensei Uzumaki
Sorry dude I’m out of here. Because Sakura is in the Harem. Sorry dude I just hate Sakura so much.
1/12 c2 Kensei Uzumaki
I just hope there is not Sakura in this Harem. It will just ruin the story. This story have so much potential.
1/7 c24 KanaRadiance
I have been reading this story since you posted the second chapter. As someone who loves gamer style fics I can say it is one of the best. Please keep up the great take you have started!
1/6 c24 vysirez
Very fun story. Thanks for sharing your writing.
1/6 c20 vysirez
The scene at the beginning of this chapter with Iruka is exactly why I objected to Sarutobi blaming Naruto, and Iruka is one of Naruto best friends, who knows how it impacted people were neutral or worse. However I forgot to mention one thing in my previous review, and that is that Sarutobi could have easily just claimed it was a training exercise and Naruto volunteered to play bait.

The new HP and CP calc has me a bit worried, since multiplying two stats together would fairly quickly outstrip Nature's flat HP and CP per level. As an example, once stats are in the 50s, which is likely going to be soon for Naruto and the other clan heirs, adding two points in STA, or STR and WIS would be equal to the power boost of being Jinchuriki. However since you doubled his bonus, it will take longer before it looses it's impact.
1/6 c19 vysirez
So couple comments. First, I don't get why Sarutobi told everyone that the hunt in this chapter was a prank by Naruto. Naruto already struggles with negative opinions, he doesn't need more reasons for people to be pissed at him.

Second thing, and it might not matter after the version up thing at the end of the chapter, but you gave Hinata's stats in chapter 16, and while her abilities seemed a bit high, the real problem was her HP and CP. I had written up a whole paragraph about it before I went and checked the stats you had assigned to some of the other students and I realized you likely just added an extra 0 to Hinata's HP and CP.

I'm liking the story a lot so far. Lots of gamer gifs get too over the top but I think you are doing a job with it.
1/4 c24 steel.metal14
love it. more
12/29/2020 c12 Helios
I found a typo, it should be “would be really buy storage seals, instead of “would people really but storage seals” Also, the explanation for Naruto being able to sell the single kunai/shuriken scrolls doesn’t make sense as it’s shown that seals can be written on the body as well as it is theoretically possible for a sealing tag to be embedded into clothing. In addition, having a scroll which you would need time to unravel is unwieldy and unreliable. I really do love your work, and I hope you keep on writing this story. I hope my advice will help advance your writing!
12/28/2020 c5 Helios
I fact checked Minato only killing 200 Iwagakure Shinobi, and he actually killed 1000
12/30/2020 c24 2JDS62
Oh dear, if one of the original Trolls of cartoon history is popping up do we need to fear the appearance of... Deadpool?
12/29/2020 c24 37Atomsk the Pirate King
This it like one of the best Naruto stories that I ever read. Hope to see more. Like the way how Naruto's quests pop up like one of the older games.

Good thing is he's fixing himself up and trying to help his friends.

The bugs bunny was a nice touch lol.

Regarding the harem, who's gonna be in it? To me it's gotta be TenTen, Hinata, Sakura and Ino. Not sure if I'm right but I have others.

Anyway, keep up the great work!
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