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for Naruto: The Game of Life

5/15 c24 cenies
Just finished the read maraton. I'm enjoying very much this fic, amazing job, author!

The Wabbit chapter crossover with bugsbunny was very funny!

Waiting for more chapters!
5/13 c24 Jun4
Hey! Your fanfic is so good! I hope you'll continue writing this someday, if you're in the middle of sickness or something unfortunate I hope you get well soon and everyone around you to be healthy! Thanks for great reading experience!
5/9 c23 Vaughn
Great story hoping to see more in the future.
5/6 c8 NisseLind
did you know that a real katana weighs less than 2kg? With 50kg chakra metal you should be able to forge many more than 3 swords
5/5 c24 panjangya
Hello i hope someday you will have the time to update this
5/2 c24 Bacon3498
Hey, are you going to continue this series? I really want to know what happens in the next chapter! If you're busy, then i totally get it! It's been a stressful year after all! However i would still like to see the next chapter as soon as possible if you're still going to continue this series! I hope you do continue making these chapters!
5/3 c24 kbnsr
This is still one of the funnest Gamer!Naruto. I hope you'll be back to updating soon!
I am curious about the Tenten mission and I hope Naruto hasn't forgotten about it, I've been wondering what kind of mystery you've cooked up about her partially sealed chakra. I also thought the Hokage was going to give Naruto more info about the Uzumaki clan, maybe it'll trigger a chain quest for Naruto to investigate and find out about his mother (and Mito) and obtain her belongings as a final reward as well as learning about his clan and their traditions and techniques along the way. How fun it would be if the quest chain extended beyond that into going to explore Uzushiogakure, even if it will be quite some time before that happens. Like maybe he receives a special map as hint/incentive once he's completed everything locally? More immediate i'm curious about the joint training session and whether Naruto will have to or remember to remove his weights. Maybe agains Neji or Lee? With you writing, it's guaranteed fun and I can't wait! kudos :D
4/30 c24 Guest
This is amazing stuff. I hope you are okay and not having a writer's block. Those are sometimes hard to get over but other wise, this is amazing stuff.
4/29 c24 nad4.35
excellentwell written. can't wait to see where you go with this.
4/28 c24 Bigdogronin
Love it keep up the great work

Kinda sad none of these gamer naruto stories never get very far
4/25 c24 Night furry 4543
Please update soon I’m beginning you
4/23 c24 1EvenLoveLies
I really liked this story!
4/22 c24 Josue
Espero anciosamente ese nuvo capitulo
4/19 c12 Night furry 4543
Is there going to be a poll for TenTens clan and if she has a bad ass bloodline like wood release or dead bone pulse or Maybe even an original bloodline like iron release
4/18 c24 Hathaway Herondale
I really hope that you haven't abandoned the fic cause its one of the best ones I've ever read .
Sooooo just hope you update soon.
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