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for Riding With The Angels

8/26/2021 c33 Guest
This was so cute! I’m so glad that they didn’t mess with Ithuriel! If you ever write a sequel to this I would love to read it!
8/26/2021 c29 Guest
Hmm why do I feel like they’re going to mess with Ithuriel. Like Sebastian might take him because of how close he got to Ithuriel without him spooking and Maia and/or Kaelie might mess with him somehow.
5/17/2020 c19 7eclecticfandomer
I dunno much about soccer but my city has both a womens team and a mens team. The womens team has won (whatever the equivalent to the super bowl is?) twice and the mens have only won it once despite being around for MUCH longer (I dunno how much longer... (I also dont know how big the gap is between mens teams and womens teams or if its easier for women (like I said: I dont know jack shit about soccer) If you cant tell im more of a football girl). Anyways the womens were trying to get equal pay but they were recently turned down. It was a whole lawsuit and everything. Some deep shit.

10/23/2016 c33 8AlesiaJ89
I got all teary eyed at the end...Beautiful story I really Love Sebastian...I seen some people hate on him but he has done nothing wrong...He's not Sebastian Morgenstern Demon brother from the books guys...The Sebastian V you forget was a real Character in the book (That we didn't get to meet) before Jonathan killed him. He was nothing like Jonathan at all. So This seb is how I imagine him being in real life well if he was a human rancher. He was always a great friend to Clary so what if he hated Jace that's becaue Jace broke Clary heart and plus Seb has a big crush on clary even through she is a totally B!tch to him!
5/26/2016 c28 Bella0246
Is it bad that I can't decide if I hate or love this chapter? I cried more in this chapter than all of the fanfictions that I have read put together!
2/3/2016 c33 Guest
Great ending to a wonderful story! :-)
2/1/2016 c33 Ydanae
I'd love an epilogue! Great story!
1/28/2016 c33 BrunetteAngel
I am in love with your writing. So devastated that it's over. Such a good story full of dramas and so interesting. Such mature writing and views over topics. I will miss reading this :(
1/17/2016 c33 Guest
That was really good am glad she won an they all kind of got onin the end sad it's over I so want a sequel of how there life's are on the ranch mind you I felt that way when heaven or hell ended but I will keep my fingers crossed you will do sequels for both story's somewhere down the line :-)
1/16/2016 c33 Janna
I love your story. I hope you would write an epilogue. I would love to read more.
1/16/2016 c33 Guest
Omg I really loved this story! Please do an epilogue!
1/16/2016 c33 Guest
Awww! I literally geared up at Maximus Farms so sweet:) an Epilogue would be awesome! You did wrap it up nicely though. Lov e me some Clace thanks... For such an awesome story and finishing it. You have some great talent. Epilogue now would just be the cherry on top. Thanks agin!
1/16/2016 c33 Guest
1/18/2016 c33 1DIVERGENTWIZARD
You simply must do an epilogue and I want to know what Jace would have lost if he lost the bet!
1/18/2016 c33 3FairyHot
I like this story its nice sweet but I cryed when Max died. It really hurt me. But thanks for this story I really like it and can you please do one more chapter!
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