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for Riding With The Angels

7/24/2015 c20 cfire27
Update soon.
7/24/2015 c20 3Howling2themoon
Sorry I just got chucked out of my account so the last guess review was me lol
Really good chapter please update soon
7/24/2015 c20 Danielle.vball
I love this too much
7/23/2015 c20 lindsayhonaker
I so love this story!
7/23/2015 c20 3FinnDragonrose
I love this story cx
7/17/2015 c19 cfire27
Update soon.
7/16/2015 c19 Guest
liked it , maybe this will be there turning point for them an what is seb up to update soon again please
7/15/2015 c19 hellen
cuando van a estar juntos, ay! clary a veces me estresa. CLACE!
7/15/2015 c19 Guest
Amazing as ushual! Really hope they become more soon
7/15/2015 c19 Me
Could you tell us what the USWNT stands for? Please? Great story by the way, very original :)
7/16/2015 c19 3OhSnapItzCat
I enjoy how they still sort of need each other even though they're apart and that Clary is in denial of it. HER PARENTS EVEN SEE IT! But it makes me question, when will she? Jace finally said out loud that Clary wasn't her's, so he doesn't have a right to worry about her. Will there be a situation in the upcoming chapters that puts their friends with benefit relationship on the line? What is it that Sebastian is doing and why is he so eager to talk to Clary? Not gonna lie, I honestly thought Jace wasn't going to tell Clary that Seb came over, but I have a feeling Seb is going to want to take Clary to where ever he is now.. maybe? I wish Clary saw exactly what she is missing out on, and it's nice to see that a little of Clary was opened up more to Jace (her art book) even if it was by accident. I wonder what is Izzy's opinion of Jace and Clary, sure she supports the friends with benefits idea but then again she always warns Clary of his past, as a sister, I wonder if she see's how torn up Jace is about him and Clary not becoming official like Alec does. Too psyched, can't wait to read moreā€¦ I'm sooooo sorry for the long review, it's been a while.
7/16/2015 c19 nofar123
That is a step ! Loved it ,update
7/16/2015 c19 3Howling2themoon
Loved it! Please update soon
7/16/2015 c19 webofwyrd
God I love this story! Clace all the way. I am however about so freaking close to punching clary in her face for always being selfish when it comes to jaces feelings, and not letting go of middle school. Freaking middle school! This is right her right now and she needs and loves jace dammit.
7/15/2015 c19 3FinnDragonrose
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