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for Persona RWBY: Spring of Renewal

12/5/2015 c11 thunder dragon
And There is a Persona 4 Phoenix, just look at the websites for it
12/5/2015 c10 thunder dragon
Also if you cannot find a decent phoenix design for Yang, Go with Suzaku from Persona 4 and give it Phoenix's power along with Suzaku's in Persona cannon.
12/5/2015 c11 thunder dragon
Also you can look on the Persona wiki and look at Valkyrie for Weiss, or on Youtube and look at the complete Persona Compendium.
12/5/2015 c11 thunder dragon
Considering you gave Juane Final Fantasy's 13 Odin instead of Persona and Shin Megami Tensei's Odin, do you not find that a tad hypocritical about Persona designs? Also their are other designs from other media you can use or you can look at online artworks for inspiration so long as you give credit, I recommend that you search on Bing or Google for artistic designs of Amazon, Atalanta, Valkyrie, Brunhilde, Fire Bird, and Phoenix. you can also look on Deviant art for designs.

On the topic of the character arc's why can you not put them in the story? Is it because you do not have a place in the main cannon events of RWBY? You can make original arcs you know and tweak some events. It is your story you can do what you want.
11/13/2015 c10 thunder dragon
Can I make a few requests for your story? Such as who can get Personas? I have a lists of suggestions and ideas that might fit for who gets Persona powers and also there stages. Please at least take a good look at it and think about these ideas.

Recommendation Number 1: Pyrrah.
Reasons Why: Pyhrra has quite a few issues regarding herself and how others do not see her as a regular person due to her being a three time Vytal Tournament Champ and it could just be me but she is (from my view point) seen as a kind of superwoman and as a sort of barbarian. this could also help Juane and Pyrrah come closer together on the road to become a legit couple.
Pyrrah's Shadow Stage: Her stage could revolve around gladiatorial and medieval tournament themes and other kinds of sports like jousting, Sword tournaments, Gladiator arena fights, and javelin throwing along with wrestling and archery.
Pyrrahs' Persona: Pyrrah's Persona could be a original one called Amazon and its evolved state Atalanta.

Recommendation Number 2: Yang Xiao Long(this is how her name is actually spelled).
Reasons: Yang despite her happy go lucky, honest and confident personality does have quite a few demons. She has no idea why her mother left her, a murderer is on the loose who can use Persona. Her baby sister is able to go into the TV world and may get herself killed while Yang cannot help her out in there without her aura or semblance. So she has a lot of worries in her head that you can use for a shadow to manifest. And seeing that her shadow is an opponent she cannot beat with by using force she has to accept it without fighting. I honestly think Yang has the Potential to accept her shadow without it becoming a boss with her kind and accepting nature so you could make it to be the gang encounters Yang after she accepts her shadow self after the gang raced to find her.

Yang's Shadow stage:Her stage could be similar to the forest Yang and Ruby were in when they were little and Yang was looking for a clue about her mom and eventually a boxing ring fitting with her fighting motif and shadows as the Audience.

Yang's Persona: Her initial Persona could be Firebird and it's evolved form could be the Phoenix, as no matter how many times you smack Yang down she gets back up and gets stronger than ever, her being able to have her health regenerate making her both a massive offensive tank with immense firepower, and a tanking supporter.

Recommendation Number 3: Weiss Shnee.
Weiss has a lot of baggage, with the expectations her family has put on her, being the heir to a massive energy Conglomerate company, and with her being raised with prejudiced views towards Faunus, causing Blake to leave the group and causing massive guilt, along with being forced to try and reach perfection from her folks and older sister which no one can do in all honesty.
Weiss's Shadow Stage: Weiss's Shadow Stage could be a massive Kingdom of crystals and ice with Shadow servants tending to her every need with her Shadow being cold, calculating and unfeeling.
Weiss's Persona: Weiss's Persona could be Valkyrie and the Persona's evolved form being Brunhilde.

Recommendation Number 4: Blake Belledona.
Reasons: Blake has a lot of problems (yeah no duh) from her hiding her true nature from her new friends, her former involvement with The White Fang and leaving behind some of her old friends in The White Fang, she has got to face her Shadow Self so she can let.
Shadow self's stage: Blake's stage could be a military institution or a White Fang base, having multiple prisons and loads of execution grounds with Shadows as Soldiers of different ranks and positions.
Blake's Persona: Blake's Persona could serve as a frontline fighter or supporting attacker, so obviously she could be a spell caster or a fast attacker, I am thinking her persona could be the mage Medea if you go for supporting attacker, and its evolved state, Morgan ley Fay. if you want to go with a fast attacker, with an original Persona named Kunoichi, and its evolved state called Kurohime.
10/31/2015 c10 Guest
Are MAYJ and MASK the Persona 3 characters?
10/27/2015 c10 AXL999
I like the Idea I am sold on it!
10/26/2015 c10 2JDS62
Glad to hear from you again, and on the Dance all Night idea Jaune can dance... Even if he was wearing a dress at the time.
9/19/2015 c9 JDS62
I would say follow the same template as Yosuke's shadow, as Jaune seems to be the same sort of guy, siting Weiss and Pyrrha instead of Sake, also add in about how he cheated his way in and that he is a disapointment to his legacy... not worthy of wielding his ancestors blade and all the rest of it.

Glad to have another chapter from you and hope to hear from you again.
9/18/2015 c9 13NonaryNathan999
How Kanji would break Cardin's legs...

9/18/2015 c9 2EvanderAdvent
I'm also a big fan of Final Fantasy XIV! I think that if you can't use Odin you could use King Thordan from Heavensward. I also think that it would be best to make it Non-Elemental but with a high affinity for Slash attributes. I also think a good thing for his Shadow to talk about would be his self-confidence issues. He's from a long line of heroes but he can't seem to live up to his family name. While it's never said in canon I've seen in several fics where his seven sisters all excel at something while he's mediocre at best. A lot of his issues stem from this deep fear that he's truly a pathetic excuse of person that will never do or amount to anything worth while. I wouldn't mind talking to you more about this over PM.
6/24/2015 c6 David sebala
I thought kanjis team name was gonna be crest but okay
6/1/2015 c5 2JDS62
Entertaining, and a really good twist of the two stories.
5/24/2015 c5 6Nanairo the Keyblade Samurai
A name for Narukami's katana. If the blade was a blood red, I would have suggested Magatsu, representing Magatsu-Izanagi. *snaps finger* How about you name the katana 'Raijinzan'? It's a technique used in Persona Q. If not, 'Raijin' alone could work. Anyway great chapter. Looking forward to the next one.
4/14/2015 c4 7lolrus555
This has a lot if potential, but you REALLY need to work on your grammar, it's pretty bad. I think you managed to get everyone 's personality rright though.
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