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for Persona RWBY: Spring of Renewal

4/7/2015 c4 Chrome9000
Nice touch with the sunglasses :P
3/30/2015 c4 Matt
Those two don't make any sense at all.
3/6/2015 c3 6Cross177
Usually I like using canon items between series, but I hate using real world items unless both the worlds were set in the same plane of existence without the use of some bullshit dimension hopping scheme. Still, very impressed with how you went at this, like the persona users whom have yet to unlock it, I hope to see the full potential of this fic.

If I had to guess on Ruby's Persona, based on description of the clothes, I would name her Harlequin.

That said, a little suggestion on your writing skills. This is just me being nit-picky, but I would suggest you invest maybe 10 - 20 mins proofreading your work after seeing several consistent spelling errors among your sentences. This is just a helpful hint when you post, because some readers will be a little bitchy about it. This helps in writing papers and catching any small errors that stand out.

Keep up the good work
3/4/2015 c3 1Erk Prower
I'd say continue the great story you got going. But in the end it's up to you.
2/25/2015 c3 caramba23451
I made myself a promise to come back when a new chapter was released. Great read. Multiple ones in fact. Had fun listening to voice clips and different music from the source materials in the background while reading. (Even looked up Teddie's "Lo and Behold" line from PQ for kicks, nice refference. I couldn't help putting "light a fire up in the night - Dark Hour" as Ruby awakened and switch to Yu's awakening from the Anime when Izanagi came back.) It's fun imagining myself hunched in front of my Vita as this plays out in the same interface as the games.
2/24/2015 c3 5Gilgamesh The King of Heroes
Hold on. What the hell is going on? Why did Yu lose his Wild Card ability? Previous Wild Cards don't need to lose their power for a new one to exist.
2/12/2015 c2 caramba23451
It was a surprisingly good read. Keep up the good work.

If I'm not too late. May I recommend a few changes in the arcanas?

It would generally depend whether or not RWBY, JNPR and the Investigation Team are in the same circle of social links. If they are, then I "think" that RWBY and JNPR must have different arcanas than the investigation team, so that they can build on separate bonds (Social links) instead of twice the same. However, One can assume that Ruby's fool (assuming that's what she is), allows an new circle of social links. Much Like SEES and the IT being on different circles of social links(which is what I assume happens)

RUBY - FOOL: Ruby is definitely a Fool because... well... Protagonist and leader and stuff...

WEISS - EMPRESS: Weiss's backstory of a daughter born into a well-doing family owning a prosperous business with shady operations is reminiscent of Mitsuru from Persona 3. They also seem to share a similar goal, each wanting to make things right for the wrongs their respective companies did.

BLAKE - HERMIT: Relying on the wiki, Blake as a hermit fits... I think... I'm not committing to anything here

YANG - CHARIOT: I debated the idea of giving the Strength to Yang, but then the wiki mentioned them not easily getting angry, so I was "yeah... no." So uh... Chariot fits, based on the Wiki.

JAUNE - MAGICIAN: "Magicians are, As of Persona 3 The first male friend (and social link) of the protagonist." (-Wiki) It's been also a theme in persona that Magicians have had trouble/tragedies romance-wise. (his crush on Weiss)

NORA - STAR: The star arcana generally represents peace, joy and hope. I believe Nora fits the bill. Besides, her super "Mascot-level" cheerfulness kinda reminds me of Teddie... minus the perv part. ("Nora-chan, Pyrrah-chan! Let' be MERMAIDS! WHEEEEEE!")

PYRRAH - LOVERS: It was hard for me to give Pyrrah the Lovers because, in almost all canon cases in Persona, The harborer of the Lover's arcana has, at the very least, a crush on the main protagonist. However, most characters of the Lovers' arcana are also very sociable and one of the more popular female characters in their entourage, Lisa and Yukari being one of the more popular girls in their respective schools and Rise being an idol.

REN - STRENGTH: "A commonality between characters of the Strength Arcana is their strength of heart. Strength characters are not upset easily and typically portray the fortitude that the Strength card represents in readings." (-Wiki)
1/27/2015 c2 Sieglinde Eremiah
i hope the Investigation Team are not OP cause that will be boring other than that no complains
oh yeah can i ask if this will have a pairing or not?

Celcius(Xillia) Weiss
Sylph(tales of xillia & graces) is a good persona for Ruby
Ifrit(Graces & Xillia) Yang
(no idea how tarot arcana personality works unless i check a certain blog)

The Lovers This card should be easy enough to interpret, right? …Not quite. Sure The Lovers represents the obvious (love, passion, bonds, etc.), but it also represents choices or duality. The Lovers are plural and they need both individuals in order to be so. As for the choices part, it can represent a major fork in the road coming up. Major choices are going to need to be made. Just like a relationship, sometimes you’ll have to chose one thing over another in order to make things work out. On the other hand, reversed, this card means an unwise decision.

The Strength is somewhat straightforward as well, though it has more to do with inner strength then the ability to flip cars or bust through brick walls using your fists. Strength here refers to knowing about your inner desires and keeping them in check. Suppressing desire altogether isn’t the correct answer either though. In this case, it’s about understanding yourself and using that to push forward. This card can also symbolize inner female empowerment. As for when it’s reversed, the card can mean not keeping desires in check or suppressing them too much. Or in short, falling to either extreme.

The Empress is kind of like The Magician in that it’s all about creation. However, where The Magician was about control and pushing forward, The Empress is more about letting things grow naturally and at their own pace. The card can also stand for, uh, motherhood (not that this has much to do with Persona) and natural growth. Reversed in a reading, it can mean being over nurturing (or in other words, smothering) or pushing things ahead too much and not letting things flourish at their own pace.

The Emperor another card about control. However, this card is about assertiveness, masculinity and maintaining your own power over a situation. Just like a real emperor, it’s about standing above people and MANtaining that order that makes things run. This card is the opposite of the Empress, who lets things go naturally. Also opposite to the Empress, this card also stands for fatherhood. Again, outside of some really out there fanfiction, this has little to no connections with Persona. Reversed, this card is about too much control, power, assertiveness and ect. It means being less of an emperor and more of a dictator. There’s a subtle difference. ….Somewhere.

i hope this helps
1/15/2015 c1 29SkyRig
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