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5/4 c35 13your-street-serenade
"I didn't even ask my babysitter for help" ugh mah heart
5/4 c30 your-street-serenade
I'm a sucker for sex injury fics and we don't have nearly enough of them. I always felt like out of all of the Glee characters brittana were most likely to show up on an episode of TLCs Sex Sent Me To The ER
5/4 c75 your-street-serenade
the last paragraph of this chapter LOL too perfect ughhhh
4/25 c16 your-street-serenade
So I've been bouncing around reading different prompt fills when I need a little something to make me smile and ughhhhhh I can't even decide which one is my fav. But this one? Yessssss. This should have been a storyline. Screw Finn and his booth, Sue should've made the top Cheerios set up booths for funding or some other nonsense reason. Quinn would try to revolt because feminism and all, but Britt would totally find the fun in it which in turn would cause canon Santana to like quietly bubble with jealousy until she explodes in an adorable for of rage and pulls Brittany aside to express her feelings. WHY WASNT THIS A THING. GAH.
...anyways I'm gonna continue to read and scream in your reviews.
7/23/2019 c4 Guest
I haven’t read fanfics for so long, but it’s good revisiting one of my first huge ship. Love your prompts, is good to read brittana fics once in a while. I hope you still continue writing for fun sometimes. Thanks
7/3/2018 c76 NayHeMoAppreciation
I would love to see how this goes further
7/3/2018 c74 NayHeMoAppreciation
Do you have more of Dr. Lopez and Britt?
5/18/2018 c58 jenniferivy0130
Chapter 58 gave me life!
3/25/2018 c5 Guest
Mmm. Bad ass Britt. Yes please x
3/25/2018 c4 Guest
I love how much Quinn ships them. They ate the cutest bunch of nerds ever. I like a bottom Britt. But also likre a top britt. Just love them both together and you write them so well. Thank you
3/26/2018 c79 M206
Aw, it ends at the best part:)
3/26/2018 c78 M206
Confident Britt and intimidated Santana is super hot.
3/24/2018 c3 Guest
Chapter 2 and 3 down. I cant stop the smile on my face. They are so cute together and i love weepy Santana. I'll try not to comment every chapter. But to let you know i love your writing. I know you say you struggle with writers block but evrrything you write is so wonderful. Thank you x
3/24/2018 c1 Guest
I've just started reading your prompts. Chapter 1 down and i love it. Thats my fav Brittana relationship...flirty, playful and most importantly Santana pretending she isn't interested, when its clear to everyone she is hooked. Loved loved loved it. Thank you x
3/24/2018 c79 Secret Sauze
I love your prompts! Do you accept prompt ideas here because I have a few ideas?
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