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12/24/2015 c25 43D.2why
hahaha I feel very sorry for cannon-san and I love cannonxtsuna it's so adorable XD
11/9/2015 c25 Seere Klein
im still curious as to how tsuna will react once he sees someone kiss cannon? hahahaha i bet hell will freeze over
9/8/2015 c25 2PrinceKat
The secondhand shame I feel for Cannon's lost innocence (aka his panties being revealed)... With his luck, Hibari/Reborn will probably force him to wear a female uniform. I was surprised Cannon didn't call out for his superbro Chrome to help him out when M.M. was taking him down, but I guess that in-the-moment mindsets don't allow for common sense.
8/26/2015 c25 Crucifix HiME
Representative battles already?
Just decided to give it a try...the fic. Am I getting mixed signals or is Tsuna x Cannon OTP in this story?
8/26/2015 c25 4GenderlessPerson
It did work, thankfully. I'm so happy you updated! Perhaps I should start working on my own fanfics... but it's hard when you have a writer's block! How do you overcome yours? Any advices you can give me, as a fellow fanfiction writer?

Hmm, for this chapter, I feel a little irritated by M.M. I dislike girls who are forceful and don't even do a thing to show appreciation. I mean, she freeloads of Conan. She showed him no thanks, no appreciation. Nothing. And further more, she forces him into doing things he hates (the mental trauma of getting stripped! THE TRAUMA!) Argh. I seriously don't mind if she's mean but shows that she is at least a little thankful for Cannon for taking her into his home... BUT NOO. She's a female dog.

Other then my irritation, I was squealing about Cannon's misfortune. Yep, I'm such a hypocrite. Love it when you write about how he would always get bullied, but sometimes, I also desire to see him stand up for himself, and not just those he cared for (*coughVendicecough*).

Love your stories, and I can't wait for more! Though take your time, my dear!
P.s. What does hurting cheekbones mean? Was someone even strong enough to slap Reborn until his cheeks are red?
8/25/2015 c25 37Kuroi Rin
My oh my a new chapter! :D
And I just has to laugh with what Canon has to go trough xD
On the one hand I pity him but on the other hand... I would stand right next to Fran and get a few pictures for myself and for blackmailing because why not?
...I don't like this Seijuurou there, just no (and M.M. for that matter but oh well)
Hihi but funny that Tsu got to see Canon crossdressing again ;) and the flipping skirt, I said it already, I would stand next to Fran :3
So, all in all, very nice chapter! :D
6/12/2015 c24 14roYaLAnemone11
i thought skylark owns cannon,,,, so why tuna?
5/29/2015 c24 5RubyRedSpiderLily
I'm so in love with this story. God help me, I haven't been so interested in a KHR oc story in a long while. Do continue.
5/22/2015 c24 Kei
Read the chap a while ago and forgot to review...
Mmmh... A hole bunch of characters made their entrance in this one. Emma too. Somehow I didn't even wonder for him being ms. president's dog :/
Cannon telling him to go to the other side of Namimori, and mentioned Tsuna and the other. That will mess everything up... Shimeon's arc is coming ?
5/11/2015 c1 10HeroProject39
Please update , been about a month or two. Love your story.
5/7/2015 c24 MyLittleSister
Haha cracks me up. Poor cannon he has one big harem of powerful men and he doesn't even know it! You should reintroduce kyoya and byakuran. Maybe a scen were hayato and him become friends. Anyway it was funny. Made me laugh.
4/26/2015 c7 Blackskylark
This story is soooooo cute I love this OCXHibari! Please update soon!
4/24/2015 c24 Seere Klein
Damn i think tsuna has some competition fot cannon here because i bet enma now likes him hahaha
4/24/2015 c23 Seere Klein
Woah fuck a firm kiss! Who did it come from i cant send help my heart
4/24/2015 c21 Seere Klein
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