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3/23/2015 c24 4GenderlessPerson
Ms President... What an attitude she has. Bitch probably can't ever get laid - a reason why she requires a dog to do ALL her bidding (wiggles eyebrows suggestively). If this was a Harry Potter fic, I would've asked for Cannon to Crucio her arse. Damn bitches like them get on my nerve. Anyway, I am curious as to why I am denied a bloody update notification. Bloody webbie is bugged I tell you! Gah, I'll just re-follow this story!
3/22/2015 c24 14torinokomachi
So... I'm kind of confused... is this meant to be set up after the Shimon arc? Or...o.O"
3/22/2015 c24 37Kuroi Rin
Uhhhhh a persistent President and a perverted Brother and Enma-kun makes his appearence! :)
I like him, he is somehow cute and a bit (or a lot, how you see it) like Tsu-kun :3
Well than, nice chapter again! ;)
3/14/2015 c23 H.Tagi
Whoa! It's been ages since I've last read a rare fanfic, and to post a review of it! I really appreciate the fact that you've whipped up a male!OC-centric plot; it's so common to see girl!OCs in shounen manga/anime fanfics, so your story is one of those refreshing gems. I actually stumbled across your fic just yesterday, and this literally made me so absorbed in it that I managed to read all until the current chapter in two days!
Cannon is such a nice character- his humor makes me giggle at times, and I like the fact that he has his own life aside from being with the gang. Most fics tend to focus on the actual plot so much, that we rarely get to see the OC's own background. Your writing style makes it seem like we are seeing things in Cannon's individual thoughts with his honest feelings- making him real, in a way. The balance in following the manga is also there.
I just finished Chap. 23, and was shocked to see you in hiatus, so thank you for posting this new chapter! I will be looking forward to your next heads up on this good fanfic- I wouldn't want to miss Cannon's development with the characters, especially Tsuna. : 3
3/13/2015 c23 yuki
So... Who would be pairing with Cannon? Kyoya or Tsuna?
3/11/2015 c23 TheDesOfAllTrades
I gift you with bunny.
( -.- )
( )
3/9/2015 c23 Kuroi Rin
Ohhh so it's time for Cannon to move out?
Pity... But than it seems that his New House is really cool!
Hm and Reborn with his Infos...
But that what got me the most in this chapter, the way how Cannon got out of school!
This Council President really seem a bit creazy... And calling him a Dog! .o.
Not nice, nope not at all!
Hmmm and a kiss in his sleep?
Well, I'm looking forward to the next chapter even if you are on hiatus :)
3/9/2015 c23 14torinokomachi
Does this mean he'll move to Namimori middle school? XD
3/9/2015 c17 Guest
Ok honey, first of all, let me tell you that I love your story. But but but, I didn't like this chapter. First of all, the oc is a cool guy. He dressed up as girl just for chrome, so I didn't like how he got blackmailed just for making her happy. I didn't like chrome and reborn in this chapter. Chrome should have protected the oc from getting blackmailed. I didn't find this funny. :c
Sorry if I sounded harsh.
3/7/2015 c22 Kei
Reborn is as horrible as ever, haha :D
Niuuu that's so cute how Cannon and Lambo are getting closer. That's just totally adorable : But still, he should be careful when small-taking (that would be a shalme if it went against him, especially when a certain baby is here, héhé)
I was wondering for a few chapters now, how are they going to do when Mukuro and co. will come back ? That would be really really chaotic x) The answer in the next chap...?
3/6/2015 c22 37Kuroi Rin
Well, Cannon should watch what he say's in Front of Lambo... He doesn't do himself a favor with all this Talk and with Reborn and the mention of milk and hot dog... Yeah :"D
3/6/2015 c22 14torinokomachi
Poor Cannon. XD Hope that he lives to the day Mukuro returns. XD
3/5/2015 c21 4GenderlessPerson
Argh, stupid crappy email system! They didn't notify me that you've updated (until I manually checked and walah; 3 new chapters)! The horror! Ahem, anyway. Bottling up your anger isn't good for your health, Cannon-kun. Good job spitting, though stabbing the pervert's eye with your chopsticks would've been the more elegant course of action. Ignoring the blood that would undoubtedly splat all over your adorable face. Actually, I bet that'll give Cannon a more seductive look. Insert drooling here.
3/5/2015 c21 3Step1324
O.o I am super curious of who the three people from the future are. Will they be important to the storyline? The pedophile I mean. But keep it up my wonderful author, I cannot wait for the next update!*cue sparkles behind me*
3/5/2015 c21 37Kuroi Rin
Uhhhhhhhhh way to go Tsuna, way to go! :D
Just kissing him whenever he can... Nice
And at the end he kissed back!
Ohhh how you screw with him xD
And his trip to the Future as well!
Hehehehe nice one, I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
And so you know, this was a nice distraction for my spanish classes! (It's boring and pointless) ;D
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