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3/5/2015 c21 14torinokomachi
Oh... god... I'm sorry Cannon but I'm interested in seeing more of the hilariousity here. XDD
3/5/2015 c21 natsumo
of all the guys in khr you choose Tsuna to pair up with our beloved Cannon just make my day
2/28/2015 c20 Kei
Goooosh, that's was so so so evil ! Poor Cannon, really... poor guy...
But that was so funny, haha xD
2/27/2015 c20 torinokomachi
You're evil. LOL I had a good laugh reading this. Cannon makes another sane man in KHR. XDD
2/26/2015 c20 37Kuroi Rin
Uhhhhhhhh, I think you're the Devil in Cannons eyes! :D
With what you are doing to him... Hehehehe oh it is just to damn funny! ;3
2/23/2015 c19 Kuroi Rin
Uhhhh Tsuna knows now and the others as well! x3
Nice move TYL-Cannon hihi
But Hayato really has to Pay for the couch!
It's not nice to let others things explode!
I'm looking forward to future Chaos :3
2/23/2015 c19 Kei
Yay! My gift for finishing my exams 6 chapters
Cannon sure is a good talker. He kind of reminds me of Tokichi in 'Hitman'. Being able to deal with the Vindice, that's something. And who the hell is really his uncle. Having a few pieces of information is way worse than knowing nothing...
I didn't thought he was that caring. Even cross dressing for Chrome's sake, how considerate. But the way it ended up, haha. Being caught in a cooking contest, meeting Tsuna and then kissed by him, that's quite a lot of bad luck. I wondered if Tsuna knew about Sabrina's true identity, but in the end, seemed like not. I wouldn't have thought it being resolved like that. But anyway, Chrome is really evil in fact...
Future-Lambo and future-Cannon seem to be on good terms even if they haven't talked too much until now. And the latter sure have a lot of connection with everyone (still being in Kokuyu (or something) band, with Tsuna and the other, and probably still with the vindice, and maybe one more thing, haha ?)
I forgot a lot of stuff but still, sorry for the long post :/
Anyway, looking forward the next chapter!
2/23/2015 c19 Hellfire000
Older Cannon is so smooth this is shocker! The photo is so cute and the idea that Cannon is still hanging out with the Kokuyo Gang in the future is amusing. So now that Tsuna knows the truth I wonder if he will confront Cannon about the kiss. Lambo and Cannon seem to have a good relationship in the future even though they don't seem to have talked much in the present; I can't wait to see how this friendship develops. I hope your muse is kind and allows your creative juices to flow.
2/23/2015 c16 3Step1324
Oh does it mean that Connan will be in Bermuda's team at the Rainbow arc? Well, if your going that far. Are you? Because that would be awsome, and I love this.
2/23/2015 c18 yuki
Hehehe, what Tsuna reaction would be?
2/23/2015 c18 4GenderlessPerson
Someone needs a restraining order for self harm. Gehehehe. Le gasp, does this mean that Tsu-kun knows Cannon is Sabri-chan...!?
Perhaps he would think them siblings rather than adding one plus one like any other person. Nana... Why are you so oblivious!? You passed your oblivious genes to Tsu-kun, who I might add, did not recognize his home tutor in adult form even though it's so obvious! Insert facepalm here.
2/22/2015 c18 37Kuroi Rin
Well all that is left to say is poor Cannon! :D
Ohhh and now Chrome told the others about the Kiss and Tsuna knows now it's Cannon! xD
Yeah, good work!
2/22/2015 c18 natsumo
Ahahahaha oh chrome you naughty girl destroying a man pride
2/22/2015 c18 Hellfire000
Oh Tsuna are you making the connection between Cannon and Sabrina I wonder? How will you react if you realize they are the same person?
Great chapter, I can't wait to see Fran and his reactions to Cannon. I hope you include Cannon being sent to the future in the next chapter I missed reading his reactions to the situations he ends up in. I wonder how he would react know with knowledge of what Vongola is.
Keep up the great work and I hope your muse is kind to you.
2/20/2015 c17 Hellfire000
I loved this chapter! Poor Cannon I hope the others don't find out. I'm curious though of what the photos showed Cannon actually doing; I really want to know now. It would be hilarious though if this ends up as a trend and Cannon goes to the future as a girl. I wonder how the others would react if they found out that way :) How would future Cannon try to explain the situation I wonder. I'm kind of curious of if in the future you will show how the others reacted to meeting the future Cannon every time he appeared, or how the future Vongola's reacted to Cannon being captured by Byakuran or even Byakuran's view of the situation. Keep up the great work! I hope your muse allows you to update this story soon!
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