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2/19/2015 c1 SANIA9806
I love the story
Is cannon has any martial arts, power or any specialty?
2/19/2015 c17 37Kuroi Rin
Nyahahahahaha xD
Oh my! This one was good! Really really good! :D
All the things... Ohhhh Cannon! You and your Life are my fun! ;3
And Sabrina... Oh the irony of this name if it were without a b in there but that Tsuna has kissed him! xD
Well, somehow I want to see the blackmail material, really and more over be the one in possession of them hehehe
But im the end Chrome was able to come out of her shell, even if she had this little hidden self of her :)
2/19/2015 c17 4GenderlessPerson
Poor poor Cannon-kun! I knew Reborn would appear sooner or later when Tsuna suddenly came. Where Tsu-kun is, Reborn is always (hidden) near. Who knew FemPineapple-chan has a sadistic streak... but one does not simply remain pure when they share a mindscape with the sadistic Pineapple-fairy (Fran's words, not mine! Please don't tell Mukuro-san!).

And... Oh my. Reborn's training sure has paid off (I'm sure that demon toddler is proud) for Tsu-kun to have enough courage to give Cann-ahem, Sabrina-chan a kiss on the lips. LIPS! I squealed so hard, and I bet my mum's ears are ringing right about now. Tsu-kun you player you! How deceiving his innocent looks are.
2/14/2015 c16 GenderlessPerson
Oh my! A mole? Now, this just became more interesting. I'm really looking forward to the representative battles now. It'll be hard for Cannon to side with a team other than Vindice! Ah, my thought process suddenly jumped so far ahead. Insert sweat drop here. Well, nevermind. That'll be something to look forward to anyway. Ah, he finally remembers the blender, though there's no plug. How pitiful, Cannon-chan!

Now that I know what Pericoloso Eclissi Atroce Narciso means... I have only one thing to say. I was bloody right about Narciso Narcissus. BUAHHAAHHA! Go me!
2/13/2015 c16 natsumo
Woa I'll never name my child like that
2/13/2015 c16 37Kuroi Rin
Way to go Cannon!
Or better what the heck? :D
But he has good arguments... But now he is a mole as well!
Funny what all is happening xD
Looking forward to more!
2/10/2015 c15 4GenderlessPerson
... That's a long ass list of conditions right there. But I have to commend Cannon for taking the necessary precautions. Who knows if the Pinea-ahem, Mukuro is a perv or not. I can't wait to see how the next chapter will turn out. It's a debate! Debaaate! I love watching (or in this case, reading) debates!
2/9/2015 c15 37Kuroi Rin
He sure have many conditions!
Haha nice to annoy Mukuro with! :D
Well, why not? :3
Now, his uncle seem to be really good to have to negotiate :)
Wonder if he is successfull!
Haha I'm looking forward to the Day he really lose his sanity...or just the next chapter! x3
2/9/2015 c15 natsumo
the blender joke never ease to make me laugh xD
2/7/2015 c14 Kuroi Rin
Well, this is just getting more interesting!
But at the other hand I ask myself what just happen? :D
Haha but yeah... and this name... really, what's going on there? :D
Tja, I think we will see how this will turn out, right?
As well with Mukuro... xD
I'm looking forward to the next chapter! :3
2/6/2015 c14 4GenderlessPerson
Who the hell names their kid ... Pericoloso Eclissi Artoce Narciso... What does it even mean!? I thought Dead would've been a short form of all four names, but then I realized that it was Pean not Dean... So why is he called Dean? Perhaps a random name then.

Oh gosh, Cannon is so adorable! Let's see how he'll 'negotiate' with the Vindince. I wonder what is Uncle Dean's relationship with the jailers though. They look like they're on good terms (frenemies?). Hmm... And the last bit, drugs that made babies geniuses? I burst out right there and then.
2/6/2015 c14 natsumo
get the blender ready cause we're going to make some pineapple smoothie xD
2/6/2015 c13 natsumo
no cannon don't you listen to your uncle xD
2/5/2015 c13 37Kuroi Rin
Woha, really there, no easy life not with such... An uncle
Nope, I think K can Understand Cannon perfectly!
2/5/2015 c12 4GenderlessPerson
Wao. I can't tell you how much I've laughed since I've started reading this. I'm sad to say that my mum called me insane from all the giggles I let out, but it was worth it. Hmmm, I personally can't see chopsticks as weapons - other than it being used to poke people's eyes out. Well, it makes Cannon all the more unique. I'll just take a guess and say that Bermuda is somewhat his uncle...
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