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1/29/2015 c12 natsumo
okay... Who the hell is cannon uncle? Don't tell me it's bermuda..
1/29/2015 c12 37Kuroi Rin
Well, there we go!
Just a walk in the forest and schwuppdiwupp there is a big orange sphere, people are dying and pinapples to treaten... he really needs the blender
But why has he to go to Vindicare?
Hm I wonder I wonder :)
1/26/2015 c11 Kei
Yay ! Two more chaps ! o/
Baby teachers, ghost teachers, everything is perfectly normal x)
I wonder who exactly Cannon is for the Vongola's... and who was the one who looked like him 400 years ago...
Well, waiting for the next chap!
1/26/2015 c11 Kuroi Rin
Wow, nice the First Generation is teaching him... and yeah, if there weren't the worded problems in math, I would be better too, like back in 10th grade on my new school... but noooo -.-
Well, but who are the First Gen refering (was this it?) to?
Hmmm questions, but well, but really! Teachers! And Alaude no less!
I really wonder what this was about...
Neija, see ya! :D
1/26/2015 c11 natsumo
I'm so jelly of cannon cause he got the first gen ghosts to teach him *3*
1/25/2015 c10 Kuroi Rin
Well, this is a way to get out of the clutches of your kidnapper, just let others drag you to some strange thing to get you out of range to be finaly free! :D
Haha and finaly he has someone to explain what he want to know and so
But yeah, Kyoya just has to knock him out?
Hm kay, it's Kyoya, he doesn't make sense always :)
1/24/2015 c9 Kei
Owowo ! Meeting the Mare ring (I think it's called like that) holders, watching the choice game, and being stuck with Byakuran (I laugh even harder when he kept calling him Bakugan after discovering his real name) around, Lady of Fate really wants to worsen his case, and watch him at the edge of sanity (if that's not already the case) haha )
What will happen next ? Looking foward it
1/23/2015 c9 Kuroi Rin
Ohhhh okay okay, meet the Marering Holders and be a watcher at choice and Byakuran can't get his fingers off of Cannon!
Well, I wonder I wonder, what will happen next with Cannon xD
1/23/2015 c9 Natsumo
am I like the only one screaming to cannon to run cause Byakuran had gave me the creep
1/23/2015 c8 Kei
That guest was my second personality haha '. No seriously, that was just a mistake of mine... seems like I'm not really fresh in the morning v.v
Well, whatever ! Poor Cannon, I really feel sorry for him... How he called Byakuran, I couldn't stop laughing! They do say you always laugh at one's misfortune ' He must be in urge to get out of here.
Well, looking forward next chap!
1/23/2015 c8 TheFirstSnowflake
This is such a funny story! Just reading a male oc story makes me so happy :)
That Cannon (great name it reminds me of Maximum cannon) is expressing how weird the things happening to him are makes my day. Is he a hostage that doesn't realise it? That would be hilarious! :D
I think I did find a teeny weeny problem though. I found that the transition from bold to normal font could be a bit smoother.
Journal type chapters were a great idea. Keep up the good work, I can't wait for the rest! :)
1/22/2015 c8 Natsumo
oh cannon. ... You may end up as a gay. . Maybe. .. Hahaha. .. And bakugan . remind me of a certain anime..
1/22/2015 c8 Kuroi Rin
...why can't I stop to feel sorry for this individual? :"D
Oh man... I think in his Point of view it really was...something other as nice
Okay, I'm looking forward to what will happen next!
1/22/2015 c8 1Flowmo
I was practically cackling when Cannnon called him Bakugan. That's what you deserve, Byakuran! I'm still wondering where on earth Cannon is. He doesn't seem very concerned about the fact that he's been in some weird place for over a month. Also, I really love how you update frequently! Man, I hope he gets around to meeting the rest of the tenth generation.

There was a tiny grammar problem that bothered me. You typed, 'Was that marshmallows?' but because marshmallow is plural it would be 'were those marshmallows?' Sorry, just a tiny mistake, nothing to really correct.

Still a great story so far!
1/22/2015 c7 Flowmo
Ah Shoichi, of course you pushed poor Cannon into the ten year bazooka. And where the heck is Cannon now?
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