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7/14/2016 c5 Guest
More please
12/13/2015 c5 21CoronaCrown
Yes! After so long ou finally updated! Yes! I really loved the chapter, and though all three Hiccups fainting may have been redundant, I still thought that was funny. More comentary, especially comedic ones, I love it!
3/11/2015 c4 CoronaCrown
But it was getimg so good!
3/10/2015 c4 72GuardianDragon98
Aw man, I hope all your troubles will be resolved. Until then, I shall wait patiently for your next update.
3/4/2015 c3 AnEnemyAnemone2
Wow, 24k words in just 3 chapters...

Okay, on to the review:

The names can get confusing and the story is hard to follow at times, but other than that, it's certainly enjoyable. The interactions are great, story is well written (although there are occasional typos), and long chapters (hell yeah!).

Improvements can be certainly made in your formatting (for readability purposes)

Anyway, I am definitely looking forward for future installments!
3/2/2015 c3 GuardianDragon98
Yup, u were right. That is a LOT to take in

PS: Interesting that Heather and Eret hooked up and have twins. I plan to have my OC paired with Eret and they have 3 kids (2 twin sons and 1 daughter)

Loved this chapter :) And Hiccup's reunion with his father was so beautiful!
2/1/2015 c2 GuardianDragon98
I am now itching to know if they'll get to see their past selves and watch all 4 films. Can't wait :)
1/16/2015 c1 pokelover
in addition, i also agree with guardiandragon98:
it is a bit confusing with them having six kids...took me a while before i figured out who was who
even their friends have at least 2 or more kids...it is a slightly confusing but i still like
still awesome story
1/16/2015 c1 pokelover
wow this is awesome, really great very interesting and intrigueing
rarely get to see a story like this (if ever) this is quite new and different and has extremely good potential
love the story so far, keep up the great work
cant wait for the next chapter
1/16/2015 c1 137Earth Star
It's a cute start here, I can see you had fun coming up with the kids. Keep up the good writing. _
1/16/2015 c1 72GuardianDragon98
This story is incredible. I'd love to see what happens next. Now pardon me for asking, but how many kids exactly do Hiccup and Astrid have? I'm getting mixed up on the names...

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