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for Abyssal Diaries: Infiltration

10/14/2021 c10 1KvAT
I knew it! Bring a bigger threat in so the opposing forces will unite against it. Classic. Reverse devide et impera.

Bloody brilliant read.
12/1/2016 c10 Your reader
Yesh! I luv dis story so much!

Thank you for your hard work. This story really entertains me.
7/9/2016 c10 CardinalSan
I may be not that up to date and only read the first and sequel this halfway earlier this week,

but I sure do hope for the next to be greater.

I personally don't really mind about the writing skill (because even though there are those better, there are also those worse, and I am used to them already)

and only care for the fact that I am reading a story that took my interest in the beginning, but now that you said that I will be expecting a lot.

But for now, great job~
4/12/2015 c10 Mkoll
I have to admit it seems rushed like you said. If you ever go back I'd say you could flush the Terror threat out a bit more by adding in a third faction that is directly against the Abyssals (even more so than the Goverments) that is controlling the Terrorists. Make a third party that both sides need to join forces to defeat and end up getting over most of their Differences in the end.
4/10/2015 c10 hfdt123
What happen to the ship girl fleet? I know in previous chapters you said they were to act as distractions against the abyssals but now that the abyssals are at peace did the ship girls make it out alive, disappear, or die.
4/10/2015 c10 2FrancisJames
Aww the story ended.

It was getting good with feels and all but I guess imagination and ideas run out of steam and take time to recover.

There are some unanswered questions though but at least everyone in the end had a proper send off.

I have always imagined a ton of Abyssal stories in my head with one of them having me as an Abyssal admiral. Then the origins got many I made more Abyssal admirals lol.

Knowing Kancolle and reading your stories last year were a step for me being inspired to play Kancolle finally this year. Thanks for the stories bro. Hope your steam wont run out at Requiem.
4/8/2015 c9 hfdt123
Also This Story is extremely depressing. Just wanted to mention that X3
4/7/2015 c5 hfdt123
This is the most confusing story i have read so far. It doesn't help that Luna A former ship girl? Its kinda hard to understand and background and even whats going on. Sorry if you seem offended but I just wanted to say what i thought about this
3/20/2015 c9 FrancisJames
Looking good so far. So much has happened.

What I want soon in the story if possible.

Would we see the prison were they hold the Witches and Tank Maidens for conversion?

You think will see the Kongou sisters with an abyssified Kongou?

Light Cruiser Oni (hinted to be Naka plus Agano) and Battleship water Oni (It's hinted she is Nagato)

Wonder how heavy would the 3 Abyssified carriers take on Cassie's betrayal.
3/13/2015 c8 FrancisJames
Tears were shed reading this chapter.

What happens next?
2/27/2015 c7 FrancisJames
Wow this chapter speaks a lot.

Kudos for the explanation why the fleet girls haven't gone through what DesDiv 6 and Satsuki have gone through. Guess that means their successors (Witches and Tank Maidens) are having it hard since they have better results and will be subjected to Abyssification.

Clash of ideas and stuff and they all have points behind their opinions.

I'll admit I was expecting Midway to be with the admiral on a prison area were Fubuki is assuming she's alive and being shocked seeing Akagi senpai in her new form, that is if you base Fubuki from the anime. :P

Keep it up this is getting intense
2/20/2015 c6 9AznPuffyHair
One question: whatever happened to Nagato-hime? Oh, and Shiranui. Your depiction of her was pretty awesome from what little you shown, and i was wondering where she's held.

By the way, any chance of ever meeting the SCIENCE team and Harry (i think that guy's name was) once more?
2/16/2015 c5 2FrancisJames
Since there are other prison areas the abyssals have doesn't mean it would be the same as Inazuma/Den. The next prison TTK would go might not be like Den's "sunshine and rainbows containment facility" since her group is in charge. It would depend on who's running it. If it's Southern War Princess (Aggressive, unstable, and base from her design and some doujins and comics, ruthless) involved or worst in charge of one of the succeeding prison areas, expect the worse. Just my assumption.

The imprisoned fleet girls in Den's care are enjoying and all but what happens if eventually they will be subjected for research and converted to abyssals. Guess that's one dark side and twist I thought and asked as I read this chapter. Maybe Den's prison is just there to hold the fleet girls 'till the war is over and eventually they go free regardless of which side wins while other facilities would convert POWs to abyssals. Thats just wishfull thinking.

I wonder if the Geneva convention applies to the abyssals and the human turncoats?
2/13/2015 c5 Guest
...since becoming a prisoner for abyssal a doesn't seem like a big deal, perhaps ttk should defect? If she decides to give a false signal for the release of shipgirls while collaborating with the abyssals, that'd probably serve as a good opportunity to end the war or at least decide it in one go.
2/6/2015 c4 FrancisJames

The thousand yard stare.

Wow, I feel bad for Destroyer Hime. Even the tank maidens and Witches, especially those who blew up. The military is getting more inhumane and desperate yet all is necessary to prevent more abyssals. That line about the Abyssals rebuilding everything after taking over makes me question if Abyssal rule would be ok. It's hard to side with humanity when they are using questionable but necessary tactics to fight of the Abyssals and the Abyssals seem to be gaining ground here and maybe winning.

The land battles have escalated now. PMCs, advanced weapons, Witches and Tank Maidens are now the next line of defense against the enemy.

Good chapter, got to read it immediately the moment it updated. Keep up the good work. :)
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