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1/18 c72 Guest
Best story on Fan Fiction. Can't believe your dyslexic although I truly do! Way to go author! Can't wait to see what happens next. Is it bad if I hope for this story to go on and on and on?
1/18 c72 LuciferRedeemed
Amazing chapter!
1/18 c72 5Destructonite
beautiful. This is easily one of the best naruto fics on the site. I eagerly anticipate each chapter
1/17 c72 Maggiet1998
Please keep going, I've read this far and its a very well thought out and executed story. Thank you!:)
1/17 c72 LivingRedRose
this story is awesome! i loved the slow build to love and just how healthy the relationship with shikamaru is for naruto! cant wait to see what comes _
1/17 c72 Hiddenhealer
Love this story, really glad it's still going, keep up the good work. :)
1/17 c72 RazielX
I kinda hate you. You wrote a masterpiece that i haven't been able to tear myself away from for the past few days and i love it. Keep up the good work!
1/14 c72 HayakuHayaku
1/13 c72 3Nik1627
I love how complex and accurate each of these characters are. You have done a marvellous job of building this world and storyline.
1/13 c72 William0312
How many more chapters?
1/13 c72 10skorpina18
My heaaaaart!
Poor Shikamaru, I feel for him, he's dealing with so much on his own!
I really liked the interaction with him and Sasuke after he woke up, about the clan differences. Maybe Sasuke will take those words at heart.
Patiently waiting for the next chapter ~
1/12 c72 LeoniLiponscovi2
Awesome fic!
1/12 c72 cathyscloud9
I love it! I can’t wait for the next update
1/12 c72 Issbela12
Maravilhoso amo sua história
1/12 c72 4Amaterasu53
Great chapter, again. So glad you posted. I saw your preview on your FB site and had read it a few times, so obviously I was really eagerly anticipating this.
I still hope that Shikaku and Inoichi make it back to their families okay. Liked Choza in this, as well as seeing the responsibilities that they had - all made sense, etc. - and I'm glad you're not throwing any of your OCs away just because we're after the war now.
I'm also waiting to see what happens next. Even though Sasuke is back, I can't help but wonder if he'll be imprisoned, let go... where he'll live, etc. I also believe there's still a chance to screw over Naru and force her to fight after she's recuperated. That may just be me, though, as I found his character to be disgusting in canon, etc. You've done a good job to explain his actions a little, but come on, right?
Loved the cupcake and salt story, and very glad that Shika climbed in for comfort at the end. Such a great story.
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