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for All Started With A Smell

5/14 c56 kuchimochidochi
Dang Sakura has no shame. Should've break her bones.
5/14 c54 kuchimochidochi
That was exactly how I feel about Sakura in canon. My dislike went I don't understand why there's people who can say it's not a big deal, while this arc is the most emotional for me after Jiraiya's Death and pictured Naruto mental's state very clearly.
5/8 c45 Shinato331
Huh, pretty Sus that she didn't mention being stabbed or hit anywhere else, wasn't she pressing/cradling her stomach a lot after she got attacked? Maybe I'm wrong xD
Gonna keep on reading
5/8 c19 1Demonslayerlover
Shikamaru and (fem)NarutoCuddling in their sleep*

ShikakuVisible disgust*

Audience: LET ME AT 'EM! LET ME AT 'EM! LET! ME! AT! 'EM!

Shikaku: Why are you wearing shoes in bed, dumbass?!
5/7 c42 Shinato331
Welp, after 42 chapters I think I have to say a bit (not really that long of a review since I'm not good at them xD).

1st, it doesn't bother me that much that there are some few minor errors in spelling, it happens, and since I'm not a native English speaker, I'm even leds bothered by it xD

2nd, I feel like you're setting up even more drama for the Shikamaru x Naruko Ship, like, yeah, i get the whole Jiraiya x Tsunade thing of never taking that step onto a Relationship, I'm just gonna go ahead and say that (since there's a lot of foreshadowing) when the villagers went into Naruto's room, they hurt her so badly that she's not going to be able to have kids

3rd Mrs. Huruma is a pretty hateable Character, and she doesn't even appear that much, good job xD.
Konohamaru as a protective little brother is always wholesome
5/6 c75 13librarat
not gonna lie, been following this story for forever, and I shrieked at the start of this chapter with the possible chance of children, and then wept at the proposal! I'm so happy to read this story, thank you for such a wonderful story! can't wait for what comes next!
4/2 c75 3JlovesGaara
So beautiful!
3/31 c3 1Ryan The Recluse
Man this is gay argument is pure gold!
3/31 c1 Ryan The Recluse
Illiteracy could very well be a very valid reason for naruto's abysmal academy scores
But it's not canon compliant, because naruto was easily able to read through his chunin exam question paper
But still, it's a good deduction that you worked out
3/23 c75 3sami1010220
Absolutely incredible! So cute!
3/21 c75 Sammy the Sparkleberry
I finished reading all the chapters of your store a few weeks back. it's such a good story! I love the way you've written Shikamaru and Naruto's relationship.

I can't stop thinking about your story. Keep up the great work!
3/17 c58 eo20000
just checking in, i haven't read this in a while but it is definitely one of my favorite stories on here.
3/17 c55 House550555
I've read fics where sakura is a unlikable bitch but holy fuck
3/16 c75 Kay
To be honest I honestly have no words this story has been with me through tough times, got me through anxiety attacks and more. When I first found the story I didn’t think they were changed my life this much nor did I think that I would love it this much. I just wanna thank you for continuing to write this story and I hope that it stays on here forever. Ugh I’m a big crying mess now I’m gonna go bye bye. (:
3/11 c28 Ash-Lee Draper
DO NOT change anything about this story I like it the way it is, so please don't
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