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for All Started With A Smell

5/6 c1 kingpj999
It would be extremely hilarious if people start to think they are gay if they grown close.
4/19 c76 1frostbittenk9
Aside from my last comments complaints, which I still stand by and am grateful to have not seen much of the bastard, I absolutely love this story. I have no words to describe what I want about it, but thank you. Thank you so much for this story. I hope your life is fine ding you well.
4/18 c27 frostbittenk9
Hey, I just want to say that what Haruki did was molest Naruto. It's fucked, and he needs to be punished for it. Jiraiya got all 'fatherly' towards Shikamaru for liking Naruto, but Haruki gets free reign to molest Naruto? Yeah, fucking no. I don't inherently hate friction in these sorts of stories, but this feels like it was put in sloppily.

Does it truly matter? No, probably not. Am I getting upset because I'm far too invested in these fictional characters? Absolutely.

Haruki's actions shouldn't have been able to continue to the point where he still does them. Jiraiya should have throttled him forever ago.
4/18 c63 Jbacken
not be rude but you mispelled chasm its ot caesium its spelled chasm i normally dont comment on stories but i just thought you should know... other then that this is a great story
4/14 c76 Nyctophilicme
This made me cry. What a journey this fic has been. I soo enjoyed it. I loved it.
4/14 c75 Nyctophilicme
Aa, why is this stupid thing making me cry! He really defaced the hokage faces to propose her! The best proposal!
4/14 c74 Nyctophilicme
I'm tiny bit confused. So, shikaku lost a leg, but what's going on with his mental state? Is it just the war-ptsd or it's something with the brain?
4/14 c73 Nyctophilicme
He's awake!
4/14 c71 Nyctophilicme
I'm so happy that the og ino-shika-cho is alive.
4/14 c69 Nyctophilicme
Neji! I'm so glad u kept him alive!
4/14 c67 Nyctophilicme
4/14 c66 Nyctophilicme
They are the children of Iron~
4/14 c64 Nyctophilicme
*sigh* why is her mentality so.. I know why! But still!
4/14 c63 Nyctophilicme
Oo I like this chp. Some moments in Naruto's pov. And Sasuke & Naruto's frndship. I love it. And I like the fact that it's not like canon.
4/14 c62 Nyctophilicme
This chp was so wholesome.
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