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for All Started With A Smell

6/7 c76 MercyTank
Best story I’ve ever read on this site in terms of romance. Always strayed away from romance and leaned toward action fics, but this one really got me interested in other romance stories! Again, amazing story and good luck with your 2 kids!
5/11 c11 vush
the shika in this story dumber than the canon. he should have been able to connect a lot of dots by now
5/10 c76 1VividImagery
I had never considered this pairing but hell if this story hasn't permanently etched it into my skull. 10/10, I'm gonna reread this every year or two I just know it.
4/19 c12 IchigoASO
Based on the clues I think Naruto in this fic is female The skies themselves as a male do to the fact she was attacked for getting male attention as a kid, but don't really care if Naruto is male or female in this one it is a pretty interesting story so far. I also think the way Naruto acts around Sakura could be explained better if norther was female rather than male that is hiding their true gender. This cuz with bindings and being seemingly attracted to females could make males not as interested. In short Naruto has a mask and Sakura is part of it.
4/15 c76 Alex356789
I read this all in one go, and when I was on the last chapter I would stop reading because I honestly didn’t want this to end, I took so long to star this fic but once I started I couldn’t stop, it was so good to see not only your writing evolution but also what you’re accomplishing in your life, and I think this all makes it one of the best fics I have ever read (english is not my first language sorry if it is confusing)
4/6 c2 TrumpasaurusRex
Genderbending Naruto is one of the worst things about this fandom. I hate genderbending. It adds nothing of value to the story.
4/4 c76 Guest
I loved every second of reading this, did it all in a day and I loved every moment. Thank you
3/31 c7 3Wondla Master
In a previous chapter, in your Author Notes, you said that all characters other than Shikamaru would think of Naruto as a boy. But wouldn't Kiba- whose nose is way stronger than Shikamaru's- and even the rest of the Inuzuka Clan know if Naruto is a girl or a boy with just one sniff too? Wouldn't the thought of asking Kiba what Kiba thought on the matter cross Shikamaru's mind?
The story is written really well so far, btw. I'm enjoying it xD
2/17 c9 1ImperialRasta
You did a damn good job writing so much and being dyslexic, don’t worry about them
1/26 c76 1Easy ESC
This is possibly one of the greatest stories on here that I’ve ever read, and to top it off it’s COMPLETED, yeah there’s a few spelling mistakes, but I think the pros outweigh the cons in this situation, thank you for this masterpiece and whatever you do for the future!
1/24 c76 3ChimamireNoBara22
I adore this story so much! There was such a wonderful amount of detail to explain the differences their relationship made to the sequence of events without it seeming like it was nearly word-for-word canon. I liked how you made Sasuke closer to Naruto and made his character more relatable/likable. The backstory that you gave with the Children of Iron also gave the story a unique and interesting feel to it. Although the situation in of itself was horrendous, your writing was wonderful and kept me fully engaged, wondering what had happened and what would happen next. The final chapter really brought everything together and gave a wonderful sense of closure (though I was still sad to see it end). This is easily in my top 10 favorite fanfics! :D
1/24 c70 ChimamireNoBara22
Kurama's POV made me cry so much!
1/22 c55 ChimamireNoBara22
Shikamaru is right...Sakura is a bitch and I dearly hope that Hinata's slaps hurt.
1/21 c13 ChimamireNoBara22
Loopy, sick Shikamaru is hilarious! XD I'm loving this story so far!
1/13 c7 DeltaWolf2038
thanks for putting the naruko in the filters, you explained it exactly how i was thinking, naruto maybe being female
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