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for All Started With A Smell

11/20 c36 7Dragomemoirs
"dad at this point I've been so stuck on my feelings that I don't particularly care either way."

That would have been a hell of an answer
11/12 c76 siriuskyra
amazing. going to one of the best fics i’ve ever read and I’m glad to have encountered this. Shikanaru has been a beloved ship and this was able to amazingly encaptulate both of the characters, the canon plot, and integrate it with a greatly paced blooming romance. I hope you have a great following years for finishing this masterpiece. Its a genuine favorite
10/27 c9 rayminami
Good save about shikaku x shukaku. very good story so far.
10/11 c76 TeaGrannie
Good story. Thank-you for sharing.

TeaGrannie mcmlxiii
9/29 c1 CHILD PORN
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9/27 c61 6loveprass
the cock blocking is strong in this fic and I both love and hate it
9/25 c28 williamgraham.larbert
So just got the reveal and after all the build up it was worth it really looking forward to binging the rest of this
9/6 c76 23letstrythis4
I have spent the last three days binging this In all the spare time I had, even stayed up most of one night! I really really loved this story! I hope to one day write flirting as well as you have the flow of conversations in this story is one of my favourite things about it. Thank you for your commitment to finish it!
8/27 c28 Eurekalover667
Nvm i found my answer, appreciate you
8/27 c28 Eurekalover667
Uhhh homie imma be honest i was assuming you were a dude. You gay? Or a girl? Idc either way tbh
6/24 c76 Kashinaru1992
read it for the 4th time. still love it. The paring get's written too litte.
6/7 c76 MercyTank
Best story I’ve ever read on this site in terms of romance. Always strayed away from romance and leaned toward action fics, but this one really got me interested in other romance stories! Again, amazing story and good luck with your 2 kids!
5/11 c11 vush
the shika in this story dumber than the canon. he should have been able to connect a lot of dots by now
5/10 c76 2VividImagery
I had never considered this pairing but hell if this story hasn't permanently etched it into my skull. 10/10, I'm gonna reread this every year or two I just know it.
4/19 c12 IchigoASO
Based on the clues I think Naruto in this fic is female The skies themselves as a male do to the fact she was attacked for getting male attention as a kid, but don't really care if Naruto is male or female in this one it is a pretty interesting story so far. I also think the way Naruto acts around Sakura could be explained better if norther was female rather than male that is hiding their true gender. This cuz with bindings and being seemingly attracted to females could make males not as interested. In short Naruto has a mask and Sakura is part of it.
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