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10/29/2022 c76 Guest
That was a ride! Such a wonderful story. Can't wait to check out your other work if there is any. I really really hope that you have more Shuja nary stories! Thank you
10/29/2022 c70 ee
omg your kurama is so cute ! so far I liked your shikamaru,sasuke,kurama,yamato,shikaku and ino better than the originals .you're an amazing writer
10/28/2022 c65 ee
sasuke was in like 3 chapters of this story and...I like him 100 times better than the original ! And I love your Kakashi too,I wish there were more kakashi naruto scenes before .I cannot wait for edo tensei minato and shikamaru interaction lol
10/28/2022 c76 9HmmDoesntmatter
What an amazing conclusion. I can’t tell you how wide my smile was when I read the news that Sakura gave the two. Thank you for seeing this story through to the end.
10/27/2022 c54 ee
First of all: I absolutely adore this x Naru is one of my favorite ships ever and is so underrated .And lately I've been digging any fem naruto story I can find so this is goldmine for me.
second of all: KAKASHI POV ! YES PLEASE! Only problem I had with this story was lack of kakashi,now i have that too !happy noises
10/27/2022 c41 Guest
Ok i had a strong suspicion that eiji was a orochimaru spy in the last episode, now I think he is genuine, but... We'll see
I am watching you Eiji
Such a great slow burn story emphasis on the slow burn lol its great though
10/25/2022 c4 Guest
This is pure joy.. I really really like asuma povs
10/25/2022 c1 Guest
How did I miss this story omg I, as a massive Shikanaru stan, who always complains about the lack of good stories about them, am seeing this story first time in my life
And I hope this isn't one of these stories that starts awesome and got boring and awful really quick
I. Really really like it so far
10/25/2022 c40 ranjira1988
it occurs to me how scary the kids would be, the Nara intellect and precision paired with the massive chakra reserves and sheer vitality of the Uzumaki...
10/20/2022 c16 VG00
Que buen detalle
10/19/2022 c76 2Wielder of Fate
I'm a sucker for good slow burning romance. I can't write it save my life, I get too impatient, so I just wanted to say thank you so much for this wonderful story. The characters felt real, and it feels nice to see a happy ending. I'm also probably a little overly sensitive since I'm 99% certain I'm sterile myself and the hurt/shame/wondering is something that I'm all too familiar with.

I hope you and your family are still doing well, and... thank you. This'll probably be a story I read every year, like a book to read when i need a good cry and a nice feeling of being hugged, and a story to read if I ever feel worthless for not having kids. Can't say there's many of the stories out there that validate us and make us feel human. It's nice. Thank you.
10/18/2022 c76 Myfanfix
Well, it's finally finished! I wish all the other unfinished stories I read were like this 'completed'. Thank you for writing it. It's a good story!
10/16/2022 c76 5DD-Returns101
This may very well be the best romance fanfic I’ve ever read EASILY. I’ve been reading since late 2015 but this story eclipses all of the romance ones ever. It is a pure masterpiece and I will not lie. I had to try sooooooo fucking hard to hold back tears for the last chapter and I still failed. It’s just soooooo pure, so we’ll built and meaningful. It is magnificent.
Hope everything is going good in ur life too!
10/14/2022 c36 DD-Returns101
I started reading this today absolutely not expecting it to go this way. That being said I FUCKING LOVE this story. Holy shit, it’s soooooooo fucking cute and agonizingly real. I faint wait for the PAIN arc, whenever that may come
10/12/2022 c76 3starlighttauriel
It’s been a long journey. I first read this fic since the beginning (I love NaruShika stories and there are so few), but once updates started taking longer I stopped. Every once in a while I would see updates come, but I saw the numbers creeping up (chapters and words), remembered how good this story was, and knew it would be devastating if it were never completed, so I waited (as it was, I slowed down a bit during the 60s because I could see 76 coming soon). Once it was finished, I knew I had a few days off in October, so I decided to wait to read it all until then/now.

I remember you being in college in the beginning,I was a senior in high school; now it’s been years, it was nice to see Naruto and Shikamaru grow, and it was nice to read the author’s notes about you and your life/family.

I hope you write more in the Naruto fandom! This was a good story, and I’ve read the one-shots too (and would love to see more. Maybe Naruto finally becoming Hokage?).

(I’ve read your NaruLee story before, but I’m going to re-read it right now, just as I’ll re-read this story in the future as well. All the best!)
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