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5/7/2018 c30 KenH
When I clicked on your name, I found a story entitled "A Vacation?", it's marked as "Complete", published Jan. 30, 2015. If that isn't the one, at least I tried.
5/7/2018 c30 KenH
Can't wait to see how you change them!
Write on!
7/5/2016 c35 8TinkStar87
Aww, the end! Noooo! Really wish this show and continued, Bad ABC! LOVE this story and hope you do more with these characters in the future. Read ya Later ;)
6/18/2016 c35 56superlc529
Yeahhhh... if it wasn't explained about Henry and Adam's bodies disappearing, I wouldn't have understood that... I couldn't help but laugh at the "Your very own antique" line. That was definitely one good thing in this chapter. I do hope you'll find the inspiration to write another Forever story.

You wrote very well, it's just that the motivation on this story went down the drain. But at least it's finished now... :)
6/18/2016 c35 KenH
I like the way you ended your story!
Jo knows and has known Henry's secret, she's still with him & Abe despite her "resignation", she and Henry can take whatever course they will - whether remaining friends or becoming romantically involved, Abe has what he has wanted and needed -someone else to 'take the torch' after he passes on, Henry has the comfort of knowing he isn't alone for the rest of Jo's life. And they still have Adam with which to deal , can't have everything be happy ever after. Maybe Henry will find a way to die for good (with or without simply growing old) OR maybe Jo will help him learn to trust others enough so that he's never alone. No matter what, I prefer the way your story ends, as opposed to the show, because Henry has the gift of a trusting friend who will help him after Abe is gone.
Thank you, again, for this very fine story!
6/17/2016 c34 KenH
I appreciate this chapter and how you wrote it.
While it was tough to work within the constraints of the show and also how you have changed things, I think you did a wonderful job. Abigail never revealed anything to Adam (same as show), Henry found out what happened to Abigail (same as show), what name is on her grave (different, but better in a way) and your story keeps its integrity - one heckuva rabbit to pull out of a hat! I'll be interested to see how you write your next chapter!
Muchas gracias!
6/17/2016 c34 superlc529
All right. Interesting. Though I'm a little bit confused... so was Adam pretending to be Dr. Pendrick? And he 'kept' Abigail or something? At least Jo was able to somewhat comfort Henry with knowing his secret. I know you said everything was written already, but it still does feel a bit rushed. Needs a little bit of polish. ;) Intrigued to see how you'll end the story with the season finale.
6/16/2016 c33 superlc529
I was waiting for Jo's reaction to Henry knowing Hemingway. :P I'm glad Abe got to tell Jo about Abigail with Henry. :) Just so you know there were a couple typos here and there like when Abe wanted to find out everything with Abigail and say 'goodbye' you accidentally put 'good buy.' ;)

Should be interesting to see "The Night In Question" and "The Last Death of Henry Morgan" - especially the season finale with Jo knowing about Henry.
6/16/2016 c33 KenH
I really like this chapter!
Jo staying around after Abe interrupted her almost confession to Henry is an excellent twist. I wonder what Jo really thinks about this trying to find Abigail.
Thank you again and I await your next chapter!
6/15/2016 c32 superlc529
Good update. Though, I do think you'll make a great story even better by fleshing out their thoughts a bit more (if you can). It reads very quickly. I loved the 'Et tu, Detective?' comment. That made me smile. Nice job (as per usual). :D
6/15/2016 c32 KenH
I enjoyed this chapter!
As with Ch. 31, you've added interplay that really should have been in the show were it not for time constraints and having Jo find out about Henry's secret earlier. The line "You ought to respect your elder, Jo." is marvelous, as is her response.
Muchas gracias!
6/15/2016 c31 KenH
I appreciate this fine chapter!
The additional interplay between Jo & Henry as well as the tormenting of Lucas by Henry that you wrote are wonders to behold.
Thank you.
6/15/2016 c32 JAG'ed Bones in the Casckett
I know you are down on yourself again but I love your writing and look forward to the next post
6/14/2016 c31 4CarnageKiller
Nice to see you're back. This website was a dark place without your writing. :)
6/14/2016 c31 56superlc529
Great to see you back! Not gonna lie... I had to go back and skim the last couple chapters to remind myself what happened and look at the reviews to remember what certain things were about. You're right. Not many things here were that AU, but I did smirk at the 'boss abuse' and Henry's shared look with Jo about what Henry was up to in the 1980s. :P

If you are continuing, you might wanna take off the 'on hiatus' part you wrote in the summary. Can't believe we're already on 'Punk Is Dead' - post more whenever you can. :)
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