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for All In the Name of Love

1/20/2015 c2 jennkyle
What a great chapter I think her dad has her only 9 more days to go so excited anyways great job once again can't wait for more tell next time
1/20/2015 c2 kbrow84
So far you have laid everything out that we know with some small twists so I am excited to see where this will go. Right now I am not sure who is endgame, but I think that is your intent so I look forward to seeing where this goes...
1/20/2015 c2 Guest
Team Fitz
1/19/2015 c2 Kelsey
Why does Rowan have Olivia? I suspected that he is the one who had her. Is he protecting her from what Andrew plans to do? Can't wait for the next chapter.
1/19/2015 c1 kbrow84
Sounds interesting...
1/18/2015 c1 Guest
are you going to complete this?
1/18/2015 c1 Guest
if you get rid of joke and mellie fast i would love to keep reading.
1/18/2015 c1 trininads
1/17/2015 c1 Sherri65
This could very well be the start of the new seson.
1/17/2015 c1 jennkyle
I loved it so much so excited for more great job once again hope you are having a great weekend tell next time
1/17/2015 c1 jazphace
Update! Update! Update!
1/17/2015 c1 siobhan gregory
Totally love it
1/17/2015 c1 Kelsey
Great start. Who took Olivia? Can't wait for more.

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