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10/25/2019 c7 Azun26
Ur descriptions of Ed's thoughts and reactions seem really realistic.
10/25/2019 c4 Azun26
Im here for this angst. I don't know why I'm doing this to myself, but I'm here for it. #rereader
7/27/2019 c75 Dragem315Percy
How can you have so many chapters left when Ed’s dead?!
7/25/2019 c27 Dragem315Percy
This chapter both broke my heart... and make me silently laugh my head off without waking up my family at 2:30 in the morning.
Have a great day
- Dragem
7/25/2019 c25 Dragem315Percy
Ok I’m gonna tell you right now you deserve more than 865 reviews. I love your story and you have done a great job at grabbing my attention. I hope you get more reviews like this and love for your story.
Have a great day
- Dragem
3/31/2019 c95 LittleBlueFox19

To anyone browsing the comments, looking to see if this fic is worth reading. Yes, I believe it is. If you like long fics full of hurt!Ed, Roy trying to help, and everything going wrong for poor little Ed that is. Which I personally love all those things.

It can be very inconsistent or unrealistic at times. I know that sounds rude... I'm sorry. But it truly is a good story regardless, and I really did enjoyed it despite the parts that didn't make much sense.

Don't be scared away by the fact it's abandoned (Or maybe not abandoned? I would like for there to be more some day) The fic focuses mostly on day to day life, trying to live without teast, sight, touch, hearing, and smell. There is some plot left hanging, but it basically just leaves off at the end of a random day. So even if it never does get updated, I'm honestly satisfied with where it left off.

It's through a few people's POVs, but whenever it switches to Ed's, it's 1st person. Which normally I would back out of immediately, because I don't normally like 1st person. But, it works really really well for this fic! Since Ed doesn't have any senses, things are supposed to be confusing to him, and reading through his 1st person POV of thoughts and movements is really interesting that way. I actually found myself just picturing Ed a lot, and nothing else. Just his body and movements. Like how he's experiencing the world around him.


Okay... So I know some stuff I'm going to say next may seen a bit rude. But honestly, I'm a firm believer in constructive criticism. I always highly encourage people to point out mistake to me, rather it be in my writing or my art, because I do believe it helps you get better. Please just know that I did enjoy the story <3 very much in fact. But...It was odd how unrealistic it could be sometimes just to force something to happen in the plot, then go back to being real again. (I don't mean the unicorn btw, I liked him! xD besides the anime has a tiny karate panda in it. So yeah... Anything is possible)

What I mean is, how Ed trips and falls in nearly every chapter. Which is realistic. That's what happens when a blind guy, who also has no feeling in his feet, likes walking around. Yet... Ed (who has no senses, and was drunk at the time I'll add) was able to outrun Roy by three whole blocks? It was done to advance the plot, but still, how could that be possible without hitting something or tripping and Roy catching up with him?

Also, through the whole fic drinking anything is a huge deal. Because realistically it WOULD be a problem. Ed could so very easily choke to death on just water since he can't feel anything in his mouth and may swallow wrong. And Roy is so careful and understanding about it, making him smoothies he can actually eat. Yet... at the bar Havoc literally tipped Ed's head back and poured alcohol down his throat... Even after Ed told them 'no' and tried to push them away? And Roy just... Watched, even as Ed protested and coughed? Why would Roy just sit there and risk Ed choking to death after being so cautious the rest of the fic?

Sorry... I really don't mean to be rude. It's just very distracting when such a good story slips into a scene that make absolutely no sense at all. TwT

My favorite parts of the story were honestly the 'filler' as you call them. Just Ed and Roy trying new things together. Going shopping, snuggling on the couch, driving, having breakfast together. All the while Roy just being there and so understanding. I could read stuff like that forever. Really. And you're really good at writing fluffy moments like that. Just Ed and Roy living their life together. A story of life, love, and lots of couch snugs <3

It was the 'plotty' parts you seemed to have a bit of issus with (getting hit my a car, kidnapped, attacked many...many times, rocks falling on him, being abandoned, etc) and got a bit too dramatic. It always seemed like whenever he set foot off the porch everything bad that could happen to him, would. Simply to force a bit of 'plot' on a fic what would have been amazing just as domestic fluff and cute moments.

oof... I really hope none of that was too rude TwT I don't really feel like trying to re-word it to sound better though. It's 11 AM now... and I've been up ALL NIGHT reading this x'D
3/27/2019 c1 Guest
OH? Well this looks like it's going to horribly sad :') yet interesting. I live for Hurt/Comfort fics, so I have a feeling I'll like this one. Even if it is abbandon...

I normally avoid any 1st person fics, but perhaps this one may actually be batter in 1st person? So I'll give it a chance. Would be kinda hard to write 3rd person when the main character can't really feal anything, after all. Description would be much more difficult I think.

8/31/2018 c95 2Secret Companion
I really hope you continue this eventually. It's a beautiful story and I really miss it.
2/9/2018 c19 Misguided Ghost1
I've been looking for this fic for ages. I had been reading it a while back and then forgot about it, so I'm glad I came across it again because I've always wanted to know how it ended. What I really loved about this fic was that Roy and Ed's relationship developed at a natural pace for the circumstances they were in, and your story structure is absolutely wonderful. I love the way you write Ed having to navigate a world he is essentially cut off from with the exception of Roy, who is his only connection to it. His perspective is heartwrenching at times, but ultimately his determination reminds us of how strong a person Edward Elric truly is no matter what. I think you did a great job writing both his perspective and handling their relationship what with the whole "right now Ed doesn't even know who is taking care of him and he has no way of asking" thing, since the caregiver and ward dynamic is a tricky one to handle. I can't wait to finish reading this fic, so I'm gonna go get started on the next chapter!
11/12/2017 c95 10Eli Clark
I wish that they could get their senses back. Both of them.
10/10/2017 c70 kimeki95
I actually sang to that "Do you wanna build a snowman? It doesn't have to be a snowman"

dang Frozen lol
9/30/2017 c95 2WhiteFang001
I don't want Roy to have to suffer - Ed was really getting the hang of not having senses and then he decided to throw everything up in the air again. Will they ever be perfectly healthy again?
6/21/2017 c83 17NekoAnimeLover81
Wow, just wow. This story has got to be the best story I have ever read! It has made me laugh and cry so much and I have just fallen in love with this story! Ed and Roy, this is the best I have seen them portrayed as a couple and their moments are just so cute! Keep on writing as there are people who love your work like me.
4/19/2017 c22 Guest
Hah. Still can't wait for Ed's reaction into figuring out who Roy is. LOL.
Can't believe there are almost a hundred fucking chapters to this thing.
Mind blown.
2/2/2017 c79 DoomsdayBeamXD
I haven't come back to this story in such a long time that reading it again is such a forein notion. I'm glad that I reviewed the last time I've read because if I haven't been able to track my last review I honestly wouldn't know where I stopped and I'll have to read the whole thing from the beggining. But 95 chapters are you serious? Usually stories this good only get updated once or twice a year, I'm impressed.

But to be honest I haven't expected the story to turn in this direction, eespecially since Roy and Edward were so happy with how things were before and that Roy finally got Ed back after a whole month of absence and grief. And while I knew that Roy would make some kind of sacrifice sooner or later (because he loves Edward too much or might not understand that he felt content the way things were, even if it was for the sake of his recovery) I feel like now, Edward who has been the one dependent this whole time might be overwhelmed by having to be the one to take care of Roy now and by the possible guilt that could surface with the knowledge that Roy has given up so much for him to have four of his senses back. Because it's not like Edward wasn't suffering so much as it is and perhaps it was hurting Roy just as much to watch the person he loved the most be stripped of so much independancy and freedom and anyone could clearly see where Roy's actions are coming from but at the same time it could possibly affect the steady routine/relationship that they had negatively. I believe that Edward is nowehere close to simply accepting the senses he gained, and while definitley grateful he would probably feel even more guilty for them.

But then again, I'm still in the 79th chapter and have no idea what's going to happen next but that chapter made me feel so much at the same time that writing out how I felt about it was probably the only way that I don't accidentally explode from the feels.

The story is still amazing so far, I still have 16 chapters to go (or more should you update soon) and I honestly can't wait to read them.
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