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10/25/2016 c93 76speedfanatic05
I was all good...until that last sentence.

The beginning is spectacular in itself. We finally get to see Ed venture further with his feelings ( I have to admit, I reread the bathing scene quite a few times before moving on ;) ). Despite the awkwardness, there's understanding between them. I love how open they are with each other and when an obstacle surfaces, they vault right over it -with more motivation from Roy than Ed but still, they work it out. I can imagine there's still some unsaid words between them though; it's evident in Ed's anxiety and Roy's unintentional lament. Sure, they're making the best of what they're given but I hazard a guess that deep within the shadowy corners of their psyche, those doubts are festering.

Which of course leads to a decreased awareness, which leads to the current predicament: A car speeding towards Ed as he stands there in shock. I'm sitting here wondering, will there be someone to pull Ed out of his fugue state or are we about to witness a serious complication?

As always, I adore your chapters. Writing is a process and can be finicky as hell. Sometimes we get it right, sometimes we get it wrong. What matters is that you're continuing on, working on it even if you believe that it's not quite hitting all the marks. I, for one, look forward to every chapter.

Excellent chapter!
10/23/2016 c92 Guest
10/17/2016 c92 speedfanatic05
What I love about this story is that it's relatable. From the trauma to the complexity of relationships forged under pressure, even dealing with disabilities- you've conveyed all of this in such a simplistic manner, in a way that speaks to the reader. I, for one, love the way you've incorporated living with a love one who has disabilities. Yes, the disabilities are a focal point but you've made it person centric rather than placing the entirety of their story on those disabilities.
I love that you've given Ed and Roy room to breathe, to explore themselves and each other.
I love that you've infused this story with facets of love, hope, despair, fear...everything people experience on a daily basis.
I love that this story exists; it's a testament to the strength of the human spirit, of what we can do when we have things(and people) we are willing to fight for. You've acknowledged that you feel as if your writing has changed, that you have lost something. I posit that this journey has changed your perspective. Perhaps, by writing in this style, by using these words, you're experiencing a shift in dynamics and it's jarring. This is just my opinion but writing stories that has such visceral flux of emotions tends to affect the author.

Perhaps, maybe, you're at a crossroads.

That's just my two cents but one thing is for sure, this story remains one of my all time favorites. Each chapter posted is like Christmas; the awe, the joy, the excitement- it's all there for every word written. I continue to look forward to the journey ahead, even if that road leads to the inevitable conclusion.

Phenomenal work, as always!
10/17/2016 c92 16ImpossibleJedi4
XD oh these two. What are we gonna do with them?
10/16/2016 c92 8Attackoneverything
XD Loving these more constant updates XD
May I ask what's changed for you to update more? Not that I mind. It's great XD
Can't wait for more XD
10/16/2016 c92 msmazzo
very convincingly, he does indeed...

I think your writing has just changed to try to focus on the upbeat more than the tensity and fear in the beginning of the story. it's a good switch imo..though I do miss some scary drama.
10/16/2016 c92 Guest
You're right, you did lose something. The balance of power has shifted between them, and while I'm glad the story is no longer a never-ending series of perils for Ed, Roy and Ed seem like they are going through the motions because the stakes are different for them now. Also this new balance seems to bring out the less savory aspects of their characters, but especially Ed. Slapping Mustang over that? He knows Roy still has the sense of touch and it's probably magnified. I agree that Roy made a bad deal, but he needs to stop it with the slapping.
10/14/2016 c91 msmazzo
gosh they are both such...fluff. marshmallow fluff. lol...i am curious to see what will happen to roy/riza though?
10/14/2016 c91 Mal
sweet first half of the chapter. Love his run in with his kidlet friend. :) I want a Hope! She is soooo strong and steddy. She didn't freak when Ed was having a panic atk.

I have a Seeing Eye dog. When ever a stranger asks my dog's name, I give them a different name, just because most people then talk to my dog. My dog loves people and will totally get distracted. If she isn't working I don't mind letting her interact with people and I let them know her real name. But when she is working, I'd rather not encounter that person again and them call a greeting to my dog using her real name, because she would totally get excited and run us into trafic or something like that. I know some people think me giving out a fake name is really rude, but my dog keeps me safe and it's my job to know what she can and can't handle and she loves people and I have to keep me and her safe. Anyways... *blush* I'm babbling. What I'm trying to get at is, I think I might use Hope's name if you don't mind. Just because she is so awesome.

Thanks for the update. I am soooo glad they got to keep Hope and it is sooo cool that she will be a survice dog. Lol Random thought, and you don't have to do this but...seeing as she is so good at it already, maybe she can be trained to be an alurt dog and a guide dog for Roy. I don't know much about hearing assistants dogs, but I know a pretty good bit about guide dogs if you were considering doing that. Again, don't feel pressure to work that in if you've already got the story planned out. Heh. Now I'm really rambling! :d

*Waves* Byyyeee! thanks lots for writing and sharing your story.
10/14/2016 c91 Booboo
I keep checking and checking for updates and when they happen im just like:
This story is really pulling me along and I just love your ideas and storyline.
Keep up the good work.
10/14/2016 c91 76speedfanatic05
I always love their encounters with Ruby. Her youthful innocence just radiates warmth and understanding with a heaping dose of adorable. I love how even though the roles are switched, Ruby interacts with the both of them as if nothing has changed. I have to admit though, the thought of Roy and Ed with a child (pardon the momentary fangirl squee)is very intriguing, if not a challenge of a sort. But as Ed lamented, they still have a ways to go themselves so there's no need to put the cart before the horse.



These two just incite all sorts of goodness.
A side script to the meeting with Ruby: Loved that we learned who Ruby really was through Ed's eyes.

Another thing I loved about this chapter is that Ed is realizing the scope of his world once more. It's jarring to have gone from nothing to just about everything and he's bound to have those moments of fear but just as with Ruby and the boy who offered to help them, Ed realizes that the world isn't out to get him (despite his previous traumatic incidents). Still the same, I can expect for these fears to remain for some time and that presents its own set of problems. But, with everything that they've been through I hold out hope that they will persevere. Roy is ready and willing to slay those shadowy dragons for Ed- of course, Ed has to let Roy know they exist. I'm worried that a degree of pride may hinder Ed's progress.

It's been an absolute joy to read this story, to take this exciting journey with them. I look forward to what's still to come!

Great work, as always!
10/14/2016 c91 Cutiepie120048
Awww, when Roy kissed his cheek that was adorable!

We'd not gonna meet Truth again, is he - that thing has an obsession with him, I'm telling you! But it's alright because Roy will help protect him!

Keep Up The Good Work~!
10/13/2016 c91 8Attackoneverything
Poor Ed
Can't wait for more XD
10/13/2016 c90 mal
lol. loved this chapter. made me smile lots. I really needed that smile. thank you.
10/13/2016 c90 76speedfanatic05
This is the chapter I've been unconsciously waiting for! I love the simplicity, the normalcy here and the fact that Ed's actually venturing outside of his strongly erected wall (although not without it's problematic moments). I couldn't help but smile through it all, especially Ed's enthusiasm for all things chocolate; I just imagined Ed hyped up on sweets, pinging off the walls. I love that he's let his inhibitions go somewhat and embracing what his life has become. Yeah, he falters and wishes for the serenity of the white void but I have a feeling that as they continue to progress, those instances may come few and far in between. I can only hope.

Oh and that and the surprise fluff at the very end- I see what you did there...

A girl can only hope :)

Excellent, as always. I'm spoiled rotten with the frequency of postings.
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