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4/21/2017 c20 23symphorophilia
Hello, Dear Miss Sophia!

I'm contacting you on behalf of the Esoteric Order of Dagon, after the untimely demise of one of our own. Our Lord and Savior Jaiden Castiel, the creepiest creep to ever creep, was a beloved prophet to our Monster God. May our beloved Lovecraftian horror bless his soul.

Thank you and have a lovely day.
11/22/2015 c20 19RainEStar3
Long overdue review time!

1. This epilogue was depressing, but fittingly beautiful!
2. Favorite Tribute... gr... there's so many! But I'm going to say Lynch. He was a fungi. (Though I have favoritism to Connor 'cause ya know)
3. Favorite moment was watching Conner be killed as he sprung from the supplies. Worst moment of his life, which made it very funny to me!
4. Ch 11 Psycho was my favorite chapter. EVERYBODY DIED!

This has been a very fun story!
11/11/2015 c20 7SomeDays
Aw Hi Sophia

Teen Idle is over! ;-;
This is sad ok, I've loved this story, and it's overrrr

I still can't believe Lolita won ._. but that's ok, yeah, sure, kinda makes sense, and I suppose this epilouge also makes sense after that
Poor Pelly though, having to see that and be there, aw ;-;
It's sad what happened to Lolita after it, really sad actually, especially seeing all these beautiful people died so she could live. My baby Loren died so-so, sad times ;-;

Ok, Favourite Overall tribute?: Loren? X_X ok, I'm joking...um, Lynch, yeah, Lynch, I love that guy

Favourite Overall moment?: Still love that bit in the bloodbath where Lynch picked Cheyenne up and placed her next to Loren, that was such an adorable moment and it really showed how sweet Lynch actually was and it foreshadowed how unlikely it was that he would kill anyone. Which he didn't, aw sweetine :3

Favourite overall chapter?: Um, again, I loved the bloodbath, so, I'm going to say that one _

Okay, bye bye lovely Teen Idle, literally one of my favourite SYOTs on this site, and first one i've read and been apart of from you so wooo

Ok, byeee
10/25/2015 c19 1tear that cherry out
oh wow. nice. i got a finalist. cool. im so happy :/
10/22/2015 c19 U no who
Omg she won we all new dat

Lolita...yeah LOLita why u staring she just told you something so good and youre just like "ok"

Okay she won woo yay okay let's carry on congratulations Lolita for winning yeh
10/13/2015 c19 7Jalen Kun
you make me sick

I'm just kidding. We all joked around about Lolita being nothing more than a stupid, arrogant, young bitch...and we all said that we'd hate you if you made her win. But you know what? I'm glad that you added that speech in the end, and that you went into Lolita's thoughts before the finale began. Her pre-thoughts made me connect with her, just a little, but Deverra's speech sealed the deal. Lolita really is...something. I like her a lot now, okay. I don't love her, no way, but I really do like her. She's a good Victor. Not the usual protagonist, and yet not exactly an antagonist. I don't know. She's something.

I'm glad that this is over! I still remember sending Zane and Isis xD At least Zane made some friends in the end! His death broke me, but... Yeah.

I'm about to go to my next class now so byyyeee. I can't wait for the AMA Bloodbath!
10/13/2015 c19 6LokiThisIsMadness
I think it made sense in the end... I might not like Lolita that much yet, but she deserved to win. In a way, yeah, I can see why she won. Deverra, though... :(

Sabryn was eh, but her death was really sad.
I hated Deverra back on the Capitol, and her fights with Imani, but I started to like her once the Games began. Yeah, out of all three, I wanted her to win the most.
But if not her, I suppose Lolita will do. She had a nice devolopment path, and she'll make a nice Victor. She wasn't the one who deserved it the most, because she did bad things (even if that's what the Games are about), but she fought for it. All three girls in the finale did, but I think Lolita was the one that did everything for her Victory since the beggining, no matter what.

Not really happy with the Victor (I wanted Deverra and always will), but Lolita will be a good Victor and she had interesting path in the Games. Looking foward to see her in the epilogue.

Great chapter, Sophia. :)
10/13/2015 c19 pauric
what the fuck im so sad
i dont get sad over fanfiction but im so sad
so close.i was kike fujwif
so sad

i luv deverra but at least kelsier can win now hahahahahhahahahaha
10/13/2015 c19 25Blue Eyes Arch Angel
Wow...I think this is the first time my tribute has ever come first, I'm grateful for that and your fantastic portrayal of her, I'm touched that you connected with her as well
It was a brilliant showdown though, I thought Deverra and Sabryn were awesome, may they rest in piece :)
10/13/2015 c19 1felicitea
i literally just reviewed what

i hate lolita but i love lolita... but i hate lolita

thoughts on each pov?
their last lines r song lyrics
lolita - i have no idea where this is from tbh but i have a feeling its a song lyric
sabryn - feet don't fail me now. take me to the finish line. or third place lmao. u and i. we were born to die.
deverra - holy shit thats one of my favourite songs from froot IT MAKES ME WANNA CRY ugh FINALLY... i have found a way to beeee... HAPPYYYYY

thoughts on each finalist?
lolita - yeah that last bit with deverra made her seem as if she werent as soulless as i initially presumed. das good. character layers. we'll see more of that in the epilogue, i hope?
sabryn - "It seems I just can't stay away from crying." lmao me das me. she's broken and exhausted and you can really feel it here, awww i was never attached to her but i feel some sympathy for her now, at least. her character arc was one of my favourites, esp when she realized distancing herself made her lonely.
deverra - aw. AW. holy shit your writing here i love it so much. "Put me where the people are." I have no idea why I love that sentence. It just sounds so good, and means so much. her segment was my fave. her grief and regret here just feel so real and asfhjfdl. if i could put my feelings into words i would but i can't AFJDSL.

are you happy with the victor? yes, definitely. i love her. i hate her. i loved hating her but now i just hate loving her, but what i feel about her doesn't matter, because she's interesting regardless. maybe, morality-wise, she doesn't deserve it, but damn this girl fought and thought her way into winning and that's what the games are about. not who deserves it, but who fights for it.

general thoughts: i put a lot of my general thoughts in my last review but lemme say it here again. keep writing man. idc whether its fanfiction or not, just keep doing your thing. you've got so much potential.
10/12/2015 c18 felicitea
i turned 16 the day you pmed me to tell me lynch got in... i was still your age when he was conceived... its been almost a year and now he's dead. kaboom. gone. time flies by so fast. rip saturn nino my bro

im so glad i took my tribute list off my profile bc i barely any have placed tributes BUT SOMEHOW HAVE THREE FIFTH-PLACERS

idk how to start this bc i burned through everything i missed in one sitting and now its getting blendy... where to begin

lolita. fucking lolita. she's always been a standout primarily bc of her blog post yeah i was RLLY READY TO HATE HER but now. idk what to feel. she's definitely redeemed herself from my initial impression of her but i still hate her, just for different reasons. actually, i don't know if i hate her, because while she's incredibly awful and appalling she's also incredibly fascinating. i'm incredibly fascinated. incredibly. this little girl, so ruthless so soulless so cold so ambitious so smart. so. WOW. i hate her because she's making me like her when i don't want to. i hate her because i'm reading vladimir nabokov and see her face all the time. i hate her because "the girl who pretends to be innocent but really isnt" is kind of a typical trope and yET IM STILL FALLING FOR HER. ugh

sabryn. its been a long time since i last read the earlier chapters but from what i remember she was bitter and angry but insecure and secretive. and i disliked her vibe because of it. but now, its a different vibe. she's more human, more vulnerable, more confused after losing peridot and thats nice and i like her a lot for it. love those character developments where icy people melt a little. also, wtf sabryn kill your enemies quicker don't wait for them to finish talking shit about you. now ur sad bc imani called u glass. that wouldnt have happened if u just killed her. "any last words?" lmao you careers so histrionic just kill her u frick

deverra. idk why i want her to win more than those two its probably just ally bias tbh. the other two had more interesting character arcs imo. I MISSED HER WITH IMANI their short lil rivalry that was cute. she seems the most deserving out of all three of them, bc she still human n humane especially when she was with zane and she was still tryna heal him like awww bby.

now time to write with proper spelling and punctuation because when i compliment your writing, i want it to be an easy read for you. fuck capitalization and apostrophes tho

i wasnt that appreciative of your writing in the beginning because i was very much anti first-person. i didnt hate it, it was just hard to read (which has less to do with anybody's writing and more to do with my attention span and impatience. and laziness.)

but you deserve some kudos for this. first person is hard. its hard because you're dealing with people's flawed voices. and flawed people's voices can get annoying. eg. holden caufield(piece of shit). flawed people can have really limited perspectives. eg. richard papen (PIECE OF SHIT). flawed people are very much biased as heck and unreliable. eg. richard papen again and also amy dunne(bigger piece of shit) and humbert humbert(BIGGEST PIECE OF SHIT TO EVER SHIT). and sometimes its hard to get personality out of first person povs because some people just don't have distinct voices. i don't have any examples for this because these kinds of books dont usually stay with me, but i know even published authors are guilty of this.

(for further explanation: holden is a prep school boy who complains a lot and richard is a fancy college boy who tries to convince us his murderer friends are basically gods and amy is a fucking liar. humbert is a pedo who tries to convince us its okay to be a pedo. theyre all first person narrators who have deeply flawed narrations but manage to tell good stories because of it. they're all very dear to me. except humbert he's a dongshit. )

first person is hard, for me, because i don't know how to get people to sympathize with characters without an rational narrator's help. i don't know how to get people to sympathize with people, just them and their flawed sometimes irrational little voices trying to explain themselves and share their thoughts. thats hard.

but you can do that. how do you get me to like a soulless fourteen year old murderer with barely any redeeming qualities? why did i like a power-hungry paranoid two-faced traitor who calls people glass and can't snark worth shit? idk maybe it's your writing.

maybe some voices do fade for me which is my fault for having an attention span like mine but you do make each voice sound distinct. lolita's is cold as ice and lynch's is warm, human. imani's is a tad bit sinister, connor's was condescending. and amalie. and your writing is just so, honest, i guess, for the lack of a better word? idk how to explain, it's just honest, not superficial or pretentious or striving to be more than what it is, its just honest and authentic and real. its kinetic, fast and moving and full of action when it needs to be without ever sacrificing emotion. its great.

im not sure if i articulated this as well as i intended to but ok. in summary: you're good. keep doing your thing, man.
10/3/2015 c18 19RainEStar3
He he, I guess it was rather rude of me to take a break from this story only a few chapters after my tribute died. The story is still awesome, but its good that you're wrapping things up with these deaths.
I think Lolita stands the greatest chance of winning at this point, but I'm rooting for Sabryn. Deverra... She's dead.
9/27/2015 c18 2Call Me Fin
9/27/2015 c18 7Jalen Kun

I'll just answer the questions because I'm a lazy bum. But hey! I'm finally reviewing!

Thoughts on each POV? Are you kidding me. I'm LAZY. ugh. Okay, so Lynch. His POV was nice. Well, more sad than nice. Sabryn totally destroyed them lol. BUT NO UGH EIRA WHY DID YOU MAKE ME LIKE HER RIGHT AT THE END? I CARED FOR HER LIKE 0% THROUGHOUT THIS ENTIRE POINT, BUT OF COURSE THIS ONE SCENE WITH LYNCH AND NOW IM REALLY SAD FOR HER. ;-; Yeah, Lynch was right when he said that there was no way for him to recover after those injuries. Because yeah, I'm still really iffy on the fact that a bunch of them didn't die immediately when the building fell LMAO Still, this POV was sad, because 2 good tributes are now dead, leaving it the final 4...
And now the final 3 with Merch's death. I swear, ugh, this makes me sad. I didn't particularly have the STRONGEST feelings on Merch, but yeah he wasn't an ill-intended person. I liked this POV because of the many conversations that these last few tributes are having with each other. Like... I just love the conversations, and then the fight happens and yeah. I like that.

Thoughts on each death? Okay. Ugh. Eira's death was the saddest, because I suddenly got attached and she was snatched away so quickly. Like wtf. Lynch was 2nd saddest, because he's Lynch and he was always a good tribute. Merchandise... I almost thought that he would at least make it to the final 3, but I guess not. :/

Who do you think will win? I think Deverra will win. I don't know, she just seems like the most competent. If not Deverra, then Lolita. Sabryn didn't do enough to win, in my honest opinion, but eh. I guess she's still capable.

Who do you want to win? I WANT DEVERRA OR SABRYN TO WIN? OBVIOSULY?! LOLITA IS A TWERP. A SLIME. SHE DESERVES TO DIE? I just don't like her okay. I really don't. I remember when I was in love with her in the Capitol lol and then she disliked Adriana for NO REASON and yeah the downhill spiral began.

bai bae. Ander and Kostos are in my next chapters lol
9/27/2015 c18 7SomeDays

I feel like you wanted to kill me with this chapter. Both my baes, in one chapter, what is this?

First you kill Troye Sivan dude, then you kill Loren after she had just kicked butt, and then the two awesome guys in one chapter? what is this? what is thisssss?
I'm sad.
but I'm okay, I'll hold it together for a half-decent review, okay? you deserve that much.
meh ;-;

Eira- aww, I remeber when I wasn't sure about her, and I wasn't sure about her for a lonnnnggg time, but, idk, I really liked her in this chapter. Her fear was really prominent and she just seemed like she could really no longer hold this together, and the little moment between her and Lynch, ugh. SO MUCH SADNESS. I WANT TO CRY. UGH YOU ARE KILLING ME SOPHIA.

Lynch- Okay, sadness is real. He was a beautiful human being, the guy who tried to shield my little girl in the avalanche, and the guy who picked up Cheyenne in the bloodbath and plopped her next to Loren, and it was so adorable, HE was so adorable. I can't. Why is he dead? whyyyy?
I mean, sure, he was pretty screwed up after that last incident , but whyyy...why couldn't this just be some unrealistic thing which saw him get enough power to kill more people. Darn you realism! Okay, okay, okay, no really, the realism of this is good, I guess...I mean, realism is a thing that needs to be done. Darn it ._.

Merchandise - ._.
Literally that was pretty much my face when I realised he was dead. ._. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY
MY SECOND BAE, another beautiful guy, another sweetie, another ughhhhh
and he drowned! That's an awful way to go, ugh, I can't. Poor guy. He didn't deserve this. SADNESS.

Okay okay, so Lolita (boooo), Sabryn and Deverra are left. Hmmm, yep, I'd probs say Deverra is my fave at this point, wait, no, Sabryn..idk, Deverra ad Sabryn
So as long as one of them wins, I'm...I don't wanna say 'happy' cos my two boys right here ;-; but yea...I'd be happy.
If Lolita wins...
I'll do absolutley nothing but, just no, I don't like Lolita :P SO MEH
Okay okay, I'm done.
Im pumped for the next chapter!
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