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for Bad Things Can Happen To Sunshine People

11/19/2018 c21 Guest
Gregg is such a good, pure boy.
11/16/2018 c12 Guest
Did you just give me a redeemable Hitcher? Mm, good shit, that's some good shit. Right there, good shit right there, mm.
4/30/2015 c28 Guest
I can't seem to log in on my mobile right now but this is Chucks and I just want you to know that I'm still loving this story and enjoying the updates. Thank you for giving me such a lovely distraction. xx
4/25/2015 c28 52Culumacilinte
Oh, there are so many lovely little things about this chapter. The Hitcher vaaaaguely attempting civility (I’m reminded of the prisoner in radio 'Jungle' who manages to be just as unnerving talking about kites as threatening skin-peeling and eye-popping), Noel honestly not knowing what’ll happen if he goes back to being Vince, and then, oh, oh, all those memories of Howard. I loved the retrospective clarity of ‘He’d been jealous of a *coconut*, for Christ’s sake’. Can’t wait to see where it goes next; I am just *burning* for Howard to show up properly.
4/17/2015 c26 Guest
so keen to see where this story goes :)) x
4/8/2015 c1 Katy
This is so wonderful!
4/8/2015 c23 19Red Chucks
Every chapter of this leaves me excited and curious! And your characterisations are spot on. I love it. xx
3/24/2015 c21 Red Chucks
I am so behind in telling you how much I love this story! But I love it so much and I get really excited when I get an email notification that theres a new chapter. There are so many great and unique ideas in this story and I'm so excited to see where it leads. xx
2/23/2015 c15 Guest
omg, this fanfic is slowly but surely taking over my life... in other words i love it! :) xx
2/24/2015 c15 52Culumacilinte
BRYAN FERRY. Oh man, I have no idea why I have so much love for Bryan Ferry, but I do, and accordingly, I had a ridiculous emotional reaction to this chapter. Bryan making Noel feel young and small! Bryan giving excellent advice! Also, this is the first Julian character to show up, isn't it? The rest Noel's talked to have all been Noel ones. Things are starting to sliiiiiiiip.
2/18/2015 c13 6Mightybooshybowie
Awwww, Gregg 3 My heart hurts
2/17/2015 c12 19Red Chucks
I have sympathy for the Hitcher. You made me have sympathy for the Hitcher. Well done, my dear. I salute you.
2/13/2015 c11 Guest
loving this story! :)))
2/14/2015 c11 Red Chucks
Ooh, can't wait to see what's going to happen next! And I love the way you're developing the character of Dolly, you've got the voices down perfectly. x
2/8/2015 c9 Red Chucks
Oh gosh I need more. I love this story! xx
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