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6/10/2016 c29 36Eagle Dreamer
The poems are really good. Better than mine.
5/24/2016 c29 9muney73
Oh my gosh thank you so much! Hey, it's okay that it ended early, I already read the sequel (wait... Can it be called a sequel when this is a prequel? I dunno :P But still!) :D It's a huge honor to have been a big inspiration to this story, and thank YOU for writing this for so long! You've done most of the work here- I just write a paragraph or so, you make all the chapters! It's been really fun reading along as this story gets updated, and even though it's over, I'll be okay!
Welp, I guess that's it. Thanks so much for writing this great story! :D
5/23/2016 c29 73wolfs1999
Aw I'm sad to hear it's ending but I've loved this entire story you've done a fantastic job with it
4/27/2016 c28 9muney73
That part at the beginning about the value of human lives reminded me of this thing in economics where you put a price on people's lives. It's like... You make a prescription drug and want to sell it. However, during testing, you got information that indicates that 1 out of every 10,000 people who use this drug will die. Now you have to calculate how much money you're going to be charged every time someone dies from using your drug- compensation and how much it'll cost to hire a lawyer to fend off the angry family trying to sue you. Then you can price the drug so that the 9,999 other people who bought it will be enough money to pay for the one death. It's pretty disturbing... But that's economics for you. :T Big business is cruel...

But aside from how depressing corporations can be, nice chapter! It's great to see your back :D Hopefully you do get your motivation back, but I'm okay with waiting a bit between chapters! And it seems like we're going to catch up with the show soon, aside from the fact that everyone's still in middle school. But the ghost portal's appeared! The plot's rollin' along! I can't wait to see the next chapter! :D
3/24/2016 c27 guess who
*sniff sniff* OHHHHH A PLOT

Sorry it took so long. *deeper sniffs* AND MORE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT

This is explaining how she's so chill in the show xD Fantastical work!
3/20/2016 c27 8EmPro8
"The cracks are spreading."

That sentence is actually kinda' creepy if you consider her fourth wall monologue she wrote earlier.
3/12/2016 c27 9muney73
Wowie! A plot! It was cool to see this little arc of connecting thoughts. I do the same thing too sometimes! It's cool that Sam finally realized that people are like ogres, because ogres have layers. Like onions! People have different layers to them and don't always act the same. That's really important to remember. Also it's interesting to think about what this plot's gonna create. There hasn't really been a long series of events in this story yet, so it'll be cool to see how it goes!
Welp, I can't wait for the next chapter! :D
1/24/2016 c26 muney73
Wow, Sam got my note! That's pretty rad TvT . Although she technically re-hid the journal on March 29th and it's April 1st now, I'll attempt leaving a note through time and space to see if she gets it! Maybe, maybe not, it'll be fun to see!

If you can read this, that means time travel has been accomplished! I am sending this from three days in the future! Hopefully no paradoxes were caused, but to be sure, maybe you shouldn't say anything about this until after April 1st.
I feel a little like a stalker, following your life story around, but if we managed to travel back in time because of it, I think it was worth it. It's too bad you didn't find my super sneaky locker-hacking skills all that cool, but you won't have to worry about me any more because the only thing I can break into is lockers and you've already taken the journal out of yours by now.
Well, it was nice communicating with you! Goodbyyyyeeee (fades away as I am taken back to my present time)
P.S. - Yeah, maybe I will try writing a poem sometime! :)

Well, I can't wait for the next chapter! :D
1/24/2016 c26 8EmPro8
Your last poem was my most favorite so far. I really like it. :)
1/5/2016 c25 9muney73
Ooh, I wanna leave a note in the journal! Here we go :D

I found this journal, and I think it's pretty cool how you knew I would! Although you aimed it towards people you knew, it's the thought that counts. And you were thinking about the reader!
I've read all your poems, and I think they're really cool! I like reading the world through a sixth grader's eyes. But just wait till' you get into seventh grade- then you'll realize why sixth graders are a prime target for everything!

Welp, that was fun! I can't wait for the next chapter! :D
1/4/2016 c25 4flyingdisk
That AN tho~

Things are starting to speed up! Will the bullies be reoccurring characters? Please tell me the next few chapters will be Sam's peers acknowledging how BA she is when angry xD Also, when do you plan on writing out the part where the guys find out she's loaded? I completely forgot about that until that one part.
1/3/2016 c25 EmPro8
Ooh! I want to see Sam's revenge!

(To lazy to sign in)
12/5/2015 c24 flyingdisk

Nawwwwwwwww . Sam and her new feelings xD That's so adorable. Her thought process on crushes is awesome. When the (But I don't feel this way about Tucker.) thing came up I thought of Tucker in a Forever Alone faced meme xD Did you mean Grandma MaNson instead of Grandma Mason near the beginning of the chapter?
11/29/2015 c24 9muney73
Oooooooo, Sam's got a cruuuuuush! I think doing nothing about it is the best thing to do. Then, in case it's just a quick one week thing, it'll go away and nothing will happen! And if there is something, then it'll still be A-Okay because dating is super boring in middle school. You can't drive places, you can't buy each other things, you don't have the same freedoms... Dating is at it's best in the later high school years and up. Good job for being smart Sam! :D

Welp, I can't wait for the next chapter! Hopefully something exciting will happen to Sam soon! (something that isn't sad :T)
10/31/2015 c23 4flyingdisk
I can see Sam doing that. She definitely isn't the type of person to just sit by and let her friends be used. I'm glad you captured that aspect so well :D
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