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for The new Hounds of Justice

4/19/2015 c13 darck ben
great chapter
4/19/2015 c13 DragonKing19
I have no iea.

I posted mystic knights.
can ya send in a navy blue ranger oc or a black ranger one or a gold one?
4/8/2015 c12 darck ben
great chapters great twist little spelling error but still good
4/8/2015 c12 DragonKing19
Love it
4/8/2015 c11 6Esha Napoleon
Great chapter ;)
4/8/2015 c11 DragonKing19
3/26/2015 c10 8DemonHardyReigns
I think it's awesome that Sheamus and Becky helped The Shield, but I alwys saw them more as a couple then family. I want to see Mickie James as the partner. Loving this fic!
3/19/2015 c10 22tomwilliams1990
Trish, Lita & Victoria
3/18/2015 c10 darck ben
great chapter I guessing the 3rd member is mickie James or chyna can undertaker come back to tombstone Kane and get revenge on brock lesnar
3/17/2015 c10 22GateKeeperSyn
Really great chapter! I liked seeing Sheamus and Becky come out to help the Shield.
3/17/2015 c10 DragonKing19
Awesome dude
3/17/2015 c10 6Esha Napoleon
Nice ;)
3/4/2015 c9 DragonKing19
Love it
3/4/2015 c9 Bajor10
Love it update soon loved how seth curb stomp,added to the triple powerbomb
3/4/2015 c9 22tomwilliams1990
How amazing that you Chose Birmingham of all places As it's my home town
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