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12/13/2002 c1 joey and seto fangirl
I think the story is awsome and if I could make a coment on the first chapter I thought of it as the best.
12/12/2002 c11 Archer of the Blue Mist
Hehe, another day, another great fic. Plz continue! This is almost as fun and watching the eps. Still impressed about the way the charas are still in-character. I loved how this turned out -most of it anyways. But Seto kissed her? Oo;; I wonder what happens when he finds out she's a duel monster.

I also wanna say Mokuba is adorable in this chappie. *Huggles him ((I don't do the glomping thing))* He's so sneaky! I can't belive he gets away with it too! Guess he takes after his big brother, ne? ^.^

*Read other ppl's comments/reviews* Oo;; Someone's obviously obsessed.. ((Meaning Tsukona and MagicMan, for those of you who are slow-witted.))

I'm looking forward to the next chapter; hope it comes soon...
12/12/2002 c11 Magicman
Ouch... I think Mokuba may have a point. Hmm. Didn't Joey have two black eyes? Maybe Vicki whacked him one? Hmm... What happened to Mai's wrist then? I'M CURIOUS! AHHHHH!
12/12/2002 c10 Magicman
Tea is fine? THANK GOODNESS! *bursts into tears of joy*

Hmmm... Should I make Kaiba's underwear go back to normal, fix Mai's hair, and unglue Joey's teeth?
12/11/2002 c10 Tsukona
OMG! CONTINUE! THIS IS THE GREATES FIC EVER! I NEED MORE! *hided in corner* my precious give me my precious! (heh heh south park...)
12/11/2002 c9 Tsukona
AHHHH! Tea deserved that! i hate her!

no offenmce to any one who likes her but i cant stand her.

great fic once again!
12/11/2002 c5 Tsukona
I just gotta smka every one dont I! *smaks Vicki again* DONT U DARE HURT SETO!

I have a thing for seto too!

WEEE! YOUR FIC IS AWSOME! i wish i could write a fic like you! mine are alwayts pointless! like my current one!
12/11/2002 c4 Tsukona
*smaks Mai and Vicki* STAY AWAY! hes mine all mine! muahahahahahaha!

Great story so far i absowutly luv it! (dint i already say that!)
12/11/2002 c3 Tsukona
*attackes Vicki* DIE! JOEYS MINE!

ahem.. sorry for that I'm just too inlove with joey to let any one near him!

great fic im on chap 3 i LUV IT! its so good!

mmmmm... Joey in the shower naked...*drools*
12/11/2002 c1 Tsukona
OOOO I LUV IT SO FAR! (ive only read ch1) i have to read the rest soon! *huggles Joey plushie* I luve Joey! he is the greatest! so is seto! and Yami Yugi! HUGH! there all great! (guy wise!)
12/11/2002 c10 3Angel-Belle
Good idea for the story! I still wanna find out what happened on that date...
12/11/2002 c9 Archer of the Blue Mist
Hehe, you don’t have to apologize to the Tea fans, really ((I don’t think she has any -I mean, look how she acts in the dubbed version *Coughs* Yugi-stalker. Besides, she has Mai and Ishizu to compete with)). Lol, I’m a fan of Seto Kaiba and I thought it was pretty good, even with black eyes. Too bad Joey didn’t bring his yo-yo though, then it would've been much more interesting. ((For those who don't get it, Joey once killed a guy with a yo-yo on the sub version of Yu-Gi-Oh. Never mess with a street kid.))
12/10/2002 c9 Magicman
Magicman: TEA!

*dives into the fic and proceeds to use his magic to cause Seto's uderwear to shrink thirty sizes, put glue in Joey's lunch, dye Mai's hair green and purple, and sick Smokegirl on Vicki.*

Dilandau-with-a-cowboy-hat: *watches Smokegirl tear into Vicki and winces* Ouch. I think he's going a little overboard. Poor Vicki. Smokegirl's like a freight train when she gets going; she doesn't stop for ANYONE. One the bright side, Magicman like this still. He's just very protective of Tea. Personally, I think Vicki's a LITTLE too violent.
12/10/2002 c9 Angel-Belle everyone's gonna wanna know what happened on the date! You gotta spill it!

It depends on how violent you're gonna get to change the rating/genre. I don't know all the genres that are available in, I'd have to look at that.
12/9/2002 c8 2Ryo Gin
Ryo: This is a really good story! Pleeeeaaasse write more!

Amaya: She's right it is realy good Please post more chapters!

A short revew from Ryo and Amaya
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