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12/9/2002 c1 Archer of the Blue Mist
Pretty good story so far, though I'm not too thrilled about Kaiba going out with Vicky. He doesn't look like the dating type to me. The only things I've seen him care about is his deck, his new high tech stuff, and his brother -propbably in that order. I'm very impressed with the way you mangage to keep in-character though, apart from some minor things it all looks good.
12/9/2002 c8 3Angel-Belle
ooo..I like this turn of events! This should be interesting...
12/7/2002 c6 Angel-Belle
That's ok, I'll forgive you this time for having Vicki go out with Kaiba! LOL! Anyway, it sounds like you have something verrry interesting planned...
12/5/2002 c5 Angel-Belle
Hi, Thanks for reviewing my Songfic!

I hope Vicki turns Kaiba down for the date..she belongs to Joey! I'd love to see his big ego brought down by that! LOL!

Sorry, I can't help you with the duel..I couldn't play duel monsters to save my life. (Lucky for me, I don't have to! LOL!)
12/5/2002 c5 11MagicmanSmokegirl
HELLO! I'd just like to say that I'm ENJOYING THIS IMMENSELY! I wonder how Vicky is gonna react? Heh heh...
12/4/2002 c4 2AnImE-PrInCeZz78
really good! plz continue! ^_^
12/4/2002 c4 3Angel-Belle
You are welcome for the help. :) And yes, I do think Joey is a keeper, too...
12/3/2002 c3 2Red Escape
I really don't think that you should bump up the rating. PG-13 is pretty libral.

Really good! Write more.
12/3/2002 c3 3Angel-Belle
Hi there,

I didn't see anything that would bump the rating to R.

Cute story so far.
12/2/2002 c1 2AnImE-PrInCeZz78
really good! plz continue! ^_^
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