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5/15 c27 1luckysmokey
My birthday is coming up and I was hoping you would please, please, please, please update this amazing story
4/25 c27 DElena all the way
Please continue it ...
4/9 c27 DElena all the way
please continue. I want to see LoVe together. Its really a great story. just please don't break them up about shellys Party. Let them fight but no break up or worse
2/20 c27 Dramamomma19
I can’t wait to ready more. I’m so happy you are still writing this story.
1/24 c27 Guest
Keep them coming, I’m hooked
1/26 c27 MargaritaS
I was so glad to see an update for this story, I just re-read it from the beginning, it is so good. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you update soon, but even if it takes years I still want to read it :)
1/4 c27 jcampbell943
Looking forward to tbe conversation between Veronica and Dick. He seems to have had a revolution and im hoping in your story it may redeem him. He's always painted a certain way but I really think there was more to him.
8/19/2023 c26 RonnieRiches
I love this story so far! I love that you let V and Logan have time build a foundation before throwing them into their relationship. I am also enjoying how you are fleshing out characters and plot points that didn't get as much time as I would have liked. I am really looking forward to your Rain/MoonCalf Collective take.

Congrats on your promotion!
7/12/2023 c26 BehindTheEyes
Great fic! Cant wait to continue reading with the next update and congrats on the promotion.
3/30/2023 c26 Guest
Please continue- it’s a great take on the original story line. I love seeing the relationship develop!
2/20/2023 c26 CCBTH
Its 2023
2/5/2023 c26 MargaritaS
I love this story, I check back on my favorites from time to time and after re-reading this from the beginning, I was reminded of how much I loved it the first time I read it (still love it btw) I hope you are inspired to continue it some day. I would love to read about the party and what costume everyone chooses. I am so curious about what you have changed from canon and I hope to one day read the reveal :)
12/7/2022 c26 bhopwood2
I must have reviewed this fic already, I've read it so many times, it's by far one of my favorites. Since it was updated in 2021, hope springs eternal that it will get another chapter at some point. There so many interesting deviations from canon that I would love to see play out.
11/25/2022 c13 2grimmich
ooo I didn't realize this was on ao3, imma go read it there instead...
11/24/2022 c12 grimmich
That interview scene with ms dent always bothers me every time I see it or read it. Why was Veronica the only one of the girls that got in trouble? The other girl started it and came out the gate swinging was Veronica just supposed to sit back and take it? The other girl should have been talked to as well seeing as what she said was just as targeted and hurtful.
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