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1/9 c1 Guest
"what he was thinking, leaving me with just a letter. Just a letter. We were partners, we were best friends… Didnt I matter enough for him to tell me in person?"

Could ask Lucy the same thing about Phantom Lord. At least Natsu gave a time he would return, Lucy's note was simply that she was going home, making them think she was leaving for good, and they had to find that after what they all just went through.

"Why didnt you ask me to come with you?"

Because he wanted to be alone with just him and Happy, duh. Thought that would be kind of obvious, and he has every right to want that. He is not a bad person for wanting it.

"Why didnt you ask me to come with you? Am I too much of a burden?"

Yes, well done, Lucy. Make someone's grief over their dead father about you. It doesn't make you come off like a massive bitch at all, honest /s Thankfully the real Lucy isn't fanfiction Lucy.

Whenever someone dismisses Natsu's pain like this and makes out like everyone in the guild should make their lives revolve around Lucy, I usually say I hope they never have to be in Natsu's position. But it's getting really hard not to wish that.

Seriously, imagine someone you love is taken from you in such an horrendous way, and you just want to be alone with no one but your fur baby to mourn this horrible event, but you have this friend and their... let's say their cousin is going away for a bit, and your friend is sad over that because they'll miss their cousin. And when you retreat to yourself to mourn your murdered loved one, this "friend" starts yelling at you, dictating what's going to happen, and calling you selfish because you didn't put them first and you weren't there to comfort them.

The only selfish one in that situation is the "friend."

Bet you would all change your tune on this topic quick effing smart if you were ever in that position.
5/1/2015 c1 2FireShifter
Love it! That's the way it should have been! ;-)
1/24/2015 c1 Godschildtweety
Really good
1/21/2015 c1 2Louise24Zoldyck
Natsu is a little-just little- OOC but i guess it suit the way it is...?
1/21/2015 c1 14CopDog
Finally, a fan fic other than mine that has Lucy chase after Natsu and Happy and they end up all going together. Wonderful. Loved it.
1/21/2015 c1 FDsecretart
This was great, the latest chapter just broke me down!
1/21/2015 c1 jbadillodavila
Cute . hiro troll

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