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1/22/2015 c1 1Selias
I was a bit worried at the summary, since it made it sound like Shirou had become a faunus. Glad that's not the case, and that I decided to try giving it a read, regardless.
1/22/2015 c1 correnhimself316
Very nice, so I assume that the Harem route may be the pairing option? It is somewhat canon, especially if Carnival Phantasam is to be believed. LOL. Well written so far and Shiro seems totally in character for UBW Shiro, in all his distorted badass glory. The question of whom he would be with, be it in a single pairing, or in a polyamorous relationship could prove to interesting to see being played out. He would sort of know how to handle a girl like Weiss, seing as she is an awful lot like Tohsaka, just without a fake public personality like Tohsaka has. Yang is fairly similar to Taiga in terms of behavior, just a lot less childish and a bitmore could be interesting to see in a relationship with Shiro, plus the other girls,Given she is so stoic, albeit with a sense of humor, I assume she would be like if she were chosen to be with Shiro, would probably be like dating Saber, minus the black hole for a stomach that Saber has. Ruby would be kinda funny, considering how much of a dork she can be sometimes, but that is what makes her so lovable.
1/22/2015 c1 Jex - The Insane One
I like it, continue and we shall revel in this greatness together...
1/22/2015 c1 BieberLover69
Interesting, this looks like it might be a very good story with fun written all over it. Will follow and hope for more. I've always wanted to read a crossover where the crossover character has his own thing running parallel to the main canon instead of being directly involved with it, and this looks like it might just be it. I can just imagine Ruby thinking she's died and gone to weapon heaven and then worshiping Shirou as the "God of Weapons" if she ever gets caught up in the UBW for some reason.

Just a word, while this is just my personal preference I hope this doesn't go the path of FSN cast ending up the RWBYverse as they attempt to rescue Shirou or something like that. I don't mind him getting rescued near the end when 2nd magic shenanigans save the day ( instead of making it worse) though. Not that its necessarily bad, I've just never seen a single instance of it that I actually like to read.

Anyway, good luck have fun with writing the story.
1/22/2015 c1 Count Cagliostro
Oooooh. This is tickling my Fate-sense. This has potential... Heh, janitor.
1/22/2015 c1 27StreamingViking
cant wait to see somebody get caladbolged
1/22/2015 c1 1guisniperman
Quite an interesting way to introduce Shirou to Remnant. I guess Ozpin had a Zelretch nudged epitany to think of making him a janitor. Then again, Shirou make the best handyman in the world.
1/22/2015 c1 2Godzillaslayer101
Well you have my interest.
1/22/2015 c1 3The Richmaster
I like the idea behind this story and look forward to where you take it. Extra notes:
1. I really like the job that you are giving Shirou, he is the perfect character to fit with the trope 'Almighty Janitor'
2. Shirou would be able to empathize with Jaune and would want to help someone with similar views to himself; and given his job as janitor he would end up taking a role similar to Mr Miyagi; a maintenance worker who is a 'retired badass' and teaches someone new to combat to be better in strange ways
3. I'm fairly certain that Shirou is unable to copy firearms so weapons like Crescent Rose, Ember Cecilia and Magnhild would either be unusable to him or he would only be able to use their melee aspects. Simpler weapons like Crocea Mors, Myrtenaster and similar mostly melee weapons.
1/22/2015 c1 Ressan
This seems like a great story.
1/22/2015 c1 randomreaderby
Shirou's job is going to be a janitor isn't it. I am okay with this.
1/21/2015 c1 Rose Knight of Neptune
Lost it at Dr. Seuss. Honestly, the only way to get good OC's on most stories are one's that 'take in' the main character, villains with a good build-up, brothers and sisters...very few ways unless you are DAMN good at writing.

I wholeheartedly agree with you with Shirou copying the unique weapons, but I doubt they would be able to fire since he is incapable of tracing modern firearms...well...maybe he can since they technically became a melee weapon...hmm...someone! Consult the Nasuverse theorists!

It would be PRETTY OP if he could copy them and they are able to shoot. It's gonna be Unlimited Bullet Works...

I can already imagine their reactions when they are disarmed and suddenly Shirou just pops out their weapons.
1/21/2015 c1 DestinyVain
Janitor... I facepalm
1/21/2015 c1 JokeTrail
Wow... this is already incredible.

You've got your own small spin on the characters which makes them unique but still fit into the image of their character concepts.

I can't wait to read more!
1/21/2015 c1 3Madgamer2k7
Yay! Another Fate Stay/Night & RWBY crossover! I love reading fanfics where Shirou is the main character. Can't wait to see this story goes!
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