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for The Darklord Pan

10/9/2015 c1 3Onasaki
I'm that friend, of the above poster. They sent me the link, and I read it immediately. It's a nice idea, very interesting. You have a fair grasp on both characters POVs, which is good, since Peter is actually pretty tricky to write.

All and all, dude, if you seek to continue this thing in other venues, or sequels, or even chapters. Let me know!
10/8/2015 c1 65The Black Sluggard
This was a fun find. I've got a friend (and sometime player in my own Ravenloft campaign) who is obsessed with Peter Pan, and we've had some fun talking about Neverland as a domain in the past. I'll have to share this with him.

(Maybe he'll finally be inspired to run a game of his own... XD)

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