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for Hermione Granger and the Serpent's Renaissance

9/17 c98 kestrel73
Really enjoyed the story so far. Looking forward to year 5.
8/5 c98 2Scarlet Dewdrops
Came back for another reread because it's lovely and worth it. Thank you for writing and sharing!
6/23 c30 Guest
Trying to force the plot to do something is a terrible way to write.
6/22 c16 Guest
Why is she getting involved?
6/22 c10 Guest
Why is Salazar getting involved in this thing between Dumbledore supposedly testing Harry?

Isn't it just an excuse to go with canon again?

Stop it.

He has his own goal. Stopping Quirrel is not one of them. Neither is figuring out what is hidden.
6/22 c9 Guest
Why is she helping Ron with his homework like in canon?
6/22 c8 Guest
Why is this supposedly wise wizard doing exactly as Hermoine did, or have the same result in canon? Including saying the same retarded lines?

She couldn't deal with the dog while being invisible? She couldn't imperio Ron and Harry?

Why would she tell the same lie as what happened in canon, and enable these two dumbasses for their rule breaking? Why does she have to protect them?

Why are you writing a story if you are just going to rehash canon?
6/17 c98 2oujiswan
6/2 c98 Guest
La suiiite?
5/28 c98 3l1ghtt
just wanted to say that i just finished reading this fic and. i love it so much Ɛ>
i have my issues with the romance aspects of it, but theyre very ignorable, and i just adore this story so much that its not even too much of a bother.
agh. your writing is so good. thank you.
5/23 c98 ruth hammond
Another great chapter! I await your start of Year 5...thank you.
5/23 c96 ruth hammond
Congrats! How are your brain and fingers?
5/20 c77 ruth hammond
I do not worry about the bears but the mosquitos and the wood wasps! Hope you enjoyed yourselves when you were there...
5/19 c61 ruth hammond
Can't wait...It is 3:35 am and the lights are almost out and trying to type... sorry if this doesn't read clearly will try to clean it up in the am, if not, sorry!
Mind not working clearly, trying to say, looking forward without peaking to see what is coming. Have been enjoying story, thank you...
5/17 c50 ruth hammond
The bogart part was fine, not too much and not too little. I'm afraid that I am some what lost, probably because I am trying to do Hermione's life with out the time sleep and too much to do. Its 2:10 am and my brain is scrambled...
About the last chapter and your question about the right balance of too much emotion and too little 's funny because I was thinking when the chapter was heading to the ending that it was well done...! [Big Smile!]
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